Cooking with Polar Bear Meat & Caribou Head

I’m just getting the fur off the caribou head cuz you don’t want to cook up um I don’t want to eat the first I’m Angela Hovick Johnston from Yellowknife I live here in Yellowknife I grew up in a small place called roaming mcdo up in the central Arctic today I’ll be preparing caribou heart caribou head and polar bear meat the caribou head is one of my very favorite parts it’s nice and tender when you cook it you don’t need salt or any spices I find if you don’t use any spices and you can really taste the flavor of the meat so normally you start from the bottom and then you start cutting just the skin part leaving the meat up I have three boys and they have really busy lives of sports and school and stuff like that and I still have that guilt that I wish they were hunting more and had access to my dad and other hunters hopefully they’ll still one day the we want it as small as possible when you’re boiling ups it takes so long to cook so you just pull it out like that and that’s one part right there the tongue is the delicacy yes I don’t know we need to ask hadn’t hunting’s really important like I said before my dad is a hunter and I grew up around Natalie and it’s so important for survival and for feeding the community and the animal gives you so much and we try not to waste anything we eat from almost the whole thing everything that’s provided from the animal and also use the skin for clothing or for tools when you’re boiling the caribou head you don’t want to disturb it too much because the brain will fall out and you want them to cook nice and whole and then you could already see all the nice nutrients coming I’m so excited okay now we’re going to make some caribou heart soup here’s the caribou right and we’re gonna add some potatoes some onions carrots some long grain rice and also the secret ingredient beef noodle soup mix I got this recipe from my mother – the potatoes and carrots that’s just an added bonus but we’re going to put in there so I’ll start up start with cutting up the heart there’s lots of ways you can have the cook the heart but since the heart is not so rich we tend to just boil it up and have it for soup then it can feed a lot more people the next step for this heart soup we’re just gonna put it into the pot boil it for about 20 minutes and then we can add the rest of the ingredients we’re gonna be cooking with beef noodle soup mix it’s just something that we cook with quite a bit because beef is pretty close to I don’t care what the taste of caribou it just gives it a nice flavor so a lot of stuff that we took from the base stores when I go from the boilers and we like to eat beef noodle soup mix or pilot biscuit so it’s cooking nicely you just want the pink not showing any pink any more and you can add the other stuff okay so we’re going to cook up some polar bear meat kind of smells like seal I’ve never eaten polar bear before but I heard that it’s really strong and kind of similar to seal meat for polar bears usually there’s a lot of superstitions and people always talk you know if you are ever going to eat polar bear you should really respect the animal and otherwise you’d get attacked my dad always taught me that you don’t hunt the mother and the Cubs because that’s your future you want to be able to hunt in the future too so be respectful and leave the mother and that comes so we’re just done cutting the polar bear meat and we’re gonna put it in a pot and boil it for three hours and then they’ll be ready to eat pretty strong smelly abroad well that was part of our it’s part of our life in our survival when we’re eating polar bear or eating caribou meat I don’t want to get into that situation yet where people are really against that to my face but yeah you hear it on the medians stuffable cow people are so empty this empty that mean I think like if they spent a little time north feel how cold it is and you don’t have access to a lot of fresh stuff I’m just gonna check on the polar bear meat we’ve decided to boil it out on the barbecue because of their very strong smell it kind of smells like fish muck duck and seal meat all put to one and it’s quite strong oh my gosh I love that it smells so good the polar bear meat and my caribou head have been cooking for three hours now so they should be already ready to eat I missed the little town community where everybody shares and when you catch a caribou or something and the hunter will bring it home and the wife will cook it up in the OL call for the whole community to come and celebrate and enjoy the meal with you everything’s all ready and I’ve invited a couple friends to come and enjoy this meal here we have caribou head polar bear meat and caribou heart soup so there’s a kind of a process on how to take the eyeball out of the the bone here you just push the eye through there and then so this is really tender it’s ready to eat now I have had polar bear in a long time so this is kind of a bit strong for me but it’s good hmm no chance mmm I’m looking it tastes good thanks for having us here Hoover going to mama thanks for coming

100 thoughts on “Cooking with Polar Bear Meat & Caribou Head

  1. This is how these indigenous people have lived for the last 5,000+ years and the diet they need to eat for survival. Why do you millennial assholes think that these people can just afford go to the store and buy a bunch of groceries that get shipped in by a small private plane to their area? This is their life, their culture, and their tradition. These are the people that should be allowed to hunt whale, caribou, and bear because they are not pigs and do not overkill species.

  2. I am not a against vegan or non vegan but eating these certain kind of animal (endangered species) might cause a problem in the future.

  3. I’m gonna die in the apocalypse if there’s one because I can’t hunt for shit or cook why couldn’t they teach us survival techniques in school instead of useless junk I’ll almost never use in LIFE. This generations is so stupid, lazy and blind 🤣they barely teach us the crucial things and we graduate spoiled and ignorant to the world around us the only way to learn this is either have a family who practices the culture or seek out people and learn from them other than that your screwed No fast food service gonna save you from surviving hunger

  4. God these people have balls of steel. I get grossed out by naked skulls, I just hate the noise the bones make and I hate the smell of blood (specifically pig blood)

  5. Only we Americans have the luxury of protesting what is eatin. Because we have access to everything in stores and markets without have to hunt for ourselves.

  6. Yeah, shes from the First Nations. They should have all the rights to hunt or eat whatever they want. They found the land and they were here first.

  7. they are the real Americans yes Canada is part of america if anyone didn't know its part of north america there board spreading it.

  8. If they are using every part of the animal for source to survive it's fine. But If they are killing just for fun like a poacher then its wrong.

  9. Disgusting people pretending to be what they are not anymore. Just unnecessary to kill polar bears. That mother is grows with no vocabulary.

  10. I am always intrigued by different cultures and dishes. I would be willing to try the Caribou as a steak lol. I’m a super picky eater so lingering bones, eyes, teeth, etc. ruins it for me. Also, a concern is how did you get the Polar Bear meat? Was it already dead? Worried because of it becoming super close to extinction because of Global Warming.

  11. Indigenous people will always be messed with by these I think im better and we know better white people an tree huggers. Leave them alone

  12. Even if they did have access to other stuff. Killing a polar bear or Carribou is not any fundamentally different than killing a cow or pig

  13. Hollywood and phony preservation types just love to criticize these people and others whose way of life they judge. These same people will go out and pay $100 for a nice “clean” steak because they have the luxury of not having to think about all the dirty work that went into putting it on their plate. Kill and clean at least one warm blooded animal in your life before you open your stupid yap about the ethics of eating this or that animal.

  14. polar bears are endangered because the modern world is destroying their habitat, not because they get eaten every now and again

  15. I hate how she said don't hunt the mother like you need a male to get the female pregnant. Polar bears shouldn't be hunted. Period

  16. Polar bear is my favorite animal and for me to watch this is the bravest thing I’ve done in my life

  17. I left the video when she said she doesn’t season her food 😪😓 bruh wtf I don’t care how good the meat is, you gotta season your food 😔 I think it’s just an older generation thing

  18. Mother says she loves the nutrients coming from the head… the little girl stated is it full of nutrients. Lol I’ll I just thought that was cool

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