Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe – Japanese Food (delicious)

Welcome back to yet another sushi video recipe,
I’m Chef Davy Devaux and I am going to show you guys how to make Dragon Sushi Roll today.
Now I’m sorry about the humming noise in the background, that’s this fan thing here. You
see it’s about 30°C in the shade today, so yeah it’s ridiculously hot, that’s 86°F for
you American guys, I had to look that up a second ago.
Anyway, let’s go straight into making some sushi.
Alright so you put a sheet of Nori onto a bamboo rolling mat with a plastic bag on it
and then just wet your hands a little bit with some water so the rice doesn’t stick
to you. And what I’m using here is 120g of cooked sushi rice, now you can learn how to
make this by a link that has just appeared on the top left corner, and simply just spread
it out. Only spread it over half of it, now 120g is about 4oz, just spread it out nice
and softly, fluff it out, don’t press it down. You really just want to separate the rice
over the surface area, you don’t want to compress it. That happens later when you roll it, then
you just flip it over and then on the empty side is where I am going to put my filling.
What you do is you lay three tempura prawns, now you can learn how to make these by clicking
on the link that has just appeared on the top left corner, which will take you to a
video of mine where you learn how to make this.
Now you just add three slices of avocado and a little bit of Unagi Sauce, unagi sauce is
eel sauce, you can this in any Japanese food store, otherwise just buy it online or you
can buy it from my store. A link has just appeared on the top left corner and you can
buy it there. Alright so now to roll, you just simply bring
it over and then just pull back, and then just pull forward and like so. If you need
any more reference about it then just click on the link which appeared on the top left
corner and that’s a video about rolling. Alright, perfect — this is Unagi or grilled
eel. Now it’s very difficult to find this fresh, fresh eels here in Spain where I live
and probably around the world, too. So it’s best just to buy the froze stuff, it comes
already grilled and ready to go. It will last for a very long time in the freezer, you just
thaw it and I would suggest grilling it a little bit inside the oven or on a little
barbeque coal, don’t burn it though. Just a little bit of grilling, just to revitalize
all the flavors in there. Anyway it’s very simple, you guys know how to open packages,
it’s not very complicated, just pull it out and this is more or less how it looks like.
Now for my sushi roll I don’t actually want to use the entire eel, so I only want to use
half, so I am going to just cut it in half. Look at this, this is just beautiful stuff.
Anyway, you only need about half for the sushi roll to put on top and the other half you
can make another sushi roll with or put it inside a sushi roll, that’s fine, just add
some avocado, paprika, a little bit of unagi sauce — good to go. And it’s very important,
I prefer to have this served warm just don’t unthaw it and give it out, at least put it
in the microwave minimum, bare minimum, but best would be a charcoal grill or grill it
a little bit underneath the oven. Now once you grill this it does become very soft so
I would suggest being very careful with it. Alright now to finish the sushi roll, I have
grilled my eel and what you do is just place it on top like so, and you want the tail to
come out there like so — perfect. Now you add a piece of cling film, just to fix it
all together and now press it onto the sushi roll so everything is one piece now, like
so — perfect. Now you take your knife, dip it in some water so the blade is slightly
wet and what you want to do is cut it about here — perfect.
And now just cut your sushi rolls to the required length — alright, perfect. Now to shape it
up again, and you remove the cling film and now you take a little strip of Nori and just
stick it on like so. Now these are half sheets and then cut into little strips. You don’t
want them to cover the entire eel, just you want to keep it together because otherwise
what happens is the entire sushi roll will fall apart when you try to take one — I’ve
experienced this a lot of times, it’s really annoying, so like to do it like this.
Okay, beautiful, so now to plate it up you just simply put them onto a plate like so,
and this here is like the dragon’s tail. Now to decorate it, what you want to put is
some octopus suckers and this would be the eyes. I just have these lying around but if
you go to the fish market and ask him to chop off a couple of suckers, he will be happy
to oblige, I think. A quick little garnish for the dragon roll,
this is half cucumber, and basically what you do is just slice it in very thin slices,
okay. All the way across — alright, perfect. Now you just take the side parts away. Okay
now what you do is just line them up, hold it together and put your knife at a 45° angle
and cut…perfect. Discard this and now what you want to do is peel off about half and
just fan them out like so. Okay, take a couple away if it’s too thick and then take a couple
more and then fan them out the opposite way —
just like so. Now put this on the side and
that’s garnish for the dragon roll. Now you take your cucumber and you put one
on one side and the other one on the opposite side, just like so, push the sushi rolls together
so it stays put, and now two of these paprika slices — perfect.
Alright so you just take a deep fried shrimp head and you pull the whiskers off, now you
take the whiskers of the prawn and you just push them into your very soft eel, it shouldn’t
be too difficult. Perfect. Alright so now to finish it off with some
sauces. You add a little bit more eel sauce, unagi sauce, onto the roll — perfect, then
onto the plate you add a little bit of mayo, this is garlic mayo, on both sides…perfect.
Then some sriracha sauce over the mayo, like so. And then you take a little stick and you
make it look a little bit like fire just by pulling it through it — awesome.
Now you add a little bit of pickled ginger and your wasabi, and you’re done — perfect.
The ultimate dragon roll. Thank you for watching another one of my sushi
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