Curly and Chuey Visit One of LA’s Best Birria Spots

I’m not singing sorry like with this is straight up um orgasm in your mouth Wow [Music] all right Chewie so we are finally here we have been trying to do this but ever for years we’re both Latinos from LA yes we are we’re doing the damn thing yes which is why I love you have such a good energy and I asked you I was like what is a good spot that you wanted to go to this is my go-to birria spot but this is my also might go to taco spots it’s an East LA B vivia is the big winner we’re just gonna get down man we’re gonna eat some good food and shot to East LA that’s where I’m from it’s just nice to go you know find good eats support good people and we’re all about that yeah so you are very open about the fact that like you have always worked as you pay your mom’s bills I remember growing up and seeing my mom in the kitchen crying over like a big ol stack of bills right then and there I kind of made the promise to myself that when I have the power to take care of her I’m gonna take care gonna do it I finally could start really doing it when I was like 23 years old and she was a single mom yeah it was me and her against the world man she’s my ride-or-die she’s my Shero she’s everything to me brother she’d also taught me that whatever you do in life for me home the root of all your decision-making has to come from love that’s why I’ve been able to have a 20-year radio career that’s why I’ve had a 15-year TV career but it also taking you to the brand-new TV show yeah man I’ve always wanted a late-night talk show yeah and it’s happening right when I saw like the press releases and when I would see commercials for it I just be like you know that’s my name yeah like the Chuy Martinez show that’s my fucking buyer working with fireworks and like crazy mime executive producing it I’m hosting it so I’m like I have a say bro I want to amplify brown folks I want to amplify Latinos black people the LGBTQ community anybody who’s ever marginalized I want them to be able to come on my show tell their stories I still got to pinch myself after that nobody can pinch me [Music] [Music] my name is Alejandro young halika we are the owners of your area alone we sell we redress estilo tijuana we got tacos cheese tacos will eat tacos Dorados quesadillas consumers be real please which have easier rice and beans say lo mejor else a song que le damos y el amor con lo que hacemos la comida we started in a little stand in a cart we were there for a whole year things went good you know so vol volume endocrine teyla dramatical mente we got blessed with variable to get a truck today truly and curly are going to try a whole bunch of stuff but i’m excited for them to try our most popular dish which is because i’m tacos Dorados we’re here we’re about to grub my homeboy alex is gonna prepare for us I’m excited [Music] [Music] all right so we did it we’re here we’re here bro we got the whole menu the whole menu dog alrighty cool this is the person we’re gonna try this is the keto taco so if you’re looking to be a little healthier so this is the keto taco cilantro you know the cheese is really thick just like a tortilla would be mm-hmm but it has that good cheese queso it’s really good and the media like garden is so tender I’m gonna have a Malita uh-huh gorditas kiss on Iberia he doesn’t even wear I like it because there’s going to man and they put a little bit of fat on the 30m probably a lot of flavor bro what I did I’m gonna mess it out I’ve had a lot of mojitos this is by far one of the best mojitos in the country losing my first time having weight done really yeah hmm they’re really soft they’re really tender your hands get really dirty back perfect this is crazy right here man no buzzer what’s next what’s next this one yes oh yeah but they also did this tortilla in the console man – yeah right yep mom this is my favorite right here this is the console man no console man that makes the media orgasm in your mouth there’s a little bit of cotton in still left in here too and it’s um it’s tender it’s really like bland heat that like really saw and they put you in there too but then I give it Orpheus chicken I thought my grandma had the best consume man I will eat I’m sorry if you’re watching this your private art attack or good Wow fine grandma compliment that’s a compliment bro they compliment all right so this is the this has gifts on put beer cheers Cheers oh yeah that’s good this one’s good as the textures hopping on the right a lot of flavor bringing this flavors crazy bring the VTR keep killing it every single bite they do leave you like it’s one note uh-huh exactly it’s something different exactly oh bomb feed on beetles I don’t pop into the cheese the crunchy that the Thea’s crunchy yeah the meat is tender you have you ever had beer before I haven’t not like this level this is like next-level do you want to move on to this one together tacos Dorados so we which although we got a dump these into a consomme Debbie Brooke knows our bomb yeah am i winning all righty so this is the this is the mother so this already has two 50s is crispy it’s been dipped in the consummate for the added color there’s also layer of crispy ass cheese and then of course the famous media yeah we’re gonna even a little bit one to you sounds yeah bro this is really good telling you everything feels very like home cook you know Kinsale bro damn each dish has a lot of love behind it a lot I love this truck right here in East LA immortal Heights meets all the criteria bro back from bangin and you know what they make amazing food but they have an amazing story it’s important for us to amplify our culture and amplify our people and amplify that entrepreneurial spirit that we have and keep it going bro have you ever had this much meat in your mouth shall we try this one so be really so with the beauty of play you get rice and beans and they’ll give me tortillas Limon everything yeah son sit on top amazing Wow this is open the spiced cider to hit me and you’re sweating a little bit sweaty that’s the Dominican sighs heading right everything was so good man thank you to Alex and his family I thank y’all so much thank you definitely come out support the community support people who are making delicious food show them some love we can talk about supporting each other but at the end of the day it’s about yeah yeah amigo which you loco no sin beta aqui I still a after the real picture Lobos yeah [Music] but I like

100 thoughts on “Curly and Chuey Visit One of LA’s Best Birria Spots

  1. Ok Chuey looking Daddy AF! But this food, everything looks soo amazing thank you for breaking down every dish down! I will definitely be making a trip to Boyle heights …. STAT!

  2. Thanks to pero like I drove from San Diego to LA to try the Triple Threat Food Truck 🥰 I guess it’s time for another trip to LA to try this place Thanks Pero like 🤗😍❤️

  3. Yas! Birria tacos are my favorite! I love the birria, cilantro and onions just on their own. Guess I know what I’m adding to my grocery list this week 🥰

  4. Bruh I’m about to hop on a plane right now and go back to my home town for those tacos and vampiros….. my love for birra..

  5. never heard of birria until I saw it on twitter and now this video! I am mexican but just don’t know what exactly it is😭 is it the type of meat ? does anyone know they got birria spots in the east coast?😭

  6. His mom really raised him right bro like that’s some real shit we need more parents raising their children like this

  7. Boyle heights, Lincoln heights, el sereno, commerce? Anyone!? it feels good being from East LA, why because we got all the delicious foood here!! ❤️🌮🌯

  8. Y'all need to hit up Birrieria Don Boni in Boyle Heights. They're an institution in the community and they're birria is BOMB punto com!!

  9. El mambo está buenísimo al escucharlo, al estilo de Perez Prado. También estoy contento de ver latinos progresando. Demostrando que los latinos tienen la potencia de salir adelante. Curly con su show, Chuey Martinez con sus éxitos en radio y televisión. Alex and Angelica Villalobos’ success from a taco stand to a taco truck, and who knows what else comes next. Including the bee that was hungry too which Curly was avoiding. Me gusto también ver que casi se comían el menú entero desde los Keto tacos, mulitas, quesadillas, consomé, soft quesa tacos, vampiros, tacos dorados, “orgasm”, quesa tacos dorados, “have you ever had this much meat your mouth”, birria plate, and finally not only sexual jokes, but certainly none other than the famous Guicho Loco. I also loved how the camera angle took close ups of the food that seems so delicious.

  10. Are you prejudiced against the white people. I have history, deep roots and a story to tell. Your words made me feel bad

  11. I'm from the East Coast and I know Chuey is from Cali, but his whole vibe says New York.
    I just feel like he could be from The Bronx or Newark.

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