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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with creamy chicken toast that’s right there’s an old saying that says
great cooks do not need recipes all they need is reminders well here hopefully
you’re gonna get both a great comforting chicken recipe and a reminder of just
how easy it is to make a great cream sauce by simply reducing cream and yes
based on this ensure I’m assuming you’re all great cooks or at least you will be
soon but even if you’re not this is still gonna work out wonderfully and to
get started the first thing we’re going to do is cut up a chicken breast and as
first portion goes I’ll usually go with one chicken breast per person but this
time I had a freakishly large chicken breast which is going to be plenty for
two portions and what we’ll do after removing the tenderloin is go ahead and
cut this into semi equal slices because eventually we’re gonna cube this chicken
up and there are two different approaches for that we could cube it all
up now while it’s raw and then add that to the sauce or we can partially cook
our chicken and then cube it up and add it to the sauce near the end of the
cooking time which I personally think is the best way to go and for the record
the only reason I’m slicing this chicken breast up is because it was so
monstrously huge I thought by cutting it up things would
go a little faster okay if you just have a couple thin normal-sized chicken
breasts you can just cook those as is but either way we’ll go ahead and season
both sides with salt before heading over to the stove where we’re gonna place
this in a lightly buttered skillet set over medium-high heat and all we’re
gonna need to do here is cook this for a couple minutes on each side until these
pieces sort of firm up but the inside sort of stays medium-rare which I know
is a semi disturbing instruction but don’t worry it’s gonna be perfectly safe
because like I said we’re gonna finish cooking this in the sauce
and to take the edge off keep this in mind even if you undercook this or it
cooks all the way the recipe will still work that’s just gonna affect when
exactly we put the chicken in the cream sauce so please try to relax and like I
said we’ll just give that a couple minutes on each side until it kind of
firms up and possibly takes out a little bit of color and we will simply let that
sit until it’s cool enough to cut up and then what we’ll do while our chicken is
chillaxing his head back to the stove and reduce our heat to medium and we’ll
use that same pan to cook our veg which in my case are some green onions
as well as some diced red bell pepper and for a little bit of kick some
jalapeno and we will also toss in nutritional giant pinch of salt and what
we’ll do is cook these veggie stirring on medium heat for a couple minutes
until they just start to soften up or at least that’s what I’m doing you go ahead
and cook them as long as you want and I should mention the amounts of these
veggies really don’t matter in fact I don’t even think I’m gonna give amounts
in the blog post I mean why do I have to decide everything you put in how much
you want but anyway cook those veggies for a
couple minutes at which point they look like this and we’ll go ahead and raise
our heat to medium-high at which point we’re gonna deglaze with
a splash of chicken broth or water or wine or nothing or if you wanted you
could just go straight to the cream but I think by adding in two glazing with a
little bit of broth we’re gonna introduce a little more chicken flavor
which for a chicken recipe is usually a pretty good idea and since we’re just
using a splash this is only gonna take a minute or two and then what happens next
when our liquid is almost but not quite evaporated as we can pour in the co-star
of the show our heavy cream which I think it’s somewhere around 32 to 35
percent butterfat but don’t quote me on it and I think it depends on where you
live but regardless we will stir that in and then to finish this sauce all we
have to do is continue cooking until this reduces down to our desired
thickness as determined by the boss of the sauce which of course is you and
this is where we need to have a little chat about risk vs. reward because the
higher you crank your heat the faster the sauce reduces but if you crank it
too high like I’m sort of doing here it will boil over and completely mess up
your burner and guess who gets blamed that’s right me so the point is you want
to go with this high heat as you can without it boiling over and right here
I’m actually going to back mine down a little bit so we do not experience the
aforementioned tragedy and what we can do while we’re waiting for our cream to
reach the perfect thickness let’s go ahead and cube up our cooled chicken and
I’m showing you what size I like to cut mine which may or may not be the size
you want to cut yours and the precise measurement really doesn’t matter as
long as they’re all fairly consistent so they finish at the same time
speaking of which depending on what we see when we
cut into this that’s going to determine when exactly we add this back to the pan
or if you’re cubing this up and you notice it’s cooked all the way through
we’ll just add it at the end and just warm it up but if it is medium-rare like
mine is here then we actually get to cook it for a few minutes in the sauce
which I think might add a little more flavor and possibly a better texture but
either way we’re gonna cut up our chicken and transfer it back onto the
plates along with any and all accumulated juices and then the other
thing we could prep while our sauce is reducing would be some fresh tarragon
which i think is one of the keys to this dish and if you’re not familiar with it
it looks like this and why I love it so much with chicken is it has a beautiful
sweet flavor okay sort of similar to the sweetness of basil but with a little bit
of a licorice finish and if you’re using it do not pick the leaves off one at a
time just strip that stem through your fingers against the grain and all those
leaves will come off easily at which point we’ll chop that up and
reserve it till needed and then theoretically by this time our cream is
reduced and it started to thicken up so we’ll go ahead and get in there with a
spoon to see where we’re at and it’s almost there but I decided I wanted a
little thicker so I gave it a couple more minutes and as usual you’re gonna
have to make that call so I let mine go a little longer until it was exactly
where I wanted and then once our sauce does reach our desired thickness we can
go ahead and finish this up with a spoon of creme fraiche which is optional but
as you know I have a creme fraiche fetish and I think it adds a little
extra something and we will also add our chicken and accumulated juices back in
and we’ll give that a stir and basically this dish is done when your chicken is
heated all the way through and or cooked all the way through depending on how
much you cook it the first time okay since mine was a little bit medium-rare
I’m gonna have to give this a couple minutes and as usual near the end here
we’re gonna have to give it a taste and add some seasoning if we want which I
did I went ahead and tossed in some kosher salt and some freshly ground
black pepper as well as a little shake of cayenne and basically that’s it right
the only thing we have left to do is stir in our fresh tarragon which I do
not want to do until the last second so at this point we’ll go ahead and turn
off the heat and we’ll go ahead and toast or Grill up a nice thick
bread and place that in a warm bowl and once we have that set then we can go
back and add our fresh herb to our pan and by the way if you’re wondering why
our sauce went from white to yellow that’s what happens to a cream sauce if
you let it sit for a couple minutes nothing to worry about as soon as you
stir it it’s gonna be fine and that’s it as soon as that’s mixed in
we’re ready to serve up and I should mention I’d love this over bread but if
you don’t use some other starchy base I mean you are after all hosting this
creamy chicken toasting but if you wanted to be the nick price of your rice
that would also be beautiful or pasta or potato all right you get the idea but
anyway we’ll go ahead and serve that up with of course plenty of that super
simple but devastatingly delicious cream sauce and for one final last touch I
sprinkled over a little sliced green onion and that’s it what I’m calling
creamy chicken toast is done and ready to comfort what ails you so let me grab
a fork and knife and dig in and because we only partially cooked that chicken
the first time and just finished it for a minute or two at the end it is stayed
beautifully moist and tender and has also added a little bit of extra chicken
enos chicken enos is that a word definitely not so instead let’s say it
added some extra chicken flavor to the sauce you’re welcome English teachers
and I’m not sure exactly what it is but there’s something about that bittersweet
flavor of peppers that just pair so beautifully with a cream sauce so long
story short I love everything about this the taste the texture and how it makes
me feel better and I was feeling pretty good before I even started eating but
anyway that’s it creamy chicken toast it’s a recipe and a reminder which
reminds me I went very simple here with green onions and peppers but addition
like this is a perfect catch all for all your seasonal produce so just a little
something to keep in mind but no matter what you end up adding I really do hope
you give this a try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient
amounts of more info as usual and as always
enjoy you

9 thoughts on “Creamy Chicken Toast – Food Wishes

  1. Made this for dinner tonight for three sick people. All of them wanted more. I served the second helping with leftover mashed potatoes. They all wolfed it down. Cheers!

  2. Cooking shows are a dime a dozen these days. Now it is more about the presenter than the food. Chef John keeps it real; it is 100% about the food. Without seeing him he has more charisma than a lot of celebrity chefs out there.

    Oh, and, many of us still like fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches . . . . please Chef!

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