100 thoughts on “COOKING WITH ME (i swear it will be fun)

  1. so i’m totally on an “emma chamberlain” streak right now, i’ve never related to anyone so much in my entire life, and i’ve been watching all your videos starting, with the first one, and let’s see how long it takes me to get the the most recent one, so yeah, okay i’m done, bye

  2. Hold up! Chocolate has caffeine. Ha I didn’t know that and guess what that is a example of me being sorta dumb. Great. Awesome. Love that.

  3. You should make a video of you watching try not to laugh vines . p.s I love your videos and your personality it reminds me of me lol😝♥️

  4. If you get a stomach ache from eating too much peanut butter, thennnn it could be from eating too much peanut butter

  5. Yall I'm back bitches… and let me tell you.. the future is Gucci 😤✊💛

    2 years later and she's still pOpPiN

  6. 5:32 this is where the dog humping my cat thing is if you see a lot of comments about it and your only 1 minute through the video

  7. She keeps saying spare of the moment instead of spur of the moment so I really hope she’s trying to make a pun since it’s like a “spare” video bc it wasn’t the original plan. might be grasping for straws but she said it like eight times. I’m weird. It bothers me. Still love you Emma. I’m sorry. I’ve got problems

  8. if her dog was humping her ca the dog is gay because the cat is also a friken boy. I didn't know animals did that.

  9. Shouldn’t you put powdered sugar in the pnut butter to make it sweet? That’s like the whole point of pnutbutter cups

  10. If the cat didn't like being humped from the dog… then the cat would do something! Hmmm? 🤔. You know what this means. Caogs babies.
    Cat + Dogs = Caogs

  11. “this video is the best thing im ever going to put on the internet” … here she is today doing a paris fashion show and a “___ explores asmr interview” video

  12. when you are allergic to nuts (i am) you are most likely also allergic to almonds and cashews… options aren’t endless

  13. ummm you're supposed to spread the chocolate on the sides of the parchment paper to get the ridges and so the peanut butter doesn't come out the sides!!! but I still love you<3

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