Hi I’m Cherdon and this is my trip to Truck
by Truckwest 2013. Alright guys, this is Little Lucy’s and I
am super excited because this is two things I love. Pink and donuts! Ahhh! – Hi there
– Hey how are you? – I’m great. I’m here for Truck by Truckwest.
– Fantastic. – And I’d like to try some of your samples.
What do you make, mini donuts? – I make mini donuts. Hot, fresh, little cake
donuts right here. I’ll hook you up. – Alright, here’s your donuts. – Awesome! Thank you so much. I can’t wait
to try. Look at this packaging. It’s so cute. Ah,
I can’t wait to do this. Alright. I feel like I just got a present on Christmas. Let’s see. Ah, look in there. Ha! Oh look at this. They’re like actually mini
donuts. I expected holes for some reason. I don’t know why. But I actually got holes, in my donut holes,
which is awesome. Omigosh! That’s good. Oooh, that’s really
good! That’s really good. It’s… it’s sugar. It’s coated in sugar and I love
it. – Pretty good? Why don’t you try one of our
dipping sauces? Sea salted carmel blend. – Ahhh! You’re going to make me an addict. Look at that! Ahhh! Mmmm….mmmm….mmm. Oh that’s really good! That’s delicious. I would offer you one but
there’s not gonna be any left. Haha! Thank you! You guys have got to get down here and try
this. This is truly, truly delicious.

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