music intro music intro music intro music intro I’m gonna make a beautiful English onion soup, none of this French onion soup malarkey, we’re gonna go English soup So I’ve got red onions, white onions, the little sort of Italian sort of banana and cipollini type ones, slice em up, quicker the better really otherwise you end up getting into tears I’ve never done a recipe crying before [laughs] Onion soup but with a little bit of help from some of the other alliums, with the leeks I’m tempted hardly even to chop the garlic up, just to squash it Get your pan add some oil nice lug of oil, a little bit of butter First thing I want to touch this pan, is some sage and then I wanna put in the garlic that’s a nice start and then we bring in our onions into there mix that up always cook onions with a good pinch of salt and pepper, that is fantastic and I’m going to turn this down to a medium So twenty five minutes, just leave it that
cook now Right, have a look at this you can see how those onions have sort of shrunk in size and to make this into a soup, we need stock now chicken stock is brilliant, it’s about four pints of stock to a kilo of onions, garlic and leek, erm simmer that for about ten, fifteen minutes while that’s cooking I’m gonna get my bread and I want to cut that in half Just get yourself a grater and grate a whole load of cheese bring this over here to get a nice mixture of stock and onions and then straight into that bowl So I’ve got my soups done, I want to get my little toasties and just ram them in like that Worcester sauce, just a swig, I don’t want this to ruin or wreck or overtake but just a few little dribbles sage leaves here and there you go. From here under a grill and let it all melt and it literally only takes a minute Look at that that is a proper English onion soup beautiful, that is the real deal. That is English onion soup, look at that

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