33 thoughts on “Dwarf Chain Loach Care – Ambastaia sidthimunki Care. School of small loaches eat snails planted tank

  1. loaches and plecos are my absolute favorites…loved watching my 8 blythe's loaches (some sort of botia) chase down my cichlids! The second day they were in my 55 I thought my tank was about to explode, come to find out the clicking noise was just them having fun.

  2. When I lived in Seattle (and worked in Edmonds!) back in the 90s The Fish Store had two tanks of them for $30 each! No one else had them then. Glad they are getting popular these days…and cheaper… going in my fishroom as soon as I have room.

  3. Hi Great video and my fav loach .. thank you for the video.. I have 5 of these I would have got 7 cos they are like the seven dwarfs.. if the shop had that many.. These are with out bought the most expensive loaches here in the UK but I think they are fox cubs or bear cubs always playing in a group and such a great schooling fish they love algae wafers too you can hear them munching on them and once settled the chain loach effect appears really deep.. the females have larger belly's and such a great watch in a tank.. I would get less than 4 and corys advise is very well documented here .. please guys I have just these in a nano planted tank and they are fantastic.. not shy like other loaches like the clown and group together like neon's never far apart only thing to be aware of it that they do like to surface skim so make sure lid is on.. or water level lower incase of a jumper.. Thank Cory for showing every one these great small brilliant loaches keep up the great work

  4. What are the angels that look sort of brown? I have two in a tank, but the seller included them without telling me. I'm curious if I should put the effort into breeding them. Any info is appreciated!

  5. I went out and bought 6 dwarf chain loaches and one buy one they are dying. Which sucks because in my area they are 18.99 each. I have used my API kit and my water is good. My other fish are all doing great. Right now I'm watching one lay on the bottom and jerk and they look dead. Help!

  6. I was researching Ambastaia sidthimunki and boom found this video. Thank you for answering the questions I had!

  7. Love these fish! They are a bit spendy, bit they are durable and long lived. I bought a group of 6 about seven years ago and four are still going strong! Unfortunately, I've never seen them in stock at my LFS again to get them some more buddies 🙁

  8. I have 1 of these. I will try to get more now that I know they SHOULD be in a group(amazingly was only $5 at my semi-local pet store)Hopefully that might limit or stop its neurotic fast circular swimming around the heater… I’ve been trying to figure out HOW it eats though, since I never see it eat like every other loach I’ve had(rummaging in the gravel and such)… This one lifts up(best description I’ve got) and starts sucking at the water above it, it’s pectoral fins twitching in the effort and then it rests again. Even if food has fallen right in front of it lol… It must be eating though since it’s keeping its weight, but I’ve no clue how. I sit and watch my tanks for periods of time to make sure everyone’s acting normal, so I should see it eat…

    It hasn’t touched any snails FYI, as I got some hitchhikers with some plants too, and they’re just growing away…

    It’s tank mates are all smallies(nano fish)…Least Killifish(dwarf livebearers), Sparkling Gourami, Peacock Gudgeon, a Plakat Betta and a few Oto’s. Just for others reference of fish that can get along with it since I see lots of Q’s about that.

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