40 thoughts on “Easy Nishime (Simmered Japanese Vegetables) Osechi-Ryōri / Traditional New Year’s Food – OCHIKERON

  1. i am uploading this now because i may give birth to my son in a week or so (hoping not that early tho…). the recipe is also on my cookbook P.94 🙂

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  3. 手間暇掛かる煮物を毎年作ってるなんて(手抜きできないんだw)本当に凄い!煮物はお正月の定番だけどまだちょっと時期が早くないかなwお嬢ちゃんは里芋が好きなんだ。さすがママの子。「味見」も「おいしい」って発音も本格的になってきたw

  4. This turned out so pretty! I really love how you made the carrots <3 I'll need to try to find these frozen vegetables so I can try out the recipe ^_^

  5. Your belly has grown so large I can't wait to see the baby when you have it. I hope the baby will be health and happy. Best wishes to you and your family ^^

  6. I love nishime. Your version is so pretty! And thank you for reminding me about osechi ryori. I want to help my mom with the cooking this year.

  7. I love learning about Japanese culture, it's so interesting! You know, we have traditional New Years food where I live as well, though I have to admit it's not near as pretty as what you made. We always have cabbage or greens, black eyed peas and cornbread. It's supposed to bring good fortune. 🙂

  8. Hi Ochikeron! I have a question : would it be possible to cook the lotus root in the same pot as the taro potatoes? I like both so I was wondering if it could be done 🙂

    いつも素敵な ビデオをありがとうございます!ご安産になりますように!☆彡

  9. This is so much different from the one I'm see here 😂 I think here in Brazil they only do the 3rd pot. I'm trying to do this 3rd pot here but my satoimo leaves all sticky 😫

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