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Dollar Tree emergency cooking survival Fancy Heat fuel for cooking heat Emergency heat and cooking with Fancy Heat from Dollar Tree how to cook with Fancy Heat hi it’s AlaskaGranny recently I was at the Dollar Tree dollar store and I found
these Fancy Heat they are little cans like sterno for emergency cooking heating fuel and a wick and they’re supposed
to last for two hours for cooking and heat and they are only one dollar each at Dollar Tree now the bad thing about is it I don’t think they
stack as nicely as sterno but they are only only one
dollar $1 each so they are quite a bargain I’m going to show
you a few ways that I figured out I could use Fancy Heat from Dollar Tree emergency survival cooking heating fuel in an
emergency so the Fancy Heat are great for emergency survival stockpile bug out gear were definitely worth picking up a few for an emergency to
take care of my family be able to cook in an emergency situation with fancy heat from Dollar Tree before you use anything
like the Fancy Heat from Dollar Tree or sterno fuel make sure that you carefully read the
directions how to use Fancy Fuel Sterno fuel to cook so it says outdoor and indoor uses for buffet
camping cooking picnics emergency heat and the
directions say remove the Fancy Fuel cap place the can on a rack light with a long stem match to extinguish or put out the Fancy Heat fuel when you are done heating or cooking use the snuffing
device or the lid and let the can cool never handle the burning can so you want to
remember that Fancy Heat or Sterno alcohol cooking heating is combustible burning alcohol if I was going to be using this in my
house for say a heat element I of course want to make sure I am aware carbon
monoxide and then I put down a tile to
protect any surface from hot or burning item then I put a few bricks that I had right here to deflect the heat of the Fancy Heat or sterno fuel and warm whoever is sitting near it then I also tipped it just to make sure
that the wick of the Fancy Heat Sterno fuel was saturated with the alcohol fuel let’s see how it works so Fancy Heat or Sterno doesn’t provide a lot on light but
it certainly provides a little bit so it provides some heat and I can feel it warming already it’s warming up my
bricks if I wanted to use it as cooking device then I can separate my bricks and then I have a simple metal rack I put two cups of water I can put the water on top of the rack to warm up the water with the Fancy Heat always cook with the lid on because then
it’s going to be keeping the energy of the heat inside rather than allowing it to escape
you can see the flame of the Fancy Heat fuel sterno alcohol fuel is still going and I’ve got two cups of water in the pot to heat up and the flame is still going so I’m
sure it isn’t going to heat up as fast as your microwave but it is certainly going to work and I
can feel it’s heated clear out to here so I think these Fancy Heat Sterno alcohol heater cooking fuel cans are certainly
worth one dollar each they’re supposed to go
for last for up to 2 hours each two hours so look for the Fancy Heat at the dollar store or Dollar Tree is the
one that I found it pick up some of these Fancy Heat or Sterno emergency cooking heating fuel cans and put them in your
emergency gear then you will have something whether you need cooking or just heating in an emergency survival Bug Out Situation please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Those little can heaters can be refilled with alcohol. Use a syringe to inject through the wick. Or drill a small hole near the wick, squirt in the alcohol, then close the hole with a small sheet metal screw. Of course all this is done when the can is cool and the wick is not burning … obviously. There is no problem with alcohol mixing with dimethyl glycol. Heet (yellow bottle) is probably the best choice for alcohol.

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