Emmy’s FIRST Taste of JOLLIBEE! | Chickenjoy, Spaghetti, Fiesta Palabok, Peach Mango Pie

Greetings, my beautiful lovelies! Hello! It’s Emmy! Welcome back to my car. Today, I’m going to be tasting a food that I’ve never tasted before. And it is Jollibee! I am so excited about this! So, if you don’t know what Jollibee is, Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain that has recently – relatively recently – come to the US. And, on the East Coast, they are harder to find than they are on the West Coast. So, I’m located in Providence, Rhode Island, and the nearest one to me is in New Jersey. So, on this very frigid day – I believe it’s about twenty two degrees Fahrenheit outside – that’s why I’m wearing my hat– I am about to taste Jollibee for the very first time. I am so, so excited. And if you enjoy these kind of car taste tests be sure to check out the playlist where I taste some other fast food items. So, let’s go ahead and get started for the tasting. I am starving, and let’s begin with… this. And this is the spaghetti combination. Yes, look at this! Dun dun dun dun! So, Jollibee has fried chicken, and this is called the Chicken Joy, and this is the combination with the spaghetti. This is Filipino-style spaghetti, which has cheese, and bits of hot dog, and, of course, pasta. This also comes with gravy — so I’m gonna have my chicken with that as well. All right, this is my first taste of Filipino-style spaghetti. Itadakimasu! Mm! Mm! And the first thing I notice is that it’s significantly sweeter than spaghetti or pasta sauce that you would find here in the US. Also, there’s not that distinctive kind of basil or oregano flavors in that. Mostly what I taste is really strong tomato flavors, sweetness, and kind of a smokiness that comes from the hot dog slices that are in there. The noodles taste just like regular pasta noodles. They do have a little bit of bite. I do appreciate that the noodles are not overcooked. And the flavor is very familiar, and it’s not something that is going to blow you out of the water. It tastes like a jarred pasta sauce with a little bit of sweetness. All right! Let’s try the fried chicken! I am dying to taste this. I got a nice thigh piece, which is my favorite. Let’s give this a bite. Here we go! Mm! Mm mm! Mm! The batter is very similar to, say, something like, KFC. The flavor’s completely different. This is much less spice: there’s definitely not eleven herbs and spices in that. I’d say salt and pepper and some garlic powder. But the chicken is very well cooked: nice and juicy and moist and fresh. This is nice and piping hot — I don’t feel like this has been sitting under lights for a long time. So let’s try the gravy by itself. Mmm! That tastes like your standard gravy! I like that. With a little bit of extra sweetness, nice chicken base, a little bit of black and white pepper in there. Let’s try it with the chicken. Mmm! Mm hmm! And that tastes like deep fried Thanksgiving dinner. I love the inclusion of the gravy — now I want a side of mashed potatoes, but, from my understanding, Jollibee serves their fried chicken with rice. Awesome combination! And let’s try THIS next. And this is a Yum burger, but this is the Aloha Yum. Let me open this up for you. Very nicely wrapped in paper. We have a sesame bun; some – looks like a mayonnaise kind of sauce — a couple leaves of iceberg lettuce; a nice ring of pineapple; bacon; cheese; burger patty; and more sauce. Look at the size of that burger! It’s huge! Mm hmm. A little bit sweet. Garlic. Nice big crunch, but the patty reminds me a little bit of a burger patty that you might find in Japan. It seems to have some other things in it – a little bit of chopped onion? It’s not just a beef patty. Almost more like a, kind of like, meatloaf flavor to it. Very interesting combination of flavors. You’ve got the savory patty, and then you got the smoky crisp bacon in there, and then you get this huge punch of sweet pineapple. Texturally, the pineapple is a contrast because it’s very moist, and you bite through it, and then you’ve got the crunch of the lettuce. And then flavor-wise, it’s huge, too! It does taste like a slice of canned pineapple. Like the chicken, this also tastes very freshly prepared. Mm hmm! Although I like the combination of sweet and savory, I’m not sure if I’m sold about the pineapple slice in my burger. Perhaps a lifetime of eating bacon-lettuce-tomato burgers have biased me through the years, but yeah! Interesting, but I don’t know if I’d go back to it. I also got a large Pepsi. Mm hmm. It’s not Coke, but it’ll do. Hm! Next, I have another little box here! Yes! Look at that! And this they’ve rebranded as the Palabok Fiesta, which is the pancit. This has thin vermicelli noodles, and some ground pork, a little bit of shrimp, hard-boiled eggs, and this luscious sauce. Oh my gosh! Can’t wait to taste this. Smells garlicy, and delicious. All right, here we go. Mm hmm! Mm! I LIKE that! This is a flavor explosion. There are a lot of things going on here. You’ve got a little bit of that seafood flavor from the shrimp; you’ve got a little bit of pork in there, that gives it a little textural bite, and flavor; and then you’ve got these very softly cooked vermicelli noodles; and this nice little crunch of breadcrumb on top. Mm! And a really nice, savory, garlic-filled sauce. Delicious! This is my favorite thing so far. And to finish things off, I’m going to have one of these! This is a peach mango pie. And based on the packaging, and shape and size, reminiscent of something that you might find at McDonald’s, but instead of apple, this is peach mango. Oh my goodness, yes! Oo! Here’s the cute little pie. How stinkin’ adorable is that? So cute! Still nice and toasty. Let’s give that a go. Here we go! Mm! That’s good! And that’s tasty. Nice big crunch, as you can hear; not overly oily; inside has peach and mango together; just delicious! It’s more like a chutney or jam in consistency, but not overly sweet; and not too heavy in terms of being fried. Delicious! Mm hmm! Great combination of fruit: peach and mango. Delicious! It makes me wanna try a McDonald’s apple pie — I haven’t had one of those in years. It makes me wanna try one of those to do a little taste comparison. I really love the crust of this. It’s reminiscent of a pie ’cause it’s flaky, but it’s deep fried, so it has that extra crispness. Scrumptious! Mm hmm! All right! So that was my quick little taste of Jollibee, and overall I found it delicious. I really love the pancit — I found that scrumptious. The spaghetti was very much like a typical spaghetti with a little extra sweetness. Nothing that was so fantastic, but I could see how that would be deeply rooted with nostalgic memories. But, all in all, I had a very positive experience at Jollibee. The service was excellent; the wait was short; and it was relatively inexpensive. All that food cost me $20.80. I got lots of napkins; got all the utensils I needed. If you have a Jollibee around you, I would highly recommend it. Definitely get the pancit, and get yourself one of those peach mango pies — phenomenal. All right! Thank you guys so much for joining me, I hope you guys enjoyed that one! I hope you guys learned something. Be sure to share this video with your friends; follow me on social media; and I shall see you in my next one. Toodaloo! Take care! Bye! Mm! JOLLIBEE!!

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  1. You’re in Providence ?!!! I grew up in Providence and live in Jersey City now. I’ve been watching you for a while now and never knew ! Keep up the good work . Love the vids😍

  2. Saw my first Jollibee 2006 in Las Vegas, only shopped at the Filipino grocery store and Filipino bakeries. Moving to Seattle 2016 at South Center mall there is a Jollibee with very long lines, few times lines hundred people deep . I had started going back to not eating meat. At South Center mall like in Las Vegas the Jollibee area has a Filipino bakery and grocery store which I use a lot, after months of smelling the food and always looking at the pictures thinking okay it must be that good to have so many people eating there, I gave in and bought a thigh, I was shocked it was very crispy, moist and flavorful now I know why the long lines. Went back to no meat. Emmy enjoyed your Beyond burger video I hope you get the chance to try the Impossible burger.

  3. I went to the Jollibees in Queens, NY about a year and a half ago and had a very different experience then you did. I found their chicken to be rubbery, their noodles to be worse then the cheapest of discount store ramen, and their mushroom gravy was so unnecessarily oversweetened that it probably could've been used as an ice cream topping. I have no plans to ever go there again.

  4. I had no idea you were in Providence! My home town. How cool! There is a Jollibee in Chicago (closest to me.) I'm ecstatic to try it.

  5. Mouth watering, too bad the jollibee near me does not serve palabok! No aloha burger as well and worst is no peach mango pie! Hope one day they will have these on their menu!

  6. palabok is my absolute favorite since i was a kid, actually the sauce is anato sauce & the topping is not actually bread crumbs but crushed chicharon, minced pork meat, shrimp, boiled egg & originally flakes or smoked fish =)

  7. It's hard not to compare this vid with "Hungry Fat Chick"'s eating of Jollibee. Emmy, you just aren't chowin'down with the same gusto.

  8. Jolybee in Toronto is so packed all the time that they need to line up outside in TORONTO winter… I assume their food is awesome!

  9. Well I’m curious about this place but the only one in the Seattle area is way the heck down in Tukwila and I’m way the frick up in Shoreline. 🤨 So probably no Jollibee for me in the near future…

  10. I didn't know about Jollibee until I went to Big-C Hai Phong. I live in Wisconsin, so I'm going to have to go down to Illinois to try this again 🙂

  11. I'm filipino but I've never had Jollibee (nearest one is 2 hours away) nor do I remember eating sweet spaghetti when I was young. I want to try it though. Until then, I'll just keep eating my filipino favorites.

  12. You live in Providence?! Omg! I've been watching judge caprio and learned that Providence has the most insane road laws! Lol you should go on that show.

  13. Wish someday somebody will travel to PI and do taste comparison of McDonald chicken Drum stick, Rice, and spaghetti, versus Jollibee. Then do a America versus PI McDonald taste test ( there is a difference).

  14. McD's bakes their apple pies now instead of deep frying and they are not the same. Seriously with all the other "bad" stuff they have they had to go and ruin the one thing that needs to be deep fried. it's just not the same. that and they got rid of Cherry pies 🙁

  15. Funnily enough, Pepsi just announced that they're changing their worldwide marketing slogan to "Pepsi: It's not Coke, but it'll do."

  16. Jollibee food in the US has a totally different taste from the Philippine version. Jollibee chicken and spaghetti tastes so much better in the Philippines (it has a much fresher taste and chicken tastes better too). Chicken in the US have a mediciney aftertaste.

  17. Jollibee is for kids.. Thats why its sweet and we use banana ketchup on our sauce, somw use condensed milk. Lol.. Foreigners dont really like our spaghetti coz its way different to the typical and traditional Italian spaghetti..

  18. I dont like peach mango. Lol and Im a pinoy and I worked in Jollibee for 4 yeara and i cooked peach mango almost everday when I was working there. Lol. I loved choco mallow pie tho.. So good but yeah too sweet.

  19. I love Jolibee, it is my very favorite. Unfortunately in Timesquare they do not serve burgers but I have eaten everything the Timesquare Jolibee has to offer. I have had several times the chicken joy both spicy & regular (I prefer the spicy over the regular & I love the thigh drizzled in the pinoy gravy) I had the halo halo, the pandesal with creamy sweet butter the chicken tenders, the chicken sandwich with garlic butter & french fries, the adobo rice, the peach mango pie & of course my personal favorite, the Jolibee spaghetti. My wife Cherilyn is Filipina so I we love our Jolibee.


  21. wanna go and grab some lunch now at Jollibee near our condo bldg just right the next corner

  22. That size burger is illegal here in Holland,…..it's bad for you.

    In fact, all American sized anything is quite illicit stuff here xD.

  23. I’v been really keen on trying Jollibee for quite some time now, but that burger patty looks burnt :/

  24. We have pineapple on works burgers in Australia too. A works or "burger with the lot" is one with all the available toppings. So tomato, lettuce, fried onion, beetroot (We have that on most burgers) then cheese, bacon, fried egg, pineapple, makes it a works burger.

  25. I’m Filipino and hateeee Filipino spaghetti with a passion. It’s so sweet and is pretty much like ketchup(which I also dislike).

  26. omg jollibee's jolly spaghetti is so GOOD. and chicken joy? i don't have enough words to express how tender and amazing their chicken is.

  27. Ironically living in Pa the closest Jolliebee to me is also New Jersey, probably the same one you went to but im dieing to try it. Maybe ill have to make a road trip for Jollibee as well as White Castle haha

  28. My half Filipino daughter brought some Jolibee up from L.A. a couple months ago. It was very good. I really like the chicken and loved the potatoes and gravy. The peach-mango pie was great! Although I received a slight burn to my lip after it exploded because I took a bite too soon after a microwave re-heat…my fault, sigh…

  29. You forgot to add the kalamansi sauce 😉
    Oh! Its Chicharon, crushed pork grinds. 🙂 Im a new subscriber and I LOVE your vids! ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Jollibee's Burger Steak with Rice and Gravy is very good, also the Halo-Halo. There's two kinds of Chicken Joy: the Spicy and the Non-Spicy. The Palabok should be mixed well with Lemon before eating. Asians love the Palabok but White Americans love the Spaghetti and the Burger with Pineapple. 🙂

  31. Emmy, we're back in Bolivia. Philippino colleagues invited us for a BD party and served both spaghetti and pancit. I knew I had heard of Philippino spaghetti from you. Did a search and sure enough! The whole meal was awesome. Had pork ribs, a salad, pork adobo and chicken adobo, plus roasted chicken. That was all followed by flan and birthday cake. Needless to say, we didn't eat much today. Thanks for sharing. And yes, I did learn something from your site! – Al

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