Hello, I’m Duke in Korea. Today, we are going to make food to eat together to drink. I’m going to cook Karaage and coleslaw, Japanese fried chicken. Actually, this is a video that was taken a day before I drank. It’s because it has to be aged for a day. There are so many delicious fried chicken dishes in Korea. But Japanese fried chicken is also attractive. These days, there are many Japanese restaurants, so this is a common dish. However, it is hard to find the delicious Karaage that we ate in Japan because we often use finished products. This dish that I ate in Japan was really delicious. So I tried many times to imitate the taste. But this recipe isn’t perfect either. Each chef has a different recipe. And fried food is hard to do at home. But it’s the menu I want to do the best. I’m upgrading my recipe by referring to many recipes. Watch the video and challenge yourself. 🙂 First, prepare about 2 spoonfuls of garlic. This is 500 grams of boneless chicken. This is the thigh of a chicken. I like chicken legs or chicken wings. But this thigh is a bit more delicious than chicken leg flesh. It’s a bit softer and chewier. It’s a chicken part that only people know. But that doesn’t make a big difference. Chicken legs are delicious enough. You can buy it easily on the Internet. Put chicken in a can or zip bag and put garlic first. Next, add a little ginger powder to remove the smell. Soy sauce is divided into those who like it and those who don’t use it. The reason is that if you add soy sauce, the frying color will come out in black. But why do you put it in anyway? It tastes darker and more balanced than just salt. But there are many recipes that use only salt because of color. I chose the taste over the color because it’s my food 🙂 Next, we add Mirim for smell and sweetness. You can unify Mirim or Cheongju into one. The two roles are different, but there are many things in common. Add a little sugar so that it doesn’t taste much sweet. The salt is 1/2 teaspoon, but if you don’t want soy sauce, add 1 teaspoon salt. Add the pepper in moderation. I put in a lot. 🙂 All you have to do is mix it well. Let it ripen for 24 hours. This is shishito Peppers. It’s a little different from normal chili. It’s my own recipe that you can’t find in any recipe. Usually, shishito peppers are roasted in soy sauce and eaten as side dish. Cut peppers in half because they can explode if fried in whole Put it in a zip pack and shake it hard. Why? Because chili seeds burn easily when they are fried. You can easily remove the seeds from the peppers by putting them in a container or zip pack like this. Wash the water clean and remove the water. Because I’m going to put it in the oil. Next, let’s make a coleslaw to eat together. Aren’t there many people who don’t eat cabbage salad? Salted cabbage is better than raw cabbage. This is a famous recipe for Mr. Baek. 🙂 Add 1 tablespoon salt and marinate for about 30 minutes. The amount seems to be large, but it decreases when the water is drained. 🙂 Mix salt evenly and measure time. Slice the carrots very thin for the salad. (The knife is rudimentary and very loud. lol~) Here’s how to put spam in a flat salad. Any ham you like is fine. I like spam, but it’s a salty ham. Too salty ham doesn’t go well with salad. So I heated it up in hot water for a while.~ Mix the salted cabbage every 10 minutes. And after 30 minutes, they squeeze the water out. Keep remove the water as strong as you can, and remove it as completely as possible. Can you see the water? The cabbage with the water removed has a good texture, and it’s really delicious. Next, let’s make the sauce. Making the sauce is very simple. Add oligosaccharide. You can use sugar if you don’t have it. Add vinegar if you don’t have a lemon juice. Season with salt. I forgot to use almost all the mayonnaise. 🙁 This sauce is enough to make a cabbage-1/8. I was short of mayonnaise, but it was delicious. Adjust the sauce’s seasonings to the taste you want. Now mix well. Finally, add pepper according to your taste and finish. In fact, it’s good to add whipped cream. That’s what the recipe is for. I didn’t prepare it, so I replaced it with mayo sauce. The mayo sauce is delicious enough, so if you don’t have whipped cream, make some mayo sauce. 🙂 Now mix the cabbage, ham, carrot, and sauce. Adjust the amount of ingredients and the amount of sauce according to your style and add them! Now, if you mix it well, it’s done with Coleslaw. Now we’re going to fry Karaage.~ One of the reasons why frying in the house is difficult is oil. It’s too expensive to use it just once. So I refrigerate the oil I use. And if it’s not enough when you use it, fill it up a little more. The basic Karaage recipe is for frying only with potato starch. There are many different versions, but I’m only going to use potato starch today. Mix half of the aged chicken with starch first. Can you see it on the screen? I’m going to fry it like this. If you don’t have a thermometer, try adding some flour or batter into the oil. If it rises right away, it’s enough temperature. I bought a thermometer to study, but you don’t have to. Now put the chicken in. I only put half of the total. Fry for about 2 minutes at 160-170 temperature. And I’ll let it cool for 2 minutes and fry it again. Fry for 2 minutes and let it out You can burn the crumbs, so get them right away. Fry the chicken half the time. If you don’t have a thermometer, you have to pay attention to the fire control. When cooked in a stan or iron, the temperature changes are not significant, but the average fan or pot changes the temperature. Do you like the sound of fried food? 🙂 I’m going to fry the fried chicken one more time. If you do a resting in the middle, the fried clothes will be damp because of water coming out of the chicken.So it’s better to fry 2 times. And on the second fry, bring it up to 180 to 190 degrees. This removes the water, and the frying does not absorb the oil. If you don’t have a thermometer, you have to turn up the heat immediately after you put the material in. After a while, reduce the heat back to the original. You have to learn fried food from experience. 🙂 (I’m a beginner, but I don’t know who I’m teaching. lol~) Fry the second fry for 2 minutes. Go~ Go~ This is the end of Karaage. How is it? Does it look easy? Try it. 🙂 Aren’t you curious about the taste of shishito peppers? It’s very easy to cook You can just fry it without a dough. 🙂 It’s a recipe that’s not found anywhere on YouTube. There is a restaurant in Seoul that sells shishito peppers, anchovies, and fried chicken. It is very popular but different from my recipe. Get ready, put it in! (Be careful! Oil may run loose.) Five seconds is enough for the texture. It’s really good to eat fried and shishito peppers together. It’s not very spicy either. 🙂 Today, we will upload only the cooking video and eat it with alcohol. Thank you so much for watching Duke’s video today!

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