Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
and today we are Air Delight chocolate or Aero bars if you’re in Australia (or Europe)
in three different ways and I’ll show you how to make the mint ones at the end too. The first experiment I did to try and figure
out how to make these was using dry ice. The first thing we need to do is get some
extra cocoa butter and add it to your chocolate and melt that in the microwave. The extra cocoa butter just helps to make
it more liquid. Once it is melted and it’s around 97 degrees
F add in your extra teaspoon of freeze dried cocoa butter and stir that through, and that’s
just to temper the chocolate so that it sets properly at room temperature. Dry ice turns directly from a solid to a gas. So if we put it in some warm milk for example
it makes bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles. Now I am not sure if it will work like this
with chocolate though because it is thicker for one and it may set too fast because the
dry ice is so cold. But we can always try. So put the dry ice into a bag and smash it
using a rolling pin until you get lots of small tiny pieces. Now tip that into your chocolate and stir
it up quickly. Now it’s starting to set immediately so I’m
going to stop stirring it there, and I can see there are a few little bubbles forming
but nothing like we saw with the milk. I’m going to leave that until the chunks of
dry ice have gone. That took about 15 minutes. Let’s just break it open and look inside. So it didn’t create many bubbles but anywhere
where there was dry ice we’ve got a hole where that has now turned to gas. So it does give an interesting texture that
would be good on some desserts or different things – but it’s not quite what we were after
today. So experiment number 2. Let’s try putting it into a vacuum container. I’ll show you this with marshmallows first. As you pump the air out of the container,
the air left inside expands to fill the space and that includes the air that is trapped
inside the marshmallows so you can see they’re getting bigger there. Then when we release the pressure because
the marshmallows are flexible they sink back down to their normal size. But I’m hoping with the chocolate that it’s
actually going to hold it’s shape. Now to get air into the chocolate let’s whip
our tempered chocolate with beaters to incorporate as much air into it as we can. And then pour that into the vacuum container,
seal it up and pump the air out of it just like we did before. Now you can see that it’s increased just a
little, but hardly at all not like our marshmallows so that means we don’t have enough air incorporated
into our chocolate for this to work very well. But let’s see. Once it’s set, release the pressure and let’s
have a look inside if we just snap it. It is a different texture so it has worked
a little bit, there are definitely some bubbles in there, but we are much closer to Air Delight
or Aero than when we used the dry ice. But i think we need to incorporate more air. So experiment number 3 …
First of all, melt your chocolate with extra cocoa butter like we’ve done other times and
then once it gets to 97 F add more freeze dried cocoa butter to temper it. Then pour that into a cream whipper, now I’ve
run the outside the cream whipper under warm water just before so that the chocolate won’t
set as soon as it is poured in. You will also need to check the maximum fill
amount on your bottle, that’s usually written on the bottom. Screw on the top. Take a nitrous oxide charger and put it into
the holder then screw that onto the top and you’ll hear the gas just releasing into the
canister. Then repeat that with a second one and then
give it a really good shake. So we are putting this under pressure and
then getting that gas just to mix into our chocolate. Then you want to dispense that straight away
it into the container. Now we don’t want to delay with this otherwise
our chocolate is just going to set in the container. If it stops coming out properly just stop
and shake it again. And then just keep putting the rest of it
in there and you can see how foamy that is, we’ve got so many air bubbles in so I hope
this one works better. Add the lid on top and clip it on and then
vacuum the air out from the container. Wow that has heaps better result, did you
see that expanded then. Now I’m going to let that set. Then release the pressure on your container
and tip it out. I put acetate at the bottom of mine so it
didn’t stick to the container so that’s probably a good idea. And it looks to me like it has sunken in the
middle a bit, perhaps my container didn’t hold it’s vacuum very well. It’s just a cheap vaccume container so it
may not be able to do that. Let’s cut it open and have a look at the texture
inside. We’ve got lots of tiny air bubbles just like
in Air Delight or Aero bars. So this one is using the cream whipper and
the vacuum, this one is using beaters and the vaccuum and this one is using the dry
ice. Now I’ve got one more thing I wanted to do. Experiment number 4 … my favourite is the
mint Aero bar which I don’t know if you have that in Air Delight in the US but here in
Australia we have mint ones and it’s my favourite. So for that we’re going to need some white
chocolate, freeze dried cocoa butter to make our chocolate runnier. Some more cocoa butter for tempering, and
some green powdered food colouring and some peppermint essence. Add the colouring to the cocoa butter and
just a drop of peppermint essence if you want it mint flavoured. Microwave that until it is liquid and stir
it really well to make sure that powdered colour is mixed in and you don’t have any
dots of colour still. Microwave your chocolate for it to melt, remembering
to stir often so it doesn’t burn. So I did 30 seconds stir, 30 seconds stir,
20 seconds stir then 10 seconds stir until it is all melted and smooth. Then pour in your coloured cocoa butter mixture
and stir it around mixing it into your chocolate. And once your chocolate gets down to the 97
degrees F add in the smaller amount of cocoa butter to temper it so that it’s going to
set properly. Now pour that mint chocolate into your warmed
up cream whipper, screw on the top, charge it up and then shake it really well. And now dispense that into the vacuum container. Once you’ve got it in, just add the lid, clip
it shut and vacuum the air out of it. I love watching it rise up like that, then
you just know it’s going to work. Once it is set, tip it out of the container
and that looks much better, it hasn’t sunk in the middle. And look at that, that looks amazing. It looks exactly like the mint Aero bars with
lots of tiny bubbles. I’m going to slice these up and get them into
bar shapes. And to make them look exactly perfect I am
using a mold, you could just coat them in chocolate if you don’t mind what shape they
are. Put some of your tempered chocolate into each
mold, spread it up the sides and then push the bubbly mint chocolate into the mold. Letting the excess chocolate come up and over
the top. And then you can just neaten that up using
a spatula. Once they are set just pop them out of the
mold and you have your very own mint bubbly aero chocolate bars. And my kids absolutely loved them. “That is one of the best things Ihave had
in a long time, that is awesome!” “The bubbles in that just make it everything.” A special shout-out and thank you to everyone
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