(music) – Our part has been taking old vehicles and cleaning them up and making them into a serviceable food truck. (music) We have three vehicles
and one is a 1952 Ford that was originally a camper,
it’s been converted over. And we also have a 1960 Metro, which was a bread or milk truck. And we have a brand new Airstream trailer that we’re gonna cut in
half and use as a bar back. Normally a food truck is self powered. It is a truck. These are all, the interior
of the truck part is gone. So in one sense you
can look at them as art to hang on the wall
but we use all the same process to make it and it’s all food safe. It’s just like making a food truck but first we started with more of a shell instead of a truck. – At one point in our
planning and development for the future of restaurants at MSP, we thought that we had a really small footprint to work with. So we came up with this idea of creating a food truck alley. We went through three major
revisions of the design. The first design with the semi-trucks just didn’t feel right. You don’t really go out
and experience food trucks from a semi-truck trailer. And so we knew we wanted to take it in a different direction. The second design was the right fit because it fit into the long narrow space. But we wanted to diversify
a little bit more. The third and final design
used the Airstream concept along with vintage trucks. (music) – It’s been an interesting process learning how to cut a truck in half. It’s not something that we’ve done before. There’s a lot of thought and forethought and planning that went into what kind of structure needed to be put
inside of these vehicles so that they did not change shape and fall apart when we
did cut them in half. (rootsy rock and roll music) Getting these trucks into the airport is going to be interesting. Fortunately the airport is gonna be replacing some of the outside glass. When that window glass is out, use a crane and lift the trucks from the tarmac up into the concourse. (music) – I think what we wanted to do was provide offerings that a traveler would want. We wanted a burger brand and what better burger than Red Cow? This is what we found
out after we tasted it. And then Salty Tart
represents the sandwich, salad and pastries for the morning, for the MSP travelers. We wanted an ethnic food offering and so we chose Holy Land
which is so famous here. (music) – We really want people to transcend from the busy concourse that
they’re stepping out of. And it certainly makes you feel like you’re in an urban landscape. It allowed for us to create an ambiance and a feeling like you’ve never quite experienced in an airport before. You look around and you see all the stone and the brick features, the wheels, the headlamps, the industrial lampposts. We did not know until the very end that they had found
twinkle light ceiling tiles and it took it to the whole next level. – It’s really a pleasure to work with an airport team like MSP. They really get it. They understand the trends. They understand the concessionaire’s needs and they really do get it. I’m so happy to work with them. – It took us three long years to finally be able to open these doors. We never lacked passion. And when you bring together a great group of professionals with a vision for what they want to achieve, it’s amazing the product
that can come out of that. And we’re confident and we’re proud and we know that this is
gonna be a game changer. (music)

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