Cooking With Dog Food

Hi my name is Charles and this is Baby and this is my best friend and the most gorgeous dog in the world. Baby has 12,000 followers on Instagram And is a boss with the ladies meanwhile I’ve got about 48 followers and my finding girl skills is absolutely terrible I’ve never beaten baby in a running race no matter how hard I try which is annoying because I have a healthy lifestyle I workout I eat well I even took up yoga I’m constantly asking myself what makes Baby so much better than me? why is baby just so much better at life? what does baby have that I’m missing? and then the answer became instantly obvious Dog Food Baby eats dog food and it’s doing him wonders hello my name’s Charles and and this is Baby and today we are making a grass-fed dog food burger using the finest ingredients money can buy first off we have the patties if you’re gonna have to use a can opener you know there’s quality ingredients inside once you’ve opened you can slide your meat out into a towel block using a sharp knife cut the patties into your desired size 1 to 3 centimetres thick smells absolutely delicious not yet baby grill your burgers three minutes on each side making sure you kill any unwanted bacteria first of all turn on your hotplate add a touch of extra virgin olive oil to make sure the pan is very hot I cook mine medium-rare but you can cook yours however you want that was a very impressive flip mmm can’t wait to taste this grass-fed dog food burger first off we’re gonna add a layer of the secret sauce on two sides of the bun sprinkle of onion burger is complete without your pickles now you’ve got some grass now you add your meat don’t be eating your burger yet and now your cheese then we add the burgers together we add our lid and it was made of grass-fed Dog Food Burger freshest grass-fed dog food burger this side of the city no matter what I’ll always have better table manners than Baby mmm loving that burger fuelling your body with the right food is a window to a healthier you Oh God

14 thoughts on “Cooking With Dog Food

  1. That was funny.
    Funny fact: often the owner chooses/has a dog that matches the shape of his head (no insult, just a observation i made quite often, and here again)

  2. Hilarious! You deserve an award for this! We loved it. Keep them coming. From: Toby the World Record Whippet

  3. I know you ate mcdonalds big mac..

    Thats not the same burger you cooked…
    For real this time then post it on youtube .. you must taste while cooking and no tricks like switching lables on human food

  4. Secret sauce looks like either peanut butter or

    you might is well let the people no since you dident even and or not going to taste

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