[Music] if you want an incredible cheesesteak in San Antonio you go to Malik Billy’s famous cheesesteaks their cheesesteaks are packed with melted cheesy meaty flavor and ran by Philly native Robert Rose cousin two retired NBA star whose name is on the truck Malik rose he started the business back in 2003 he has an affinity for chief fakes like myself roses Philly roots helped put an extra flavour of love into the sandwiches like their monster cheesesteak headliner the Malik nearly doubled the amount of steak from a regular sandwich gets cooked together with bell peppers mushrooms and onions then slices of provolone cheese gets melted over the top with mayonnaise to create a gooey cheesy cream at Philly source hoagie roll gets loaded with all the meat cheese and sizzle veggies and ready to eat look how big this thing is it’s like a boat carrying meat here we go oh my tomato when it gets hot with the cheese it creates like a sauce on the bread that is incredible also on the menu a spicy San Antonio cheesesteak with jalapenos and to finish off the sandwich hot drizzled Cheez Whiz and since it’s San Antonio you know they got something spicy for you on the menu this is the San Antonio and it comes with jalapeno so I’m gonna get it on this one Wow do you want spicy you go to San Antonio plus they got a Philly cheesesteak covered and melted mozzarella cheese how do you eat this thing man this is like my area [Music] Oh guys what’s up that mozzarella cheese is so good his little spicy peppers in there as well the acidity is cutting through all that fat this is amazing and the bread just has enough crunch and hold up to it it’s holding up to all this but it is a lot this is really good the food truck is located at the rose bush food truck park created by Robert and his wife Mikaela have different vendors who come out sometimes we’ll do big events where we have a different local artists and local crafters who come out we’re also pet friendly so you can bring the dogs out and they get to play too if you’re feeling like a pizza they got you covered sort of their pizza fries use fresh-cut fries and freshly melted mozzarella cheese sliced pepperoni and a side of marinara go yeah all the marinara you got all that pepperoni the mozzarella the fries it doesn’t get much better than this man oh look at that exactly what you think it tastes like delicious and pizza is fantastic Billy’s famous cheesesteaks are delicious and the rose bush is a family friendly food truck park perfect for a fun night out they eat Philly they smell Philly in US they hear my accent they’re like Paul you know that I feel like I’m at home again you know so you guys got to make sure you come out to the rose bush here off San Pedro Avenue they got Philly’s famous cheesesteaks here they also have a lot of different rotating food trucks out of here all the time but if you want one of the best if not the best cheesesteak in San Antonio you got to come out here this is the place to get it want to check out all the other places I’ve been to now you can just go to elder eats dot-com or follow me online and elder eats on social media keep eating San Antonio impress a live I’m David [Music]

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