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– “Caution: to prevent eye
damage, do not stare into the light of the lamp.” Today, we are testing the Smokeless Grill. The Smokeless Grill by Philips is a grill that’s supposed to create
80% less smoke and even heat. When you grill meat, the
drippings will not directly go on the heat, so there
will be less smoke. This uses an infrared
radiation technology, and all you really have
to do is plug it in, turn it on, and start grilling. There is no temperature
control, which means it’s just straight one temperature at 446 degrees. They claim that that is the
best heat for grilled meats. We’ll be testing even heating and smoke. The directions says for cooking
chicken 22 to 25 minutes. As soon as I turned it on,
I definitely feel the heat right away on my face. I’m trying not to look at it too closely, ’cause I don’t wanna burn my eyes off. So, simple salt and pepper
on the chicken, no sizzle. I set a timer for 20 minutes. I wanna see beautiful, even grill marks. I think that’s really
important in grilled chicken. Also, how juicy it stays. Do we wanna see what it looked
like with the lights off, because the red is just crazy? The juice from the chicken
is dripping into the tray, but no smoke. If this was a standard grill, that fat would be the reason why
this flares up in smoke. This is what it’s looking
like at nine minutes. I do see a lot of excess
fat dripping into the tray. It’s not that hot. Usually a 400 — it says 446, but that
does not feel like 446. A trick that I normally tell my cooks is the five-second rule,
and that’s how you know that you should be putting
your meat on the grill. Five seconds, but definitely
I can put my hand here for a lot longer than five seconds. This is a thermometer 610 degrees. That’s directly on the
infrared heating system. Let’s test the actual grill
top, because that’s where chicken is cooking. Oh my God, it’s dead on the dot. I’m surprised that it’s
actually over 400 degrees. It just doesn’t feel hot. We’re at 17 minutes; it’s
pretty beautifully browned. I think I’m ready to flip. We’re at close to 20 minutes
and this is nowhere near done, but you know what’s
amazing, there is no smoke. It definitely doesn’t smell
like you’re grilling it, that’s for sure. We are at 23 minutes, I’m gonna check the internal temperature of the chicken to see if it’s cooked through. Perfect cooked chicken should be at 165. It’s at 138 degrees. It’s been 31 minutes,
and I believe my chicken is cooked all the way through. The chicken looks pretty good. It’s definitely browned pretty evenly. It didn’t burn at all. Slightly longer than what the
directions said at 30 minutes. See what’s going on with the grill. So I see pan drippings in the tray. This is not hot so I can lift that, and cleanup looks pretty simple. There’s no, like, grease
splattered anywhere. All I would have to do is
clean this and the tray, and that’s it. I think the most important element to this is even cooking. The middle of the breast
side looks beautiful and still juicy, let’s give it a taste. Mm, definitely very dry at the end. The middle is great. It’s still kind of crispy on the outside and juicy inside and cooked pretty evenly. So with chicken breast, not
much fat in the first place, so you can’t really tell
how smoky this can get. So we’re gonna test
burgers, just 80/20 fat. It should create some smoke. Again, no sizzle. I just
think that’s so weird. And some veggie skewers because veggies have a little bit of more moisture, and if that messes with it at all. So the instructions says 10
to 15 minutes for burgers, but of course, that’s
dependent upon your doneness. I like mine medium rare. We’re at six minutes and 30 seconds. I’m ready to flip. There’s no browning, that
concerns me a little bit. That one’s a little better, but still, not much browning. I’m gonna let this sit a little bit longer just because we didn’t see much browning on these two burgers,
and I want that char. At seven-and-a-half minutes
I’m gonna flip my last burger. The grill mark situation is not really happening in the burger. Nine minutes past, I like
mine mid-rare at 145, so I’m gonna test it. Like I said, I don’t
think we’re close at all. Now I’m seeing some smoke, so
it’s not completely smokeless. We’re at 15 minutes. We’re looking for 145
degrees for mid-rare. Right now we’re almost at,
we’re almost there, actually. And we’re at 15 minutes, okay, 145. Veggies look pretty done as well. My first comment would be
that it is very gray looking. The color is just not
there, the grill marks. It’s a little sad, because with
burgers, you want that nice, dark, char, and that’s
what looks attractive. On the other hand, my vegetable skewers, looking pretty good. And honestly speaking, I don’t really smell the burger at all,
I smell more of the pepper than the burger, which is kind of wild. Pretty nicely cooked at mid-rare. (funky guitar music) This just tastes like, I don’t
wanna say boiled ground beef, but it’s almost like that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still
juicy and it’s still fatty. I don’t get any of those,
like, crispy, delicious, like charred element
that I love in burgers. I could not say that
this is a grilled burger. I actually don’t wanna
eat more of this at all. The peppers and onions are
good, because it charred nicely and it still is kind of crunchy inside. And it’s what I want when
I put veggies on the grill. So I feel like the
vegetables, they’re decent. Evenness of cooking and heat
distribution, pretty solid. Smoke, solid, no smoke,
even no odor almost, which is kind of like weirdly crazy. Flavor profile, cooking evenness, char. With the chicken, very
decent; veggies, pretty good; burgers, complete sh (beep), don’t do it. For the listed price of 300
dollars, is it worth it? It depends, it depends
on what you’re grilling. If you live in an apartment
and you don’t have much ventilation, maybe
if you wanna do some table-side grilling like I
do, maybe you wanna get this because it doesn’t smoke
up and you can grill, but also, if you’re living
in a tiny, tiny apartment, do you really wanna spend 300
dollars on a kitchen gadget? That is really up to you. What I would say, if you wanna grill meat, you should just do it on the grill. It definitely doesn’t
achieve certain elements of what grilled meats would actually do, the smokey, charred flavor, crispness, the able to control
temperatures, all those elements of grilling, this does not have at all. To check out other kitchen
gadgets that I’ve tested, click here. Starting with the
perfect roll sushi maker, the price tag on this one: 10 dollars. For pros and beginners alike, it’s — (music fades out)

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  1. 23 minutes 138f, you let it rest and it goes up a few more degrees making it the perfect temp. I think Philips delivered. 165f is cardboard

  2. Grill hack: get a cast iron grid and put it on that grill instead then let it sit there with the grill on for 15 mins to preheat, and you'll get that grill mark on anything goes on there!

  3. Medium rare burgers aren't really safe. The inside of the beef is generally safe to eat rare, the outside might be dirty from the meat handling, so the outside must be cooked. With ground beef, however, the inside and outside are mixed and the contaminated meat is on the inside as well. Therefore burgers must be cooked through to be safe while steak is safe to eat rare.

  4. The limit on all of these electric grills, and the reason they'll probably never measure up, is that they're all limited to a maximum of ~1500-1800 watts depending on duty cycle (in North America). That's just not enough energy to grill with, 3-5KW would be much better, but then you'd need the sort of outlet your oven uses.

  5. This video just seemed off. Host couldn't convince me she was any type of competente cheff. I don't trust this review in the slightest.

  6. Great video! Thank you for reviewing this. Perhaps the burgers would get more "char" and better cooked texture with thinner patties? Anyone know?

  7. I don't know why in every other Philips grill review all the meat gets grill marks, Ive seen steaks get grill marks on this thing.

  8. Wait, what? She leads cooks? 145 is not medium rare, it's medium. Even when she cut that burger in half it's medium.


  9. Ordered the same to use inside apartment. It is ok, but too slow cooking. To make food for 4 people took me more than hour. Also if your meat is marinated with oil it will burn a lot. Next time will use only dry seasoning. Salmon filet was very good. But I had to cover with large led due to oil from fish was all over.

  10. I don't know. Works awfully like a broiler, in which case why not learn to use the broiler properly. Or get a table top oven with broiler function, Wolf has a nice one.

  11. That’s quite a big contraption to tell the doneness of the burgers. Maybe push it with your finger to tell how well it’s done? If you’ve ever cooked before it shouldn’t be hard to tell.

  12. Actually I was in the market for a $750 smokeless grill, but I mean if all you have is this $300 grill… :/

  13. I've known to preheat it for about 6 minutes and then lay your meats…. 3 lb chuck roast takes about 20 minutes bone in ribeye at 1 in thick take about 5 to 6 minutes on each side if you read the directions and preheat….. I believe it works I enjoy it it's quick it's fast it's easy easy to clean…..

  14. Lol. I love how all newyorkers assume that all the apartments in the rest of the nation are as small as theirs…

  15. Hello, can you answer me this honestly? If I bring this grill to work in my cubicle, will the entire office know I am infrared grilling my lunch? Please be honest.

  16. I'm gonna personally destroy all the baby boomers and Gen Xers in the kitchen gadget test show's comment section. always scroll down and see a bunch of people going "THIS WOMAN IS INCOMPETENT BECAUSE THIS GIMICKY KITCHEN GADGET DIDNT WORK. CLEARLY SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO READ" like shut UP! its youtube!! eater is a news site, they know how to read instructions and esther choi is a professional chef. its called EDITING. they aren't going to add an extra 5 minutes to a video of her waiting for it to heat up to prove to you she read the instructions, you're all so entitled. go watch some 5am infomercials if you wanna hear how great the product is instead of an honest review.

  17. I have this grill and it's fantastic. She is not following the directions. Need to heat it up for like 10 minutes if you want the char marks. Also, don't just season, but marinate everything (even burgers), and you will get amazing results. For beef, I marinate overnight in Worcestershire sauce and a few drops of liquid smoke. For chicken, try marinating in zesty Italian salad dressing overnight, and use thinner cuts, or butterfly them before cooking. This is a great product, it just needs to be used correctly by someone with a brain.

  18. Eater by far your weakest channel. I like the host personality, but the testing for every gadget is terrible. Please stop. You are misinforming people by testing poorly.look at America test kitchen for how you should test things.

  19. You need to preheat it for 10 minutes before putting meat on. I found you should only have 50% of grill surface covered by food so when you turn meat, you can place the meat on to preheated surface.

  20. I'm surprised that this thing was $300. Should be under $100 by now since this was made over a year ago. However, you can get an indoor electric grill for waaaay cheaper than that. Might as well use the Foreman or a knockoff to get the same result.

  21. I’ve been using this grill for a few years now, and it absolutely does the trick, especially if you live in an apartment or condo building that doesn’t allow traditional grills. I’ve grilled everything and you absolutely get the grill marks on those burgers and steaks. i also have the rotisserie chicken attachment that will spin the whole chicken on above the heat and it comes out BEAUTIFUL

  22. I've always wanted a girl that will make me go blind and no smoke pretty sure the smoke is what makes BBQ BBQ I guess I'm the idiot right 😒😒

  23. I have a DeLonghi smokeless Grill that I bought years ago and it still works great for indoors when it's winter out. I got it for around $40.00 dollars, I like it because it has a temperature control and a lid or splatter screen. Here's the link to it on Amazon:

  24. That’s a good point, if you can’t afford a better place can you afford to spend a months food budget or two months’ utilities on a cooking gadget?

  25. This was an improper review..poorly done..i watched another review with jack show and it is waaayyy time if you feel its not hot enough let it get up to temp or use a temp gauge if unsure ..a hand test aint gone work boo..those are not cooking guidelines..

  26. How about spend $30 and send your ass outside and grill, Philips can barely dig themselves out of the hole and they're trying to tap into the BBQ business.

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