100 thoughts on “DeAndre Jordan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  1. Carla!!!! You SHRUNK! OH! There you are! That was close.."Are you good with nuts"? Yeah… "I Like to hold my bowls sideways when I whisk!".. Sorry, I'm in a weird mood. Loved the video! Love ya Carla

  2. Others cook meals they don't like, but you allow the "vegan" to cook "vegan"?
    At least video wasn't about just preparing meat. Preparing meat is boring.

  3. DeAndre Jordan is such an amazing guest! Love how respectful, focused and calm he is. We need more guests on this show like him, who would listen to Carla, instead of talking over her 🙂

  4. Carla is always so nice in these videos with amateurs. I know she has to be disappointed many times, but I think she was probably pleasantly surprised with this. I'd be terrified to actually take a class with her, I think she'd be a pretty strict yet excellent teacher. I'd probably pass with maybe a "B" kind of grade, if I didn't panic and run away!

  5. BEST episode! Charming man, makes a Matilda reference, Both of them obviously having a good time. Excellent job, well done BA

  6. He is literally the best guest so far , he was so nice and also serious and funny in the same time this was just….amazing ! Would love to see him back on this show !!!

  7. I like that you guys aren’t doing the timed thing anymore! Way more enjoyable to watch and definitely helps with the end result not being sloppy and messy.

  8. Going down as one of my favorites. Please bring Deadre back. Maybe next time do a savory brunch. He was so charming and he really focused and took time with each ingredient.

  9. as a huge NBA fan, I LOVED seeing DeAndre Jordan do this! It made me admire him more as a player, he's so dope and down to earth

  10. I used to love Fage yogurt and buy it all the time. Never again. I’m so sick of the adverts every 5 mins on this channel. It just too much! I’m actually really starting to dislike the brand

  11. Did anyone notice how De Andre referred to the spatula as ‘tiny’ because his hands are so big in comparison? It actually looks like Carla is using a different one bc her hands are so tiny 😂

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