DRUNK Street Magic at Food Truck Festival

what’s up guys it’s Keelan, today we’re
gonna go to Crown Point, Indiana for the indoor food truck festival it’s
interesting that food trucks are inside well it’s because we live in Indiana and
it’s winter so it’s kind of better to enjoy some tacos and burgers and
whatever they have inside we’re gonna have tons of activities I’m gonna be
browsing the lines doing magic for people so it’s get some magic done let’s
get some food done let’s get some beers and let’s have some fun let’s go what’s
up guys it’s Keelan and we’re here at the food truck festival in Crown Point, Indiana probably can’t hear me because of music. Im here with Megan we are gunna try a little something here with static electricity, you wanna check that out? she did not know what just
happened she does not even know that like that was floating she’s just like a
I thought I just grabbed it Megan: Im really drunk too Keelan: Subscribe guys! Check out how these cool smores are made Im not gunna like that smores was really good! I hope you guys enjoyed that be
sure to hit that subscribe button I’m gonna put it right here it’s actually
gonna be below though so hit that subscribe button
smack it really hard Give this video a like comment what your favorite food
truck is thank you for watching and hope to see you guys soon

2 thoughts on “DRUNK Street Magic at Food Truck Festival

  1. What's your favorite food truck or street food? Growing up near Chicago's East side we had the elotes and paletero guy. For those who don't know the paletero guy sells paletas which is mexican ice cream and elotes is Mexican street corn. It's grilled corn with butter, mayo, chili powder, and lime.

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