Cooking with Ginger

♪ music ♪ Hey, Chef Kev here with quick
tips for healthy cooking. Gingers, your ears
must be ringing because we’re talking
about you today. Ginger is—and I say this
with all honesty— my favorite spice to cook with. You can use it in a stir-fry,
vegetables, any mashed veggies
or even breakfast and desserts. Ginger has
a mellow-pepperiness that is very distinctive
and complements spicy or sweet food really well. Now, no offense, ginger— you’re nothing to look at,
but what you do is great. Ginger has long been thought to have healing properties. It helps in digestion,
which is why ginger ale is popular when
you have a tummy ache. And some doctors
even recommend it for pregnant women
to reduce nausea. Ginger also is said to help
relieve soreness after workouts. Although I still
like my Ben Gay. Ginger’s skin texture
is kinda tough and stringy, so you need to peel it. In my house I can never
find my peeler, so instead I use a teaspoon,
which also works well. Depending on the recipe,
you can prep ginger four different ways. Planks—This is good
when you’re using ginger to infuse in liquid like a soup. Match sticks— Use these for stir frys. Simply stack the planks
and cut lengthwise. Minced— This is ideal for pan sauces. Just add it to the base
of your sauce or simply take
the herb whole and run over a micro plane. This is best used for a garnish,
like a salad, or something you don’t wanna
see the ginger in. Oh, one great thing
about ginger is that it doesn’t sweat like
an onion or garlic does. That means you don’t have
to worry about crying when you grate it. I’m Chef Kev, making healthy
cooking simple and sweet.

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