Cooking with your mouth | Romantic Beetroot Pancakes

Hello, I’m Riva Godfrey. Welcome to a very romantic
episode of cooking with your mouth. Today I’m going to be making my
mouth-made beetroot pancakes. First we start with beetroot There are no blenders
in my kitchen so I’ll use all of my 33 teeth to pulse the beetroot
into a fine paste. I’ve heard beetroot is the
new beef. Full of nitric acid
to get you all excited. Now for the blending of flour,
baking powder and milk, in my mouth. As simple as making a
wallpaper paste. And it really rather
moisturises your mouth. Perfect. I recently devised a rather
innovative plan for preparing eggs with
the mouth. What I’m going to do is bite
off either end of the egg, and like a reverse vacuum,
simply blow it out. Do be careful not
to chip a tooth because it really will
ruin your mix. Bullseye. If your mouth grows tired, it is OK to use your
hand as a whisk. Start to see these amazing
colours coming together into a vibrant, romantic pink. Sounds a little bit naughty. It’s almost like I’m wearing
a pink glove. My love gloves
if you will. Grease your pan with
a knob of butter. For this part I’d like to see
your best pout. Take a large gulp of the mix, line up your nose with the
centre of the frying pan and turn out a
heart shaped pancake. The perfect blend of sweet
and savoury for all your sizzling desires. Be true to yourself. Now it’s time to garnish. I’ve got myself some lovely
plump blueberries and some English
pomegranate seeds. And now for a
drizzle of sweetness. I’m going to plunge my fist
into the honey. I recommend going about
5 centimetres deep. And use my hand like
a magic wand to adorn the plate. I call this the Jackson Pollock. There we go. Finish with a piece of mint. Clean your hands. Now there’s only
one thing left to do. Try them. I like to split mine
down the middle and roll it up with some fruit. A little like a lilo. And there we go, my mouth-made, mouth watering beetroot pancakes. Delicious

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  2. Oh my fucking goodness what the fuck is this.

    I went here to bash you. Yes. This is absolutely the most atrocious-looking piece of shit I have ever seen. Hope this is just some stupid ass joke and she doesn't actually do this with all the food she cooks. If she's doing this for views, let me tell ya; It's shit content and doesn't deserve to be fucking featured. Her "cooking" is 90% saliva. Hope she doesn't have gonorrhea.

    I fucking love food and how DARE she disrespect it.

  3. Okay one; you're stupid for doing this.
    Two; DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT KNIVES (and other utensils) EXIST?
    And three; this is stupid, gross, and absolutely unsanitary.

  4. Now what if you forgot to wash your hands and you stirring that up with your hand and you was like oooh crap I did it again I should have not done this and you was a almost done with your mixing THATS DISUSTING😡🤢😝you disgusted me very bad why do you even make videos like this so people can throw up why why please tell me why you. Really do disgust me you discuting person

  5. @Nathan Ceddia could you please tell her i love her and i want to marry her i live in sweden and im 18 give me her snapchat or insta or facebook

  6. Her boyfriend:Honey this Sure taste good U really put your foot in it this time Lol. Her: More like mouth lol. Boyfriend:….. Spits out food I think we need to break up.

  7. She is giving me a major head ache no offense the cooking with mouth and mixing with her hands ahh can't like does look beautiful for her final finish

  8. It is very romantic that she has had the food inside her sexy mouth.
    When you eat her food it is like she gives you a nice wet kiss.
    I'm always ready if she invites me to dinner.

  9. Could you please stop doing this disgusting videos because nobody else but you is ever going to cook with their mouths I would rather eat something from someone who cooks with their feet then something from you people apparently don't like it and even don't find it amusing so get creative and do something else than this shit

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  11. Nothing

    Literally nothing

    YouTube:Yo watch this women make pancakes with her mouth while you question whether she is actually serious about it or whether it’s just a joke


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