hi guys so in the last video I mentioned
quite a few things about food comfort food, cooking my own food, doing grocery,
and so on. in this video I’m making one of my comfort food in Canada hopefully I
won’t butcher the name, pasta aglio e olio with pork sausage and mushroom. you know
the thing is me being an Asian I don’t eat that much rice like most Asian
people in general I only eat rice um probably like two or three times a week
so for my other source of carbs I usually eat pasta, potato, and noodles. so yeah let’s get started I have sharpened my knife sanitize my
cutting board and now I’m preparing for the ingredients I’m using one pork
sausage but if you don’t eat pork you can replace it with beef chicken or
anything or don’t use meat at all if you’re a vegan one mushroom again you
can put more or simply not at all it really depends on what you want in your
plate two cloves of garlic, sliced thin you don’t have to mince this one by the
way you can try this recipe at home it’s really easy you know even I can do it so
overall I’m pretty confident with my cooking skill cooking for me is like an
art pretty much like music if you know the basics then you don’t need to follow
any recipe you can just improvise and create your own dish it’s really similar
to making a cover you know moving on 1 teaspoon of salt black pepper and chili
powder around 3 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese and chopped parsley and don’t forget the
olive oil so yeah here’s my mise en place next, the pasta selection I usually use either
spaghetti fettuccine or linguine for this recipe well in this video I’m using
spaghetti and I took like one and a half portion of spaghetti because I’M ALWAYS HUNGRY
next step fill the pot with enough water more water even more water okay that’s
enough bring up the heat spaghetti in and also don’t forget to sprinkle some
salt (yes chef) next step bring in the pan and bring the fire up and then put
enough oil in it because we’re going to cook the sausage don’t do that okay I’m
the only one who’s allowed to do that sausage in okay at this point I’m really
messing around with the commentary but anyway if you notice I also messed
around with my food and utensils I bet you guys know where those sounds are
going to go right yes the next video will be so awesome. okay so I took the
sausage out and set it aside for now I also took out my pasta and drain the
water now pasta back into the pot and then
put some oil on it to prevent it from being sticky this one is one of few important things you should know if you’re working with pasta now garlic in and give it a quick stir
you don’t want to brown the garlic too much so start working with medium to low
heat and next mushroom in and also give it a quick saute now I’m putting back
the sausage into the pan and also throw in the chopped parsley next step
spaghetti into the pan so last thing you want to add is the seasoning and now
that everything is inside the pan you just have to stir and mix everything
well and yeah that’s pretty much it now let’s put it into the plate now sprinkle with Parmesan cheese
because everyone loves cheese and we’re done. okay so this is one of my go-to
pasta dish in Canada it’s really simple very fitting for an extremely lazy guy
like me well usually I cook this twice a week if I feel like eating more pasta
and I have a lot of penne fettuccine linguine macaroni and lasagna in my
kitchen yes I’m a sucker for pasta i can eat pasta around four to six times a
week yeah that’s twice the amount of my
weekly rice consumption, itadakimasu so thank you for staying around until
the end of this video I’ll do a rice dish if I ever feel like making more videos
about cooking the next video will be me making music from all the sound I
produce on this video it’ll take me a while though to edit everything so
please give me a little bit more time anyway for now I’m still trying to do
some experiment for my future content adding more varieties of video and
create a balance between all of them you know I’m forced to be more creative
than I’ve ever been before ok that’s all for now thank you guys for watching see
you around next time have a good one umm by the way I always thought this clip will be
dope if I add some random effect and say a random Japanese word like okay can’t really have shokugeki if you’re alone though, feels bad man


  1. FYI, Aglio is Garlic, Olio is Oil… Makananya untuk yg membuat pemula, metode cooking, plating itu nice loh… Iam working in the kitchen btw 😁

  2. Now go and visit Gordon ramsay xD
    this is actually an enjoyable cooking (tutorial? sort of?) imo it would be a lot better if you put music on the background while ure cooking

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