– Now it’s time for the hot
knife versus the liquid metal. Let’s try this. (slow electronic music) Whoa, it’s crazy! What’s up, it’s Collins Key and today I’m doing another experiment, it’s kind of like a DIY, I’m going to be playing with gallium, which is basically liquid metal. If you hold it in your hands it’s liquid. We’re gonna do a whole bunch of crazy experiments with it, and I’ve heard, if you put
just a small little drop on the top of a Coca-Cola can, it’ll actually destroy it. To make you guys stick
around to the very end to watch that and also
if you want to learn how to bend a spoon, where’d it go? (tinkly music) With your mind, all you have
to do is go to my Instagram right now and I will
teach you how to do it. Your own magic trick, you can
freak your friends out with, so if you want to learn
that the direct link is down in the description to my Instagram and if you like that
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I have a challenge for you, before we get into this, I want to see, if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
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do I still have a spoon? Comment down below, Spoon Squad because, why not? Actually don’t, we’ll
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below if you could do that and right now, let’s get into this video. Time to crack these open,
start playing with them, but first, as you guys know, for me, safety is a number one priority, so… (fingers snapping) (light ding) So I put the gallium in
some warm water over here because it turns into liquid
at room temperature right now so it was a little bit cold to begin with but let’s start playing
with it and you know what? I think these gloves are too much, so… (yells) Actually no, this jacket,
this jacket’s too much… (yells) So now it’s time to play
with the first little bit of gallium and it’s already
moving around on the inside, which is crazy, like
metal shouldn’t do that. So here we go, we’re gonna open this up. I don’t think it’s toxic,
so hopefully I’ll be good but check this out. (slow rap music) (screams) Oh my, sorry, look at that, Okay, so I’ll be like
holding it in my hand, let’s kind of like see what happens. That is insane, look at it! Check this out, okay hold on. Oh, geez it like spread
out everywhere, hold on. You can try and like dump
it from hand to hand. This is so bizarre! This stuff is so cool! I want you to look what
happens when you poke it. It like doesn’t get on your finger at all. This stuff is the craziest feeling thing, and it’s like warm too. It feels unnaturally warm. Alright, so now that we’ve got this. Oh, no! Oh, no! (mumbles) No, what do I do? My family’s going to be so mad, they love this table. Oh my, what do I do? How do I get it off? Fam, I was not prepared. It’s like hardening, fam. It’s hardening on the glass. Oh my gosh, okay. What do? (screaming) In hindsight, I should
have put this down first and that would have never happened. But hey, you live and you learn, and right now, about to
play with this stuff again. Hopefully we’ll not spill it on the table. Keep it in this section. The first experiment
we’re kicking it off with is this Coca-Cola can, because if you put a drop
of the gallium on top of it, it’ll actually decompose the aluminum. So in about 30 minutes
I’ll be able to tap it, and it’ll just completely fall apart. So I’m gonna do that right now, and then at the end of this video it’ll be ready to go. I can tap it and we’ll see what happens, but we’ve gotta get it started right now, so let’s do this. Here we go. I’m just gonna put a teeny little drop. (slow electronic music) I guess we wait. For this one, we’re playing
with some Frozen molds, so we’ve got some faces over here. And we’re gonna be ending
it with a full-on Olaf. Like a full metal Olaf that might melt. That would actually be really sad. Well, we’re gonna start
with the faces first. So I think we’re gonna go, I like the reindeer-looking dude. And it’s actually a reindeer, not a dude. The reindeer looking fella. And I know I will get absolutely
roasted in the comments if I don’t do Elsa in this. So I’ll do the reindeer and Elsa. I made y’all happy. So we’re gonna start off right here. I have one tube of gallium. This stuff looks pretty
liquid at the moment. Here we go, about to dump
it in three, two, one. Here we go. See it always comes out as a tube, but I want more liquid. Okay, I have an idea. Here we go, got the blow dryer, let’s turn it on. (blow dryer whirring) If this works, that’ll be so cool. Yo, I can feel it literally melting under my finger right now. (blow dryer whirring) It’s like actually melting it. Bam, I’m a genius, y’all. I am an absolute genius. I just had an even better idea. (slow electronic music) So that still isn’t going fast enough. So I’m gonna use my palm right now, which supposedly is gonna
make it melt faster. I really have a hard time believing that that’s gonna be what happens, but I’m gonna close it up like this, and see if I can turn it into liquid. And then I’ll like squeeze it
into this little mold here. – [Man] 20 minutes later. – Yeah, I’m feeling nothing. It’s still pretty solid. Back to the blow dryer. (blow dryer whirring) The gallium has finally set, so now we’re gonna go with
the reindeer one first, then we’ll pull out Elsa, so here we go. Oh my gosh. This actually worked! Yo, check this out! This looks so cool! So we got the first one, now it’s time to get Elsa, and then I want to try
something really crazy. Yo, okay, this one turned out even better. Right now I’m gonna take the blow dryer and see if I can actually melt these down and just see what happens. But I’m gonna do it in
the palm of my hand. (slow electronic music) Oh, it’s actually really hot on my hand, like it’s really hot. But hold up, let me see. (slow electronic music) Ooh, it’s hot, it’s hot! Well, the finger doesn’t stick into it, but it does kind of, you know, it’s melting around my hand. So let me see, if I close my hand. But it is turning into liquid though, ’cause watch, I can kind of drip it off. Oh, dude! Alright, so it started
melting a little bit, so let’s see if we can
actually get it to drip off. (laughing) That looked so crazy! Here’s the name of the game, with a little bit of gallium to roll into the mold, let’s see. So close. Oh, it splashed, uh oh. Okay, get it off, get it off, get it off. And now.
(bleep) And now.
(bleep) And now! That was very aggressive, but (mumbles). (bleep) I am so sorry Olaf. We are gonna make the very
first ever metal melting Olaf, so, let’s do it. (slow electronic music) Yo, come on. Just a little bit more gallium. No, we have to get more gallium. (sighs) I’m actually really excited for this one, We have right here. Yo, oh my gosh! It turned out so good. This next part may be hard to watch. So for those of you
guys who are squeamish, you might want to look away. We’re gonna take Olaf and
see if we can melt him. Alright, let’s do this. I’m gonna go from the top
down from the top right. We’re gonna do a full blast. Maximum power! (slow electronic music) It’s working, he’s melting! (slow electronic music) It worked, we melted Olaf! R.I.P. (slow piano music) For this one, we’re using the gallium to duplicate a key. Now, not the Collins Key key. (bleep) Not this key, but an
actual ordinary house key. So I’ve made this mold right here. It takes about six hours to make it. If you want to make it at home, all you have to do is just take a tube, put some clay on the bottom of it, and fill it with a lot of jello, and then stick the key inside. And then you put it in your fridge for about six hours, and then you have this
mold just like this. So, oh. All I have to do to remove
it is using my thumb. I just have to take it, boom. And then it’ll pop it out. So let’s try this. A good fury smack. (yelling) Yay, you worked! So now we’ve got it out. It’s like super squishy,
because it’s made out of jello. We’ve got the key inside, and now it’s time to finish up this thing. For this next part, you’ll need an adult to help you out, ’cause you’re gonna use an X-ACTO knife to cut open the side of the gelatin that had the key in it, and then you can remove the key that’s in it at the moment. Alright so we cut it open, and you can actually see the
mold of the key inside of it. So next step, we’re gonna
put it back together, put it back in the tube, and then pour in the gallium. And hopefully create a key mold. Fam, this one might not have worked. So now we have to leave
this for two hours, and then we’re gonna see how it looks, so let’s fast forward. – [Man] Two hours later. – This one’s like a Jacob Sartorius song. It’s either gonna be a hit or a miss. Let’s see, if this works, I’m going to be amazed right now. So we’re gonna pop it open. It’s not looking good at
the moment, but here we go. (slow electronic music) Yeah, that actually, yo, straight up. That’s actually not too shabby. You definitely could not
use it as an actual key, but it resembles a key more than I actually thought it would. It’s crazy, you can see the ridges, the lines, this is an actual key. Again, I don’t think it
would work in a lock, because I feel like the whole thing would just turn to liquid
as you stick it in, to get into your house. But I’m very surprised. If I hadn’t added a whole
bunch of extra stuff, and just been extra, it would
have worked out very well. And now the moment you’ve
all been waiting for. Time to test out to see if this gallium really was able to dissolve
this Coca-Cola can. And make sure if you want
to learn a magic trick, go check out my Instagram video right now. The direct link is down below. Like it, comment “Keyper Squad,” I’ll be Dming you guys,
liking your photos, but right now this is the one that’s gonna hit it like this, the whole thing should just crumble. Maybe it explodes, maybe it implodes. Maybe it creates a black hole. I don’t know, let’s just do it. Here we go, three, two, one. Fam. What, that literally didn’t work. The gallium just popped right off. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? But yeah, the internet
said this would work, and I always trust the internet, so I’m very disappointed right now. But you know what? I will not end the video this way. Right now, we’re going for this. (bleep) Alright guys, here we go. I left it overnight,
that way it has the most amount of time possible to hopefully disintegrate the can. So right now, the moment of truth. Let’s do this. Here we go. (dramatic violin music) (screaming) (light ding)

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