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hi guys today we are making beef and bik.. (and bikskits) beef stew and biscuits
beef and biscuits alright so let’s get started yes, for our third feature on this month’s mouth-watering
March episodes we bring you a unique recipe for dinner beef stew and biscuits
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hand corner of your screen in the meantime we’re starting to brown
our beef in our Dutch oven then we add the seasoning of salt and
pepper then add two cups of water and let it
simmer then we add the garlic onions bay leaf sugar paprika powder beef cubes a
teaspoon of marmalade or jam and mix them all together bring to a boil then
lower the heat and let it simmer for one-and-a-half to two hours or until the
meat is tender you can add any vegetables at the end but for this time
we are serving our vegetables on the side now it’s time to prepare the
biscuits on a separate bowl add in the flour baking powder salt and sugar don’t worry if you’d like to know the
recipe of our beef stew and biscuits I’ll add it on the description box below
we’re now going to add in the milk and the vegetable oil and mix as best as you
can as the batter thickens once your stew is ready you can thicken
it a bit with some cornstarch then transfer it to a glass ceramic dish or a
baking dish and start dolloping that biscuit batter one at a time just drop
by a tablespoonful on top of the stew then brush the top of the biscuits with
either melted butter or egg wash bake it uncovered at 180 degrees
Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit for 20 to 30 minutes or until
the biscuits are done you can beautifully see the transformation of
the biscuits from this to that don’t this looks so delicious now all we have
to do is plate and serve and there you have it thanks for watching this video and
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