– I was blown away when I heard that aspirin could whiten
clothes as well as bleach. If this does work, this will be a great way
to use that expired aspirin that’s in your medicine cabinet. I’ve stained two shirts the same way with items from the kitchen: red wine, Worcestershire
sauce, and ketchup. To see if this works, I’m gonna do a side-by-side comparison. I’m going to do the same
method for both shirts. First, we’ll soak them for a couple hours and then run them in a
regular load of laundry. I’ll be really impressed if this works, because I’m a big fan of bleach. For my aspirin soak, I’m going
to crush up several aspirin, just gonna do that with a knife. This will help them dissolve faster. In my head I feel like that there’s no way the aspirin
will whiten as much as bleach. Bleach is a powerful thing. And then we have bleach
water in this bowl. I’m gonna let these soak for a few hours and then I’m gonna throw
them in the washing machine. I’m gonna wash them like I
normally would do laundry. So I’ll add a little more
bleach to my detergent and a little more aspirin to that load. Here’s the one soaked in bleach. Obviously, the stains are still there, but I’m hoping in the wash
cycle they will finish. Now, let’s check the aspirin. See, the bleach got out all the wine. Maybe it has to soak
for a really long time, but we don’t have that kind of time. This one looks like not much has changed. So, so far, bleach is way ahead. I’m tempted to stop this experiment now because I’m pretty sure aspirin does not whiten as well as bleach. But, I’ll finish what I started. So I’m gonna throw these shirts into separate washing
machines with detergent. One with some bleach and one
with a good handful of aspirin, then we’ll see what happens. The laundry is done. I feel like I’m at home. There is a clear winner. Y’all, aspirin is not nearly
as powerful a whitener as bleach. While I stained these pretty hard, bleach got it out about 90-95%. Pretty much all three stains
are still pretty visible with aspirin. While it might be great to use in a pinch if you want to brighten up
some napkins or something, you’re probably better
off saving that aspirin for your headaches.

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