Dangers of Pesticides, Food Additives Documentary Film

for calculi going on or or to me and you were able to do pleasures in life i’d want it i’d love
to you don’t like to fix beginners for my friends and have a good time p you don’t have to be things that are bad
for you in order to have exited succulent and tasty and wonderful if you haven’t uh… tasted a lot of
things in their natural state being run right out and do it because
it’s great i mean it’s really fantastic and it’s efficient so many people miss
out on that because the so-called convenience foods because i get up which should go i guess
change considerably in the past twenty five years until nineteen fifty we had essentially
in agriculture and food supply that is a situation where who has grown by the farmer taken to the
uh… boats unchanged by the housewife and cook and bake this for a family since nineteen fifty and increasingly
since nineteen sixty that we have given up they all week bush come to us and industrial food supplies that is one
where foods were more and more processed anywhere and stayed out of the food
uh… has grown being sold the food was in a sense my an entirely new made from it food itself is not a new idea new methods and processes are changing our reading habits with
factory food wheels and number two okay many of the modern so-called modern are not nearly as nutritious as the old
fashioned fruits and vegetables and other products
we got from any of these foods are high in sugar clients office the number of cases nutrients have been
removed from when he had this up the nutritional of the american diet has actually deteriorated in recent
years things are getting worse today so we can buy good for them our diets are worse than they were ten
years ago too many of us have health problems
because we need for me too many non nutritious foods too few vitamins and minerals this bad but i’m making right now is
made with whole wheat flour which is just elf stone ground and honey and milk and
synthetic meecham so if you know they will be a good but i
mean you will not only taste really delicious but they were ruby a really useful and good white bread they combined store white
leading maker so far we find in a white flowers have that we can we moved in
branding moved is almost entirely starch as food is processed nutrients are usually removed knowing of green is a glaring example most of the minerals and vitamins and
all week colonel are on the surface from the brannon outer layers and in the growing center calm creature flour made from the complete week
colonel all week long contains these nutritious parts of the
week but most lowered his ground to make whitewater making quite plan or the week german
brand are removed and the major portions of many minerals
inside a man’s are lost part of the protein and most of the
fiber are also lost brannon outer layers are sold for cattle and i will emerge blue bread company makes quite bridge they put back a few of the lawsuit hand-held of some of the british because it is in rich okay jumps seven ridge st contains only a few of
the original message happily you don’t have to buy white most stores have a variety of nutritious whole grain bread supposed to be fleets to fight by if i can’t fake anything else but i thought we’d we have a very good he get at least read like this getting more vitamins and more efficient uh… white bread many states don’t even required in
richmond for some power crowd nutritional loss from snacks pastries
and doughnuts maybe almost total rice is another one of the range from
which we managed to remove most of the nutritious elements by taking off the outer layers enriched quite rise has had several
vitamins and iron restored but brown rice whole grain rice that has not been
mailed has all the original nutrients the rights which advertisers urgency is even less nutritious than white rice after making instant prize food companies who tend to make up for
the loss of nutrients by dusting the grains with the vitamin
up such highly processed foods are
increasingly replacing more nutritious foods and i’ve died i’d like it might
look like my colleague hamburger helper thing right there were only an outback larry when i get home from work what am
i gonna do it if cooked up five minute becky everybody in that created by fabricate spirit and stuff we
would like to fix up might think that it in a long-running polly was alright sapo doesn’t it goes over possible long-term
consequences to i don’t think they have more we are hang on to do daily on bruce’s foods and the less we
did that would supply debated by all the voices foods that it would be for us not only good for you but fantastically delicious you can be great to eat and that’s the
thing about whole grains is that there are always not only much much better for you in
grains that are tampered with but always without exception much more
delicious we you know what was wrong sodium content sat over the facility in sterile school lacked away lacked the light killian tomorrow morning for a which arrives cry potassium prostrate slowly along with the shift in the last
twenty years highly refined and processed foods there’s been an enormous increase in the
use of food additives a typical instant mashed potato package
s potatoes but also these ingredients day breakfast cake as trigger for water and
shortening but also ca a package salad dressing as all these
ingredients xx their diets but first bleach is amal suppliers
preservatives flavors morse directions and so forth doesn’t have a little bit earlier today one reason companies like to use these
attitudes is because it helps sales and profits using preservatives mall suppliers and
stabilizers food manufacturers can concoct completely new products like
putting caps bheji mph thier added to potato chips so packages can sit on the shelf for
three months without going straight artificial flavors are used in ice cream because they are much cheaper than
natural flavors caramel coloring makes white bread
looked like whole wheat bread egg bread is dyed yellow to make it look
rich in eggs and a frozen breakfast drink imitates
real orange juice with the aid of an orange dot it’s all imitation of the real work
right and there’s nothing you know that’s is versions of beautiful
finely is the real thing there’s controversy over the use of some
attitudes however because they’re potentially dangerous to
our help it’s not necessarily the case that
attitudes are always bear that certainly isn’t but many attitude survey useful purposes for instance the addition of vitamin is is very useful it getting high tax office has been very
useful in preventing we have to be very careful about
attitudes because the turns out that anyone
additive very dangerous that could mean higher a tremendous number of people and down through the years many
additives and found to be dangerous most of these is an artificial colors so i think if there’s any any worry we should be worrying about
artificial colors they’ve been found to cause allergic
reactions and damage of several uh… internal organs like liver and
heart one controversy or who died that was
once widely used is red number two it was the most common of all food items all of us consumed it yet it has now been banned because it
was found to be dangerous to our help other red does have been substituted for
it hundreds of foods are colored with red
dot the does make them look good they help sales a it boone right right there are other evidence which are also
controversy political opponents comic in small print you’ll find the words
sodium nitrite this is one of the attitudes to stay away from sodium nitrite itself wasn’t so great problem arises went sodium nitrite reacts with other
chemicals either in the a radar summary to create nitrosamines tiny amounts of nitrosamines have been found to cause cancer in
animals food processors say sodium nitrite is
needed for tearing me and to prevent botulism bacteria from
growing off limits you simply to give meets a
bright pinkish color to increase their sales appeal many scientists and others think it
should be banned for this purpose one place where it is definitely
unnecessary is invading a few years ago another added mono
sodium gluconate m_s_g_ was widely used in baby foods the purpose was to increase sales by
making the food more tasty to mothers when doubts arose about the safety of
the mystery for babies the manufacturers fought against
removing eventually they were forced to there was no need for to have been there
in the first place each have a stake in an average of five
pounds of that it is a year some clearly serve no legitimate need
and should be eliminated from our food we need to be very carefully and i think
they’ve been dignity indefinite multiplication of any busy now put you brian we have
more than two thousand now on the other end today in the morning
discriminatory act it is that you be ignorant of the fact
that in some cases they increase rylan decrease the safety of the food supply still another change in our reading
habits as the high percentage of sugar in our diet by eating a lot of sugar we invite tooth
decay and other health problems yet many of us have a sweet tooth and
food processors are happy to encourage it why don’t they keep out the email i promise you that
they have been in that because their statements secure again hidden instead had something terrible and tragic
accident and tomato crop their father security and feel incident this property is right kidney
have civilian week about a hundred and and parking around secured and year replace them tonight since i’m not a shipping is
officially and beverages a twelve ounce bottle of america’s
favorite soft drink has seven nine teaspoons of sugar americans are on the sugar drink bench week annually consume more sugar drinks
than milk and fruit juices combined peaches or do dessert when they’re packed in a heavy syrup you
get forty spoons of sugar per serving in many cases we have substituted sugar
based products for more nutritious wants artificially colored and flavored
breakfast ranks have not only more sugar but fewer vitamins and none of the
minerals that real fruit juices hair ingredients in food are listed in order
by weight if shivers first it means it’s the
largest items some breakfast cereals are almost fifty
percent i like contract yet shantytowns carey’s here i don’t do this they didn’t report we need to use headed to note are likely to gamble yeah i think if you could say that i’m
typing doing now pressured rock break that you can cabinet can hahha very tasty who can’t laugh at satisfied because
like it can see that had sent a c and if there’s settlements that they get
the first debate an intent to santa monica and i think
talk about i’ve turned into a fight with supply and
trying to improve are provided have come out of typing media uh… kibuye these products frank to again today saying its considerable
means about one and a half billion dollars on media about three billion dollars both though packets is a very different function
from advertising in general acting general advertising actin stupid
increase consumption a certain goods and then shift preference to seven brands in the case of food however the total
amount of full would you believe these independent of the amount of advertising
you see all of the pacing does these shifts your food supply for you putting take
from one type of food to another we can bring consumes in four different
groups with nutrition declining from group to group and the first group would be vegetables fruits eggs milk cheese meat and hope we products and the second white bread potatoes macaroni products some of the better breakfast cereals and soups and the third and now a nutritional value is going
down rapidly suru coated breakfast cereals some snack
foods cake mixes and so forth and in the fourth soft drinks and many snack foods however if we hate these foods in
proportion to the advertising given to them this is how much we might need from each
group uh… we’re within their big break down of the event
that is in really the issue tried to shift the food preferences of
americans from the better foolish to the worst
foods and i’m afraid very successful at the all the date that we have on the
nutrient consumption by the american people to show that since nineteen fifty-five there’s been a
really beat deregulation eating the food supply yes consumed and
i think that the banking very responsible we have a choice we can eat the factory foods that are
pushed on this by advertising or we can save money any better with
more unprocessed natural foods there yell aravind crowd

11 thoughts on “Dangers of Pesticides, Food Additives Documentary Film

  1. Pesticides supposedly build up in the body over time and cause food allergies down the road. That's funny because I buy mostly conventional produce, my diet has been plant-based for two years and my allergies are now completely gone.

  2. So it makes sense to give children who have "ADHD", drugs which haven't been tested, to kill their creativity and make them submissive and automaton-like, while feeding them with poisons which make them hyperactive in the first place. I trust the pharmacuetical industry and doctors implicitly now.

  3. how old is this film?.. 1970's..reminds me of the older days… some of those products aren't around anymore

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