Driving Connected and Efficient Cold Chain Storage to Guarantee Food Safety | Schneider Electric

As the saying goes: Food is the necessity of the people. The development of cold chain technology has brought a leap-forward change in the way people store and transport food. As an important part of cold chain logistics, the preservation of freshness and nutrition in modern large refrigerated storage not only relies on low temperature, but also depends on the intelligence of automation and digitization. I am WANG Quanjiang, GM of Beijing Jingkelun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd, As a leading enterprise in China’s refrigeration industry, We‘ve been thinking a lot about the innovations of modern refrigeration storage. Nowadays people are increasingly demanding on the efficiency and quality of cold chain. A modern refrigeration storage is not only a quality assurance center of frozen products, but also an efficient and intelligent logistics center. It should also be an information center that is seamlessly connected with all e-commerce platforms. In the project of Wuhan Mountain Green automated refrigeration storage, we have introduced Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure for Industry which is based on Internet of Things, and, to build up such an automated intelligent refrigeration storage, we have provided a complete software and hardware solution which is efficient and energy saving The connected products and edge control cover PLC, servo controller, contactor, push buttons, sensors and other product portfolios, which constitute the intelligent logistics system of the refrigeration storage. Its conveying system is designed without sensor The path is triggered by full servo location information, Path planning and optimization and equipment scheduling are all completed by PLC. The stacker controlled by servo control can automatically identify and measure the shelf position, thus solve the problem of shelf installation offset; Meanwhile, it also has a wake-up function to ensure the stacker remains unfrozen. The automatic insulated door also realizes the function of pre-tensioning to ensure the absolute closing of the door, which reduces energy consumption due to cold leak. For the application, analysis and services, the energy management system can collect data of all conveyors and stackers by the Premium PLC through the Modbus TCP communication protocol. It can realize real-time monitoring on Citect software, and conduct data interaction with WMS/WCS, thus realize the intelligent dispatching operation of the entire automated refrigeration storage. The whole solution provided by Schneider Electric empowered Mountain Green automated refrigeration storage with connected, efficient and energy-saving operation. With the remarkable interoperability and transparency, the refrigeration storage can realize data sharing to the Group system. and support the corporate digitalization strategy. Intelligent logistics saves 70%-80% manpower comparing traditional refrigeration storage, with advanced refrigeration system, the annual electricity consumption of the refrigeration storage is only about 8 degrees per cubic meter, which has reached the international leading standard. The cooperation between Jingkelun and Schneider Electric not only sets an excellent model of a modern intelligent refrigeration storage, but also provides unlimited possibilities for future intelligent and super-efficient refrigeration storage, With joint efforts, it will surely bring new changes and new hopes to the development of cold chain logistics.

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