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Welcome to Divas Can Cook! I’m Monique and here is where I share my love
and passion for for easy, Southern, from scratch cooking! Now I grew up attending one of the most priceless
culinary schools in the south, know as Grandma’s Kitchen! My grandma Barb continues to pass down so
many tried and true recipes and I am so excited to share them all with you! I want to encourage you and show you just
how easy, fun and approachable cooking these Southern dishes can be! An no worries, I’ll be here to walk you through
each and every step! Now although I can be a bit crazy sometimes,
we are gonna have a blast! So come on a join me! Hit that subscribe button so that you’ll be
the first to know when I post a new video every Thursday and Sunday at 8 pm! Also be sure to let me know you’re here by
typing #newsub before your comment so that I can say “Heyyyy honey how are you!”. I’ll be looking out for you in my next video! Lata!

87 thoughts on “Divas Can Cook Channel Trailer

  1. #NewSub
    I saw this trailer and then I started seeing what videos you had and OMG I love this channel and I definitely view and like your vids! 😀
    Keep'em coming!

  2. Hi i m a big fan of your grand ma really :)and her recipes .they are amazing .just suggest should we always use the same baking pans fr making pound cakes that you do

  3. First Thing First Your Beautiful Second You Can Cook
    Thirdly I Love Your Videos And You Have A Cute Voice ❤️😘😍👏🏾

  4. I just love your videos!!! So easy to follow and sooo delicious. Plus, you are just so sweet and joyful all of the time, I love listening to you. Keep it up!

  5. Just signed up for your YouTube channel. I'm southern also. I was looking for the best Red Velvet cake and I found you. Excited for your recipes. They all sound great. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the great videos! I've always wanted to try food from the south maybe I'll end up doing that one day. God bless.

  7. #newsubbie Found you doing a search for something I cant remember while at work. I’ve been on your blog and didn’t know you had a Youtube channel. Oh I remember now it was biscuits.

  8. Making that whipped cream cheese pound cake tonight! #newsub #robinteadiva #robintripdiva #lgldiva #qpondiva all dot com

  9. I started cooking for my mom (who was disabled) about the age of 14. I stumbled upon your website when I was 16 and you are my go to for making southern recipes. ALWAYS. You taught me how to make cabbage and that was 6 years ago! So happy to see you on YouTube❤️ I’ll be around!

  10. I'm so glad I found your channel! I love southern food but i'm not a super good cook so this is great! Now I can start cooking more! 🙂

  11. Im so glad you came back to YT.. I use to watch your videos years ago, I loved your channel.. But you stopped posting for a long time I thought you left food good.. I just recently came across your channel again and im so glad to see you're back..My Post Notifications are on❤❤So excited for new videos❤❤

  12. #New Sub can’t wait to try some of theses recipes. Everything look so good 😋 I been looking for new food to cook for a min

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