[Eng sub] Easy cooking Korean simple recipe Budaechige ( Spicy Sausage soup ) Asian food

Hi I’m Sid. I prepared the soup today. Until now, I have been cooked stair fry, deep fried, But the soup that comes to mind when it comes to Korean food is soup, right? There are so many soup dishes in Korea. Easy to cook overseas as well! Today’s food is made by sausage, ham, spam, minced meat, tofu, and other ingredients! It’s a Budaechigae(Sausage hot pot)! I do not even know if there will be people who are always looking for soup when watching my videos. I finally made it today. There’s a lot of stuff in it, but it’s a dish that you can make without having to put all of this. If I don’t need the stuff put it in, I’ll explain it to you again. Please take a look at it later and try to cook it. The reason I prepared so much today is Saturday! It’s Saturday night. Party with my friends. It’s a little bit like a party, but we all sit together and have dinner. I prepared the ingredients for a drink, so I prepared some ingredients today with a little care. I will use all the materials first and I will tell you what I do not need. let’s prepare the ingredients. Spam, Chorizo If you don’t have chorizo you can pass it, tofu. If you do not have bacon, you don’t have to. Sausages, you can prepare cheap one. Minced meat Minced garlic, soy sauce, pepper, miso, chili powder, beef stock. Onion slices Onions are missing in the ingredients, I will use two onions. Chorizo, slice. Bacon, bacon will cut a little longer. And slice the sausage. I put in handful of minced meat. Slices to a good size to eat spam Let’s decorate it like this and we’re done with ingredients. I’m finished prepare ingredients. Ingredients … . In order to reduce the labor of slicing the ingredients and storing them in a saucepan, I chopped it and immediately made it into a pot. Because my purpose is to make it quick and simple. Once you’re here, the food is almost finished. The reason I didn’t put the tofu was because I need to stir it If you put the tofu in advance, you can break it. So the tofu is going to turn the decorations on top after the dishes are done. And the rest left only the sauces to taste. I prepared the sauces prepared today with gluten-free as the last time. When I walk around in mart I found the sausages did not contain gluten, Those sausages are prepared in mart. I’m going to start cooking now, one before I start! It’s too much salty spam, sausage, and bacon in here! It’s too salty, I just put some water in here and boil it, and I can’t put any sauces. So I first pour water first, then boil once, and taste it, If you feel too much salty, you can take the broth out and pour the water again, Korea or Japan? Or those in other countries, after boiling and tasting the soup first If you don’t feel salty too much, you can do it properly. Pour only water here and boil it too, so I can’t add the liver there. So I chose to pour the water and pour it back and let it cook. So let’s start cooking. Add the water to the prepared ingredients and boil them. When you start boiling, remove the rising impurities. Chopped garlic Put 1/4 teaspoons of pepper. Soy sauce one spoon, two spoons, three spoons, four spoons I’ll put two tablespoons of chili powder, and if you do not like spicy foods, you can put half spoon. Push the beefstock firmly and loosen it with the broth. Sprinkle the spice well and press it with a lid. You can check taste for salty at this point. Miso also works on the ladle I’m going to slice tofu here. Tofu is sliced to a good size to eat This way, the other side Looks yummy right? complete! The Budaechigae was done. I’m still boiling, add tofu and keep boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Usually in Korea, put this noodle into soup without spice,. I will put it after this video, but this noodle is not easy to buy here. It isn’t fit my intention, so I introduce it separately and I won’t put it in cooking. It’s simple to cook. I prepared the ingredients and taste, and put soy sauce, miso, and I put beefstock. Just put a little beefstock for taste. I originally cooked it with top mushroom, cabbage, or other vegetables. Today, I will make this time as simple as possible. I made my own ingredients by adding them. I can make the ingredients in my own way. It’s simple, it’s a dish that can fit your taste buds. Well, today I made a Budaechigae. If you want let me cook some Korean food or it is too hard for you to cook something, Or if you have a dish you want to cook and you don’t know how to do it You can leave a comment on my YouTube comment or my Twitter. Then I will refer you and prepare the next video. If this video helped you today, don’t forget to click good and subscribe! Thank you for being with me today. Then I’ll see you again next video I will go for drink^^. Ciao ~!

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  1. いろんな韓国料理を覚えたいです。
    Sidさんのレシピを参考にプデチゲ作ってみたいと思いますΨ( 'ч'♡ )

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