Eddie Revenge 1: Food Chain  Месть Эдди 1: ПищеваяЦепь

UPV Art Group – Independent film studio In an era of glamor… Eddie is back! He will correct your brains! He tear you eggs! “Eddie is so cute” He is cruel but fair! A lethal dose of delirium! In the most crazy movie! By UPV Art Group studio See low budget trash EDDIE REVENGE First episode: Food chain Fish! Fish! ha-ha-ha! Fish! You can’t escape from me now! You can’t hide fish! At last! Tibetan cones! “The plane AN-66 was shot down near Kiev”
The military denied its attitude to the incident We invited to the studio General of Air Defense. This is a provocation. We never misses! Fucking Monster died. Loser. Thank you. I will make your every wish.

5 thoughts on “Eddie Revenge 1: Food Chain \ Месть Эдди 1: ПищеваяЦепь

  1. mad as a box of frogs but im luvin it .';-)божевільний, як коробка жаб, але їм це Luvin .';-)

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