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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with crispy garlic bread crumb chicken that’s right there’s nothing
like a crispy fried chicken cutlet so when I got a food wish for that recently
I was pretty excited but then I remembered we’d already done a video for
that so I decided to try the impossible and do a baked version that was almost
as good and not only did this method help us avoid that messy breading
station in big pan of splattering how grease I also think it produced a more
flavorful product so with that let’s go ahead and get started with one of my
least favorite ingredients ever and that would be the boneless skinless chicken
breast which I almost never used because I really like skin bob believe it or not
this is one of the few recipes I know where the boneless skinless chicken
breast actually works better and what we’ll do season those generously on both
sides with a mixture of kosher salt freshly ground black pepper and of
course a little touch of cayenne and by the way for some recipes it works better
if you remove that little tenderloin also called the filet but here I
actually think it’s gonna work better if we leave those attached and yes those
are kind of torn up so whoever cut up this chicken might need to sharpen their
knife but anyway like I said we’ll go ahead and season those on both sides and
then we’ll head to the stove where we’re gonna sear these over high heat and
about a tablespoon of olive oil and we’re gonna want to start with a
smoother side down and that pan should be nice and hot when these go in alright
we want these to start sizzling and searing immediately and once we have
those placed in the pan we’re not going to touch them or do anything for exactly
two minutes okay just let him sear and if you’re one of these people that hear
something like that and thinks to yourself I could probably touch it a
little that’s not gonna be a problem is it yes it is because it might be
sticking and you could tear some flesh off but if you don’t touch it for a
couple minutes that crust will actually release from the pan and we should be
able to easily turn it over without incident and then what we’ll do is give
that second side exactly two minutes before removing those from the pan onto
a plate and the reason we’re only giving these a couple minutes is because most
of the cooking is going to be done in the oven so that our garlicky
breadcrumbs have enough time to really get nice and brown so we do not want to
cook them too much at this stage and in addition to giving those breasts a
little extra flavor by searing we’re also building up some beautiful flavor
the bottom of the pan where those chicken juices have now caramelized and
then what we’ll do once our chicken seared is turn our heat down to
medium-low and add a nice big chunk of butter and as soon as that melts or
almost melts we’ll go ahead and dump in the star of the show about a 1/2 cup of
panko style breadcrumbs which are just like regular breadcrumbs only way way
more awesome and we’ll cook this on medium-low for about three or four
minutes until those breadcrumbs just start to turn a little bit golden and
while you can do this with regular breadcrumbs the panko style works so
much better here because they’re a much larger much more jagged crumb which is
gonna provide for a much crispier texture in the final product and yes you
can make your own and we will cover that a little bit in the blog post but anyway
we’ll cook those crumbs in that chicken flavored butter for a few minutes at
which point we’ll add the other star of the show a whole bunch of crushed or
finely minced garlic and we’ll stir that in and cook it for exactly one minute
all right we’re basically just taking the raw edge off that garlic since
that’s of course gonna cook more when we place our chicken in the oven and then
what we’ll do after we’ve cooked that stirring for 60 seconds is turn off the
heat and add the last two ingredients some finely and freshly chopped Italian
parsley as well as a couple tablespoons of grated fresh parmigiano Reggiano or
what my American friends would call Parmesan cheese and when the heat off
we’ll go ahead and stir that in and that is gonna be it for our crispy garlic
bread crumb topping which at this point is already crispy but it’s gonna get
even more crispy once baked so what we’ll do is just reserve that til needed
while we move on to make what I’m calling the glue and all that is is a
spoon of mayonnaise to which we’re gonna add a little splash of aged balsamic
vinegar as well as a spoon of some nice hot Dijon and by the way if you were
planning on customizing this by sneaking in some exotic herbs and spices this
would be the place to do it okay I was thinking something like hot smoked
paprika or maybe some curry powder would be nice so as usual feel free to adapt
this to your liking I mean you are after all the disco Stu
out of your pool a glue but enhanced or not what we’ll do is spread that over
nice and evenly mostly on the top surface but we’re definitely going to
want to get some on the sides as well and then once we have that stuff applied
we’ll go ahead and spoon over our bread crumbs
equally distributed over both breasts and then once we have that pile down
we’ll give it a little press with the back of our spoon firmly but gently and
we’re most concerned with the top surface area but we will also attempt to
apply a little bit to the sides as well and then once those are set we’ll take a
spatula and carefully transfer those back into our pan and as we’re doing
that we can try to get some of the loose crumbs on the plate to sort of stick on
to the bottom which I was only partially successful doing but hey I’m still glad
I tried and then what we’ll do once those have been transferred back into
the pan is pour in about a quarter cup of chicken broth I’ll be careful not to
splash it over the top all right we don’t want wet crumbs but I did want
that under the chicken to not only add moisture to the cooking process but also
to help prevent any crumbs on the bottom from burning since we’re gonna finish
this by placing this into the center of a very hot 450 degree oven for about 10
to 12 minutes or until our chicken is cooked through and our crispy garlic
bread crumbs are beautifully browned and no sorry you don’t get a fork scrape I
didn’t want to mess up the tops and then if we want we could serve these
immediately and simply spoon those pan drippings onto the plates but what I’m
going to do is let the chicken rest for a couple minutes while we make a very
quick very easy pan sauce which we can do by splashing in a little extra
chicken broth as well as squeezing in the juice of one lemon and we’ll bring
that back to the stove and place it over high heat and please be very careful
because that handle is really really hot which would be a super easy thing to
forget so while this pan sauce is easy it’s also very dangerous so be sure to
keep a towel in your hand and don’t let go till you’re done and that’s it we
will simply reduce those liquids by about half and if we blend drizzle in a
little more balsamic vinegar for a little extra touch of acidity plus it’s
going to deepen that color just a little and make it look a little more like a
chicken sauce another than checking it for seasoning that pan sauce is done and
it is ready to spoon around our plated chicken and you don’t have to strain it
but I did because it’s going to look better so we’ll apply a few spoons of
that around our beautiful breasts which in case you’re wondering is sitting next
to some hearts will remain with a Korean dressing which is just like russian
dressing except it’s Korean I’m still working on
that but one I perfected I will share but anyway is
the wise man once said you don’t make friends with salad so let me grab a fork
and knife and dig into this chicken and as usual I will start with the smallest
driest end because if that piece is awesome
the thicker moister parts in the middle are going to be even more awesome and
awesome it was alright the combination of those super crispy garlicky crumbs
and that moist flavorful chicken really was fantastic and speaking to texture
one thing I loved about this is the breadcrumbs took on two different
textures okay most of them were really crispy and crunchy but some of them from
around the sides and the ones that have fallen into the sauce had observed some
of that delicious moisture and we’re very reminiscent of like a dressing or a
stuffing so I really did enjoy that contrast as well it was sort of like
eating a crispy fried chicken with a side of stuffing which are never served
together but maybe should be and above and beyond the incredible taste and
texture that nice thick layer of crispy garlic bread crumbs really help keep the
meat from drying out which is a very very common problem with using boneless
skinless chicken breasts but here that was absolutely not a problem so I am
really loving this technique for many reasons but anyway that’s it what we’re
calling crispy garlic bread crumb chicken well maybe not exactly the same
as a fried breaded chicken cutlet this technique really did provide for an
amazingly similar experience with less prep and way way way less of a mess and
now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and perfect that Korean dressing but in the
meantime I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food wishes
calm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you you

100 thoughts on “Crispy Garlic Breadcrumb Chicken – Food Wishes

  1. I'm going to try making this one day, looks much simpler than the battered/egg wash/crumb method. Can you use something other than mayo for the "glue"? (Not a big mayo fan).

  2. "Crispy Fried Chicken with a side of Stuffing" – I think you just invented a new combo dish! Definitely going to have to try that this winter holiday season!! Thanks for this recipe and that idea.

  3. I did this years ago to pork chops, depending on the type you use, they can be very flavorful, or just bland and crunchy.

  4. Chef John! can you tell me the type of pan you're using? I recently lost my trusty fond pan. I have a backup cast iron but I've always wondered what pans you use.

  5. Oh my, was this ever tasty, and it took me less than a half hour to get this on the table. The three station egg-flour-breadcrumb methodology will most likely be permanently retired in our household from now on. Thank you, Chef John.

  6. Wow, this looks fantastic. I might like to try stuffing the chicken with herbed cheese, and then finishing it up with the garlic bread crumbs. Perfection!

  7. Hi Chef, you said the pan has to be, "nice and hot", although the pan didn't sound or look that hot. I can never figure out why my chicken sticks even when I don't touch it.

  8. Made this tonight! Very very good! The only thing I would do different next time is a little more Cayenne or maybe chipotle and I would use smaller breasts. The ones I used were jumbo double D’s! It took longer for them to get done in the middle and they just seemed a little too thick.
    β€œTIP”… if the meat is not done in the middle and the bread crumbs are starting to get to brown, Lay a piece of tinfoil over the chicken breast for the last few minutes until it’s done
    And don’t skip on the pan sauce! That was very good.

    Thanks CJ!

  9. I'm a little torn on this one. Yes it does look very delicious, but I would have cut that chicken cutlet in 2 and strained that leftover jus to not have the mushy breadcrumbs plus the chicken looked a little undercooked to me. Otherwise good idea.

  10. The only oven-safe skillet I have is cast iron (lots of thermal inertia), so the crumbs got over-cooked in the pan and the pan sauce got over-reduced. Otherwise, the wife still liked it anyway. Will have to try it again and just watch my heat.

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  14. Yep, I’ve made the hot handle mistake before. I burned off half the skin on my right palm. That trip to urgent care cost me $700, and my bandaged dominant hand made me essentially worthless for a few weeks. Don’t be like me, listen to Chef John!

  15. Wow, that turned out very well! I have to try that soon. Love ya Chef John-I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy New Year!! My name is Freedom and I'm from Kentucky and have always loved to cook. I enjoy your videos immensely! 😊😍

  16. I just made this recipe and it turned out delicious, but I have a question. I'm a novice cook and I've always stayed away from chicken because I'm afraid of cooking it wrong and poisoning my family lol When I cooked this dish, I let it stay in the oven for 12 mins and then took its temperature. It read 130ish, so I put it back in for 5 mins. At that point I checked it again and it said about 143. For better or worse, I decided to take it out at that point and try it. I had a small bite and, like I said, it was delicious, but I'm a little scared of getting salmonella poisoning. Do any of you experienced cooks have any thoughts?

  17. 2:40 – Ok my wife yells at me anytime I stir with a metal spoon in the pan, says it will scratch it up.
    Please tell her I'm in the right so she'll stop screaming at me

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  20. My own chicken recipe was marinated in 1/4 cup white wine, using a sliced onion
    and 4 oz.milk 6 hours prior to cooking. Your recipe added to and improved mine.
    For 3 of us, also warmed our plates atop small oven last 6 minutes.Used gloves.

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    "5-minute healthy lunch ideas" and "school lunch." Then I found your channel and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  22. The chicken was done enough for me after 2 minutes on each side in the pan. That is what i'm having printed in my obituary,lol.

  23. Legend has it that if you say "you don't make friends with salad" 3 times in front of your spice cabinet then a Persian grandmother will appear and slap you with some mint leaves

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    live in countries that use degrees C ,so if you would be kind enough to print both on your printed recipes ,that would be great.

  26. I know you add only a touch of cayenne . but my digestive system doesn't handle cayenne very well . I like the taste ! And it's not too hot ! But it's when it's making it's final exit that it gives me problems !!!! To put it bluntly . I might as well have eaten BROKEN GLASS !!!! 😳😝😰. ground red pepper doesn't do me like that . nor does sriracha !!!! .

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  28. For an even tastier version I’d suggest slicing the chicken into thinner cutlets, pounding them thin then proceed as on the video.

  29. NO, Chef John! Don't tell the viewers that Americans call Parmigiano Reggiano "Parmesan cheese"! The less sophisticated may believe that the stuff (and I use the term loosely) in the cardboard cans is legitimate! Believe me, viewers, once you taste the genuine "King of cheeses", you'll never buy any more canned stuff again.

  30. " . . . . Or what my American friends would call Parmesan cheese." I had to to go back 10 seconds to get the Italian name so I can give my sisters the impression that I actually know something about cooking :3

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