Discovering Life Under Antarctica’s Ice

(atmospheric rock music) – These organisms are
beautiful and iconic. There are certain types that are present nowhere else on earth. So it’s very important to study them. My name is Drew Lohrer, and I’m the principal investigator
on Science Under the Ice. Science Under the Ice is what
we’ve been calling our project where we’ve been studying
the resilience of organisms, the sea floor organisms,
to climate-related changes. And we do science under
the ice, literally, by scuba diving under
frozen ocean in Antarctica. The most recent trip was to
Explorers Cove on New Harbor, which is in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Our team was nine
scientists and technicians and, of those, seven of
them were scientific divers that dived underneath the ice. We are about to commence
our dive operations for the morning/afternoon. On this trip, we went
diving underneath the ice to deploy a large-scale experiment involving incubation chambers that we deployed to the sea floor. We also surveyed the fauna
using standard survey techniques and we collected organisms
for isotopic analysis, so we can reconstruct food webs and how they’ve changed
since our previous trips. The water is -2 degrees Celsius. It’s very, very cold. And we have to dive
through ten feet of sea ice in order to access our study sites. Diving under the ice is quite surreal. It’s like diving in twilight
because the light is dim. It’s almost in some ways
like diving in outer space because of the vistas that you get towards the underside of the ice with the light coming through. And the clarity of the
water is, is unbelievable. It’s almost like you’re floating in air rather than floating in water. I think documenting what is down there now and how it’s changing over
time is really important. This year all of us were
struck by just how quickly things can change and it shows just how, there is essentially climate models that are predicting changes
in sea ice conditions. Science Under the Ice is pretty extreme. It’s hard to keep the heat up in the huts because the Sigma stoves
are not working that well. That being said, the divers
love diving under the ice because of the beauty
and the unique experience that it provides.

100 thoughts on “Discovering Life Under Antarctica’s Ice

  1. love it!
    Looks absolutely surreal, hope ya'll stay safe out there. It is good to document science in the past, present and future!

  2. WOW THIS CHANNEL NOW HAS OVER THAN 2 MIL SUBS!! I subscribed to this channel since 30k subs, they really make a great video and great content since the first I saw this channel, i just wonder back then how the hell this kind of channel only have 30k subs with only few thousands view per videos, and now boom 2,1 mil subs, congrats guys! Edit : I just realized that i haven't watch this video when commenting, and wow this is another great ones

  3. can someone explain to me how the water can be -2 degree celcius? is it the pressure or something mixed in the water?

  4. Soon once the world becomes overpopulated, overfarmed, and when all the ice on Antarctica melts, the US Government will claim Antarctica as its own land.

  5. THAT was a good video! Took us someplace we haven't been before; showed us something interesting; taught us a little something; and did it with a well-written, well-edited, and well-photographed video. Please stick to this format, GBS! This is your core product and what sells!

  6. look at how bad the photoshop is! like wtf do they expect us to believe this?? antarctica is a massive wall of ice that we cannot cross xd are you retarded enough to believe this??? wake up sheeple!!!! you can even see it at 0:58

  7. No offense, but there is no fucking way I would ever want ANYTHING to do with someplace as cold as that. I get suicidal just from waking up and seeing snow out the window for a few months out of the year, but to live or work in Antarctica would be a pure hell for me.

  8. These scientists work, explore so hard in the extreme weather conditions to understand and discover the nature of things to help the mankind and save the animals. On other hand some people can't even give up their stupid Coke and Pepsi that is polluting the ocean.

  9. See the goldilocks zone is BS as long as a plant has a rocky core there could be life on it idc if its micro level or fuckin green guys. Amazing work

  10. I guess 26 people thumbs down, because their hoping for longer video..
    Awesome place for diving!

  11. he's a PhD, why didnt you put PhD? people gonna think he's just some dumb ass with a BA degree if you just put "biologist"

  12. Let's hope they don't get destroyed due to global warming and possibility of pollution in Antarctica due to extraction of oil.

  13. This is why I think we will discover life on one of Jupiter's satellites. Just think, Antarctica is well know as one of the harshest places in the world for life to survive, if not the most. But yet there is so much life there! If there can be life there of all places, I think there is no doubt we will discover life in the universe, and maybe in our own solar system. Maybe not life like fish, but at least microscopic life.

  14. Funny how those Climate Models never reflect reality because scientist are so eager to push the global warming bull crap to ensure the funding doesn't end.

  15. What the ?  If you were to make the visit to that place with lights of different colors say for instance a blue light, the variety of life would light up like they were electrified. the bioluminescence is how the various species find each other or stay away from each other. going down there with a very bright white light wasn't thought all the way through.

  16. So beautiful, but than watch the NASA video about the underground city & YIKES!!!!
    2025-2028 could see seas rise 8 feet.

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