Easy Kalua Cabbage-Hawaiian Recipe (Cooking with Mom)

This is mother. Thanks mom for cooking for us again. Mom, do you make kalua cabbage a lot back home? I sure do. Everyone loves this dish. It’s not that difficult to make is it? Not at all. It’s actually super easy. Usually Kalua Pork is really complicated to make. It’s a traditional Hawaiian dish. This version is simplified so anyone can make them. Adding cabbage makes it even better. Right mom? That is correct. So let’s start with the ingredients. We first need pork. 1 pound of pork. You need salt. Hawaiian Salt is preferred. But regular sea salt is fine too. You might not find Hawaiian Salt in your area. Next is cabbage. As much as you want. Let’s rub the salt into the meat like this. Again, if you don’t Hawaiian salt, just use regular salt. Make sure to rub it in well. You want the salt to permeate the meat. This is important. You can freeze leftovers too. Oh, I see! We’ll let this sit for about 30 minutes. It’s been 30 minutes. Mom, the meat is starting to sweat. Yes, let’s wipe the excess water off the meat. I’m surprised at how much moisture comes out. Once again, add a little more salt. All we do now is put it in the oven. How long do we cook it in the oven? 40 minutes minimum. Preferably 3-6 hours. 200C (400F) in the oven. 40 minutes minimum. Longer is better. Here it is mom. Cabbage is so good with kalua pork. Let’s put more in dear. Just cut it any way you like right? No need to cut it in a special way here. Time to shred the meat. I’m going to use my hands. I usually cook it longer so it comes apart easier But we’re going to cook it again with the cabbage. Ok, looks like we’re done here. This is fine I think. No oil needed dear. Right. Anymore and it’ll be too oily! Smells good doesn’t it? It sure does! If you want you can add some garlic. My mother likes some crispy areas so she cooks it well. Yes, it’s delicious that way. Remember don’t add additional oil. I can see the meat crisping up. The Kalua Cabbage is done! It looks so good! It sure does! It really does look good. Mom you get the red chopsticks. Thank you. Satoshi gets the masculine one. I’ll use these green ones. Let’s dig in! Smells heavenly! I agree mom. It smells great! It looks good! YUM! It’s really good! YUMMY Don’t you think it’s good mom? Not even kidding! How’s the seasoning? I think it’s perfect! I know right? You don’t want to add anything else. This will go well with hot rice. I want some rice right now. Like my mom said before, you can make this into a sandwich. What else… Make a kalua cabbage rice bowl. Or just eat it like this. It’ll go good with alcohol too. Beer, beer, beer! Beer beer beer! Yeah, that would be awesome! I can’t stop eating this! Want more mom? I’m ok right now dear. Better than I expected actually. Mom, this will be the last video you’ll be doing. You will be going back to Hawaii. You leave this week already. I’m kind of sad but mom please stay healthy and happy. Thank you so much. Thank you for making so many delicious dishes for us. Thank you so much everybody for your hospitality. Thank you so much. Mom, it’s been so much fun. Yes it has! Last year you cooked for us just once. You made us spam musubi. You really didn’t want to be on camera back then. This year you were here for 2 months. You spent most of your time writing down recipes Usually my mom spends her time reading novels This year she was doing recipe research. Trying to figure out what to make next. She tried to remember all her old recipes. Wrote it down and planned for us. This year you worked hard mother. She has read every single comment too! She reads your comments everyday! Like every single day. Thank you all! Thank you! I’ll be back next year everybody. Hmm….I wonder if I’ll be healthy enough to come again? Oh mom, of course you will! Mom is healthier than anyone here! The healthiest in this group at least. Seriously! Thank you!

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  1. Oishii so ne Okasan,….😃
    kaeru tokiwa okiostukete kudasai,…nihon matta ite ne…😃
    iruiru oshite ryori arigato Gozaimasu,…!!!!
    matane kachan,…😍🚀🙋💓✌

  2. Love this and seeing your mom! Question can I use Napa Cabbage? cause for some reason I just like the taste better than regular cabbage.

  3. That looks amazing, I make cabbage in a similar way with pork,beef or chicken. Its really delicious and also great for your health loaded with nutrients and Fiber.

  4. Please say "HELLO!" to your mother, Shinichi, and that I am hungry again… I am looking forward to your next video!!

  5. i absolutely love the recipes with your mom she is sooo adorable and i think it's so cute to see you guys interact … this dish looks so delicious i love simple dishes … I'm just wondering what to serve with it besides rice … does anyone have any good suggestions thx 🙂

  6. Shinichi's mother is so awesome! Thank you very much for sharing another recipe with us! I wish you good health and happiness. Look forward to seeing more videos with you.


  7. いつも楽しく拝見してます。


  8. OMG, your mom is such a lovely lady! so thoughtful about the recipes, it shows she really cares! I loved to learn her recipes, super easy to make (pardon my ignorance, I was expecting some kahlua liqueur on the recipe lol)
    I can totally eat this on my diet, but it really marries well with some gohan or even in a sandwich. Can't wait for next year's recipes!!!

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    It would be cool if you guys would make more vlogs and show the beauty of Japan 🙂

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    I loved the recipe!

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    だけど。。作り方は 40分とか3時間 オーブンに 入ますか?That's a huge difference! haha

    I love your cooking with mom videos~~~

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  18. What a great and easy recipe. Pork and cabbage are best friends. Your mother was so generous to share so many things with us. What a treat to see her knowledge in videos. It is sometimes hard to know exactly what a recipe implies, but seeing it performed is the best! You guys are great and your lovey mother is a treat to see working. Enjoy your time at home too.

  19. Love it! And yes, over hot rice is the way to go. I've tried it with corn mixed throughout, very good as well 🙂 Mahalo!

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    Hope you guys are having a great time in Hawaii.

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  23. お母さんは超かわいいです!美味しい物をありがとうございました。もっとビデオを楽しみにしています。

  24. Okahsan, monosugoku ganbatte recipe wo shokai shite kudasatta no desune. Arigatou. I will be looking forward to seeing you real soon in the future. Ogenki de ne.

  25. ありがとうございます、お母さん!Looking forward to seeing her again next year! 🙂 Personally, I'm not a fan of fatty meat. But, those kahlua pork looks really delicious! I'm not kidding. Lol. I would love to try your mother's cooking! 😀

  26. Aww this is such a cute video! The recipe seems simple enough for me to try! I'll be moving away from the HI soon, and I wasn't sure how I'd get my fill of Hawaiian food away from home. I'll definitely try using this recipe!

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  28. Kosher salt works well to make a salt crusted pork roast, so I think it might be okay for this recipe. The salt you used reminded me of the Himalayan rock salt.
    I would wrap this in a tortilla, it looks amazing! Kalua pork in about an hour and a half, I'm on it!
    Bye, Mom-chan, be safe. We love you!

  29. 今日は😄 お母さんのお料理、とても参考になりました。美味しそう〜 ハワイアンソルト 今度探してゲットしたいです。
    お母さん また来年楽しみにしています。マハロ✨

  30. カルアポーク作ってみました。肉を裂いて食べると食感が良いですね、肉を食べてる!って感じで何度でも食べたくなります!

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  32. Thats yummy! Well i was craving this dish so i went and found a 3lbs tub of Kalua pork but it was $20! And to top it off, i had to sub the cabbage with won bok since the store didnt have cabbage for some reason lol

  33. This looks so ono!!!! I haven't had kalua and cabbage for years since I left Hawaii. This video has made me homesick and hungry !! Thanks Mama-san for sharing this! And to Tabi Eats my new favorite YouTube channel.

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  37. If you want to make real Kalua Pork in the oven.  Get a pork butt and Hawaiian rock salt like your mothers and wrap the pork butt in Banana leaves and wrap the whole thing in saran wrap followed up by aluminum foil and bake the hell out of it.  Oh I forgot, before you seal everything up pour a quarter cup of Liquid smoke onto the meat.  It will taste like it was straight out of the Imu.  In Hawaii, we buy it already made.  Grocery stores sell it in tub form ready to heat and eat.

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