Dollar Store Steak vs Ribeye Steak | Who Can Taste the Difference? | $1 Steak Review

– The best ribeye steaks
come from the dollar store. What? (dramatic music) Now, I’m a fan of the dollar
store, we all know that. Even bought some food there, like frozen peas or seomthing like that. But they sell steak. Y’all, nothing good can
come from a dollar steak. Is it really meat? Not sure. Where does it come from? Not sure, but I’m about to
find out all those answers. I just have to know. (dramatic music) Aw yeah! A ribeye. All right, y’all get ready. This is so thin. (register beeping) Let’s get cookin’. Inquiring minds wanna know what the heck is a steak that you can buy for a dollar. Well think about it. You can get tuna steaks in a
can or in a pouch for a dollar. We eat that all day long. At least I do. Can we talk about the thinness here? It is 3.5 ounces. Listen, that’s a raw weight. Let me tell you, as a
cooking professional, I know that it is going to
shrink when it is cooked. We’re talking maybe two
ounces of meat here. Hope you’re not hungry. I think the first question
a lot of people have is is it really meat, or
there’s no way it can be steak, or what is it? It says it is beef, so there you go. They are not gonna be allowed
to put this on a label as USA beef if it does not contain beef. I’m a little alarmed
though because it says made with USA beef. Does that mean there is
something else with it? This contains 30% of a
water-based solution. So that’s a marinade or
something to give it flavor, something to bulk it up a little bit. So we’re really talking only 70% of this three ounces is meat. Inspected and passed by the
Department of Agriculture. Okay, smells fine, doesn’t
really have an odor. The color is quite brown, but like I said, that’s what happens when you freeze steak. I don’t know if it’s
usually this brown or not. There are some little
hints of red in here. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to cook this
up, gonna taste it myself, and then I’m going to see
if my fellow co-workers will be able to tell
the difference between the dollar steak and the
more expensive variety. Now I’m gonna treat this the same way I would a regular steak. I’m gonna add a little
salt, good bit of pepper, add a little olive oil. I suspect that it’s probably
gonna be a little bit chewy ’cause it’s gonna be
hard to cook this medium. (lively wobbling) (steak sizzling) It has an aroma. It must be whatever the solution is. It definitely looks
better cooked than raw. It looks like a steak, a very
thin, small portion of steak. I’m going in. I just kinda wanna get this over with. You can see it doesn’t look terrible. It’s got some good little caramelization, chunks of black pepper, cuts more tender than I thought it would. Definitely not gonna get that pink center. Here goes nothing. (lively music) There’s a texture thing
going on that has to do with the solution and the freezing. It’s super tender, so where I’d said it was gonna be chewy and
it has a chew factor, but it almost disintegrates
a little bit as you chew it. So it’s not stringy like a tough piece of over cooked steak would be. I don’t know if you can see in there, but you don’t get the grains of meat, like when you slice through a steak, you know you can cut it against the grain, because it’s very visible how
the grain runs in the meat. It’s not so visible here. It almost looks like
it’s pressed together. So maybe it went through this
massive tenderizing process where it was pressed really hard. It’s like it was formed into a patty that looks just like a steak. I don’t think anyone is
going to have a problem telling the difference
between a fresh butcher steak and the dollar store steak. I guess we’ll go through
the process any way, but my guess is that everyone will be able to tell the difference. I’ve cooked the steak and
tried to cut it very similarly. I’ve tossed in some peppers and onions to represent some fajita meat. So time to see if anyone
can tell the difference. I think she knows. (lively music) (laughing) – I think that’s a dollar store steak. – Based on smell? – Texture. – You would be correct. – That one is more
flavorful but it’s so soft. This one is not as flavorful,
but it has good texture to it. – ‘Kay. What if I told you one of these steaks is from the dollar store? (laughing) Could you guess which one? – This very, very tender one. (laughing) – Two out of two.
– I think you overpaid. (laughing) – This kind of tastes like a gyro meat, maybe kind of like it’s
been emulsified at one point and then brought back together. I mean, it’s got a lot of flavor. This tastes more like steak to me. – What if I told you
that one of these steaks was from the dollar store? (laughing) Do you think you could pick which one? – Would it be this one? (laughing) – I think you’re right. That’s three out of three
people who can clearly tell the difference between
the dollar store steak and a fresh steak from the grocery store. Nobody really knocked it 100%, so it’s just the texture
thing and that just has to do with the
marinating and the solution and the possible forming it back together. Mainly the texture; it is just a little bit softer
than traditional steak. Would it suffice if you’re on a budget and you need some protein? Definitely. In the mean time, I think I’ll keep my dollar store purchases limited to party favors and hair ties. I’ll save my steaks for the grocery store. Nicole, why do you wear the
same shirt in 50 videos? Well, wait, we have $0 in our budget, so we have to buy our
steak from the dollar store and I have to wear the
same shirt for 20 videos that I bought myself.

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