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Happy Women’s Day everybody! All: thank you! Our boss is a real miser You received a present today? So pretty! Lady, today is Women’s Day Happy Women’s Day, Lady! I’m not the queen, You are the queen! (women’s day=queen’s day in China) So cold I want to send to that girl Dear, Happy Women’s Day! This gift is for you, Dear Thank you! Thank you! Happy Women’s Day, Lady! Thank you, Dear I’m your fan! Thank you! Happy Women’s Day! Buddy! I want to give you a gift for Women’s Day You can send to your daughter or your wife Thank you!Thank you very much! Happy Women’s Day! Lady, Happy Women’s Day! Thank you! Here are some desserts Happy Women’s Day! Q: What will you do today Women’s Day? We need to work To have a dinner Choose a better canteen I’m afraid to shock you I own a chicken farm You own an airport(Ms Yeah) Chicken farm (chicken farm and airport have the same Chinese pronunciation) I feed 8,000 chickens I may call my mom To tell her happy Women’s Day! Then go to bed So tired Q: Say a blessing to the female compatriots Happy Women’s Day everyone! All lady, happy Women’s Day! Hope you are eighteen years old forever Younger and younger Women hold up half the sky Hope you would be happy You are so kind to us Thank you!

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