Date sa Food Truck (Charrooootttt)

Hello everyone! This is Melanie Hahn and
welcome back to my channel. So, today we are going to a Thursday food truck. there are several food trucks that gathered around my neighborhood a food truck is basically a restaurant on wheels Later you’ll see how it looks like. Tropic Truck Would you wanna go to the Main Lobster? Yeah. This looks cool. Spitz New York Delicatessen on Wheels Delicatessens you know where you find sort of meats and cheeses. They make sandwiches Here’s the Caribbean tropic. Yeah. Let’s see what they have. Fish, chicken, They have fries–bunch of fries Fries, lobster tacos lobster fries So, which one would you like? That’s a good question. A lot of them look good. Can we get all of them? A big sample platter. Alright guys. Now I’m showing you what we got. This is my order. And, this is Ernie’s order. So, can you describe this, please? Yeah, it’s a corn beef and turkey Rueben. I’m gonna show you what I have. It looks so good! That’s some big lobster! That’s delicious. Yeah! It’s good. Old Tyme Ice Cream I’ll get a crepe but I’ll get you an ice
cream Okay, cool! Can we share? Sure Alright. My husband and I got some simple desserts. I got this vanilla ice cream and then he got a crepe. Um, it has butter and sugar right? Yeah. This is just like I used to eat with mom in Paris. Hey guys! So, that’s it for you today. Thank you so much for watching. Please don’t forget to subscribe. And, see you next time. Bye

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