Ep.8 Lei’s Hawaii Popcorn Kitchen

Hey what’s up everybody welcome to Aloha Life Now my name is Danny and I’m Erick And we’re here at Leis Hawaii
Popcorn Kitchen and the factory’s right here as well, in beautiful kalihi. So
let’s go talk to the owner Let’s check it out! Hello, Nice to meet you. Hi, what’s your
name? Hi, my name is Eiji Hayashi, my nickname is Eddie Welcome to Leis Hawaii Popcorn Kitchen Great, thank you! (Clapping and cheering) Alright, Eiji doesn’t really speak English that well Even though he’s an amazing business owner. So Eiji, how long have you been doing this. (Eiji) Ok, since August three. (Erick) Since August
3rd Grand opening in Hawaii. This store. The Leis Hawaii Popcorn Factory, how long? Eiji ( 5 years) okay so the started five years ago. And this is the base factory, and he has branches in different places.
Where is your branch in Japan? In Yokohama, okay so if you guys visit
Japan and are in the Yokohama area You can see the Yokohama branch of Leis
Hawaii Popcorn there. The thing about Leis Hawaii Popcorn Kitchen is the popcorn is made and sold with the image of Hawaii and it’s flavors We have stores in both Hawaii and Japan but it’s made right here in Kalihi It’s made for everyone all over the world to enjoy Hawaiian popcorn Please come and try it Please tell me what flavors you have Garlic shrimp, Japanese curry, (Danny) Japanese curry? Japanese taste “Dashi” Dashi Curry! And Hawaiian caramel popcorn, with Maui sugar. (Danny) Maui sugar, Hawaii caramel popcorn And then this one. (Eiji) yeah Hawaiian Caramel with macadamia nuts Ouuuuu! Hawaii caramel with macadamia nuts okay great! So what we’re gonna do is
Erick and I, we’re gonna eat these popcorns, these different flavors at a
special location so cut to it right…. We’re here at the Makapuu tide pools, so
we just did the hike we did our swimming Took some nice shots, check out the video about the Makapuu tide pools how to get here and everything Well we brought some snacks (Erick) So hungry! There’s garlic shrimp, alright. Oh, that is a strong smell! (Laughing) This taste like garlic shrimp that you get off the food trucks, you know, at North Shore the famous one Giovanis, you know all the ones ….these are really good Alright, we got classic caramel Taste sweet! Oh man, that’s really good caramel popcorn! Macadamia! It’s a subtle taste, not a powerful taste like the caramel or the garlic shrimp Nutty, nutty tone It’s pretty good Kinda like the Kava, no (Laughing) not at all like the kava Getting Numb!!! (Laughing) Curry!!!! It’s probably the most interesting flavor Oh, yeah! It smells like curry! Whoa damn, I’m eating a bowl of curry rice That’s very very curry…ish You know curry popcorn is actually really big in Japan, like if you go to Disney Sea Or Disneyland in Japan they sell different flavored popcorn And curry is a really popular flavor. In the
Aladdin area In the Aladdin area! (Laughing) How…how perfect Today my favorite is the caramel as well, so we picked the winner today our winner is.. .Caramel Popcorn! So this is the store’s new design, new style, so instead of having a big bag of popcorn, someone
might want it as a present to take back to their country or their state that
they’re from, we get a lot of visitors here in Hawaii And it’s already popped…I thought it was the kernel And you make it at home but no it’s already popped and flavored and everything ready to go and then the other thing is a
mason jar popcorn, easy to give it a gift Present
“Omiyage” right, in Japanese Yeah, looks nice… nice design In trying to make Leis Hawaii popcorn shop in Hawaii As i thought, the hardest thing is the language barrier and the different culture When a customer asks something, sometimes i can’t answer Also other difficulties are the factory, preparation, the insurance, and other things as well I haven’t been back to Japan in a while and that’s also very difficult for me to deal with Really, this shop is handmade and made together with my staff It took us about a year and a half to have everything ready to open Then, I came here back and forth by myself, came to contract several carpenters, and went to the inspection facility by myself I’m not really good at English, actually, I almost can’t speak at all I used gestures to barely get by, but this month my shop was able to open! I am just speechless, and have so many feelings So really from now on, well, I had so many lonely nights and cried alone but now we have many customer come to the store and I am enjoying life everyday And from now, I would like welcome you to my shop!

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