Destruction of the Food Chain/World

phyto plankton they were a phytoplankton fido blanket phyto means works on sunlight plankton little tiny things you know
they float around the election that kind of thing and what phytoplankton is is basically giant
cop clouds of little tiny plants the philly oceans it’s at the bottom of the food chain
mean that if it collapses so too does all of the marine life if all the marine life collapses then
most land life lapses and there’s a reason why that for that and that is that about half of all the
oxygen in our atmosphere comes from phytoplankton in our allusions so kill off the phytoplankton and the world as we know it ends the bad news for killing off the phytoplankton decks uh… just uh… f_y_i_ to everybody
here i just got a notice that my linked to the tele service done try to bring it back up and it’s been a
lot back in two thousand seven a study was
done the reproduction rate of phytoplankton in the gulf of maine and scientists were totally freaked out
to discover that the reproduction rate had decreased by a factor of five
thousand five hundred percent as in the amount of phytoplankton they
can be produced in the day now takes five days to produce you keep in mind every fish pretty much lives on phytoplankton or lives on
something the woods on phytoplankton and now a new study out of the big war
laboratory of ocean sciences finds that phytoplankton reproduction which p has been crashing in maine that
was where they found at five oh percent drop at it hasn’t bounced back now you know overtly an explicitly
that’s bad news for mains marine industries because of food chain the least every
fish we eat starts a phytoplankton o phytoplankton el fish but even more frightening this
phenomenon isn’t x elusive to the gulf of maine there it’s happening all over the planet as a science journal nature published
back in twenty ten at that point in time and this was it
spins that’s been picking up that it’s starting to pick up
exponentially rather than live below the rather than later lake the world was in twenty ten losing one
percent of its phytoplankton every single year and in the northern hemisphere places
like mayna since nineteen fifty we seen a forty
percent drop off in phytoplankton sarraj is talking about main fisheries
getting wiped out we’re talking about fisheries around the
planet we’re talking about a catastrophic
shake-up of the global food chain and it’s not just about photo i mean we all like to eat but we all like to breathe even more person can go a few days that evening he
can only go if you know it’s not breathing and we can thank phytoplankton forget is
oxygen to breathe as i said roughly half the world’s oxygen supply comes from phytoplankton which inhaled
carbon dioxide and expels oxygen and the process locks up that carbon but phytoplankton are being killed off
by a one two three punch of warmer waters changing salinity levels and most
importantly increasing levels of carbonic acid in the ocean an acid form
in the ocean absorbs the carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere when we
burn coal oil gasoline and natural gas the global warming from are burning
these fossil fuels it is melting the permafrost and the ice around the arctic circle now what is this too is exposing ancient
peat bogs vegetation vegetation in some cases hundreds of thousands in some cases
hundreds of millions of years ago have been trapped under that ice now you are your call james hansen said
you know if this if this were warring continues the world is going to it’ll
stab listening equilibrium but it’s not the one to which human life is adapted sailors pete this this million-year-old vegetable
matter vegetation fall blackened and browned and you know
whatever stars decomposing when it gets bought
out and that decomposition releases methane
which is a greenhouse gas that is twenty five times as in two thousand five hundred percent more potent their warm air atmosphere than carbon dioxide a team of colleges for the university of
alaska fairbanks has found so far missus pretty pretty scary enough emily
methane lakes bubbling up decimate found so far all around the north northern siberia northern alaska uh…
china one hundred fifty thousand major methane links bottling methane up
into the arctic into the waters around the arctic as the is the ice cap smaller and smaller in the water gets
larger and larger you know the government’s role sit
around on all boy we control the arctic ur all boy we can begin uh… you know have merit i’m
navigation across the arctic meanwhile all these all as per frost is
melting and all this nothing is going to the atmosphere so to recap humans are releasing carbon into the atmosphere
which is causing temperatures to rise which is melting the polar ice caps which is really seen nothing which is causing temperatures to rise
even faster and making the oceans even more acidic
which is contributing to the death of phytoplankton the very phytoplankton on which the
global food chain depends for survival and we humans that depend on for if this continues we’re looking at the
end of the world as we know it possibly in this century and the republicans in power in the oil
barons that their slaves to their did terrible at the phytoplankton die off is law makers include people like
virginia state delegate kristall who stripped out the term sea level rise in the state study and
climate change disease that is a libero code where it the ordeal coal and natural gas barons
are now higher in the same a phony scientists and using the same tactics but the tobacco companies used in the
nineteen nineties to raise doubt about clear scientific evidence that
their products are actually killeen people only in this case killing the
earth three hundred million dollars in twenty
ten that election came in from outside corporate money a lot of which came from climate change
denied oil cole and natural gas corporations what’s the result of that every single freshman house of reason representatives
republican has gone on record to deny the existence of manmade global
climate change terrible fiddling while rome burns
meanwhile phytoplankton continues to die off because global temperatures continue
to rise if we had already had tipping point and
james hansen suggesting maybe we have when it comes to climate change you know he was saying we at the we have
to worry about three interprets per million were about three for three fifty
parts per million we started you’ll recall annie back during the nixon
administration we were in the high to hundreds two hundred and eighty two
hundred ninety parts per million of carbon dioxide our atmosphere we are now
above four hundred parts per million and just like nobody in our press is
talking about you know this this uh… secret meeting
that was over at the the caucus room restaurant where the republicans plotted
to bring down yelp on administration nobody in the corporate press is talking
about what i just talked what i just shared with you which by the way is common knowledge in
europe where they’re actually trying to do
something about this there are countries around the world to
get it the kyoto accord came out he had argued
that the japanese get it only in the united states were supreme
court has said that coal and oil and natural gas behrens can corrupt both
politicians and the corporate media with their money only in the united states is this even
considered a debate

23 thoughts on “Destruction of the Food Chain/World

  1. As long as the human race is wiped out in the process….. the earth will recover without the cancerous growth known as humanity destroying it.

  2. Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky have also talked about environmental disaster &/or climate change being the death knell of the species.

  3. 3 min without air
    3 days without water
    3 weeks without food
    That's the rule of thumb on human endurance. If any of those are exceeded, a human dies or becomes irreparably damaged.

  4. If the phytoplankton reproduction rate has declined by a factor of five, that means it's down 80 percent or is only 20 percent what it was. A "500 percent decline" makes no sense. Thank you. ("The Prophet's Way" remains one of my favorite books.)

  5. It's not possible to continue to have more humans and not greatly affect the environment. Yet, no one is going to stop us from breeding and so we'll have to die in our own filth like many other species of the past.

  6. How long Thom, how long do we have….50, 100, 150 years?? Rome, Rome is burning and the fire brigade has run out water!!!

  7. vovakisscam. bet you get all your misinformation from the Fox propaganda channel huh? . tough to get through that Republican Farce so-called News hannel you t-party low information IDIOT

  8. Let's just do what Republican Conservatives always do: ignore it. Then the problem goes away. When it starts to really affect people, blame it on non-factual based reasons, like the sun becoming brighter. Oh, and blame the (choose one): Democrats, Hippies, Liberals, etc.

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