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Eazywallz.com Maya Clara and Emily have a massive
kitchen filled with the most nasty cabinetry you’ve ever had the
displeasure to lay eyes on I’m talking business sock brown melamine everywhere
and they’re renting so who wants to waste money replacing the cabinet’s
nobody so the solution is removable wallpaper which can also be used to
cover cabinetry why not it looks amazing and the best part is it comes right off
when you need it to without causing any damage to the surface sakata I chose a
cool grungey mural that pulled together the existing color scheme of the kitchen
now always remember to work with what you have for example a minimalist modern
white kitchen is a beautiful thing but not if you have terracotta tiles in a
phlegm green fridge from the 70s you gotta go with the flow otherwise you end
up with decorative Tourette’s now back to the cabinet’s working with Eazywallz
is well easy first you measure the total square footage of your cabinetry and add
it all up then you choose a mural you like and a size that will cover that
total square footage then you carefully cut it to fit your cabinets simple
applying easy walls is as easy as applying a sticker just make sure your
surface is clean and dry then peel the backing off and stick it to the cabinets
use the spackle knife to smooth out any air bubbles A New Concept of Photo Wallpaper Eazywallz.com

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