Privet what’s cooking? It`s gonna be homemade potato, with bacon so we use to cook it in Ukrainian families, for the dinner so it is a traditional dish from Ukraine?
yep, thats right so I have four Ukrainian girls visiting me this weekend they arrived yesterday and leaving tomorrow so today they are cooking What`s your name?
My name is Lilia How old are you?
I`m 21 Are all of you more or less the same age?
yes And your name?
My name is Alina Your name?
I am Bohdana What`s your name?
My name is Marina so it’s the garlic. The garlic, potatoes.
This is small yeah very small very small pieces It`s good?
well done It`s gonna be tasty.
Looking forward to it We are in the process So what’s the best thing about Norway?
All people speak English, that`s excellent. So if you need any help, they can give you some information about the question that interest you That`s great, actually. Anything else? Sea, you have sea. The nature is beautiful Okay what about Ukraine? what’s the best
thing about Ukraine? Ukrainian food of course.
The food The food and also nature, we have also very beautiful nature And music Hospitable people.
Hopsitable people yeah Alright I have to go back
I was there a few years ago but then I only stay in hotels so I need to
go back and stay in a private home Next time you know where to go
Yeah So, no more salt So you are mixing eggs?
yes And you are gonna pour it over?
Yes And then mix
And then done? Then fry With eggs it will be tasty Of course we have some vodka here Yeahh, vodka! it’s like water to these girls, so
this is like no problem, yeah? One shot each
ok girls, show me what you are made of Ok, so in Norwegian we say Skål In Ukrainian, Bud’mo
Bud’mo it’s not bad, not bad So this is the final dish, how it looks like looks very tasty and I’m very hungry
We are hungry too, we are ready to eat Very good
Just, let us eat then Very good
Good work! I love it
Well done girls! thank you
Spasiba Djin-dobre
We are gonna play Alias, and it`s gonna be fun Who`s gonna win?
us Let`s see It`s on her finger
Ring Yes
Ring is the second word, and what, she`s in the? Church, wedding ring?
yes When you drink a lot you get?
drunk There is a film about ehh

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