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– Hey everybody, I’m Joey, and today we’re gonna bring you a little different type of video than you’re used to seeing from us. We get a lot of feedback
from our growing community, whether it’s about my shirts, our recipes, my poor beer choices, or my
love of conspiracy theories. We’re gonna share some
of our favorite feedback with you here today. So buckle up, and let’s get started. (upbeat rock music) Our first comment is from Jim G. “First you say, ‘It’s 48 ounces’, “later you say, ‘It’s
two and a half pounds’, “do the math (beep) hole. “Then you say, “‘Grill over direct heat
for two minutes each side’. “Later you say, ‘Five minutes total.’ “You’re worse than my wife.” Ha, well, thanks for the heads up Jim, and I’m really sorry to hear
about the pending divorce. – [Man] Damn! – Next we have Luke L. “You’re that guy I always hope invites me to his Super Bowl parties. No, I don’t know a damn
thing about football, but I do know that you’ll be
serving up something delicious, and I’ll try to get away with
bringing a pre-made dessert.” Well, Luke, I usually drink my dessert in the form of bourbon. Bringing a fine, brown spirit to the party is the best pre-made dessert
you could possibly bring. So, Darth D. writes, “I plan on trying this soon. “This channel has really motivated me “to get back into the kitchen more often. “Thanks for the great content!” Well, Darth, thank you
for the great compliment. That’s why we do what we do, and may the meat be with you my friend. This comment is, and I’m gonna try to say this name right, Drizzy5ify, “Dog, dog, you’re funny, man. “I like you. “I’m about to make some wings right now “with some mango teriyaki marinara. “Thanks for the recipe.” Mango teriyaki marinara,
what the (beep) is that, man? Never heard of it, but send us the recipe
and we’ll try it out. So moving right along. This next comment comes from Lord B. “Ah, you had me at ‘let’s get baked.'” Hey, thanks, man, we hear
from a lot of our fans who like getting baked chicken wings. Turns out, they’re best
cooked at 420 degrees. This next fellow, dboydoe, writes, “I’m not trying to sound like an (beep), “so please don’t take it that way, “but your product value
is really, really good “for having so few subscribers. “Thanks for the great video.” Well, I’m with you dboy, we work really hard to
create great content, and a lot of that happens with
our team behind the scenes. We have some really dedicated people that help me turn up the tasty
every time I’m on camera. “Harriet C. writes, “Holy cow! “I’m a terrible cook, but
these turned out so well. “No, awesome! “They turned out so awesome “that my husband said I should make these “every time we have company. “Thank you!” Well, no, thank you, Harriet. It turns out my cooking is
the best marriage counselor I’ve ever had. Next comment comes from Vinny M. “I did not like the way he
walked towards the camera “in the beginning, menacingly.” Well, sorry, Vinny, we’ll try something different next time, maybe like a jaunty gallop. (upbeat circus music) Hey everybody, I’m Joey
from Red Meat Lover! Queenie Botox, (laughs), writes, “Try to pronounce it Wus-ter-shu, “Wustershu sauce. “The word is a lot shorter than it looks. “Practice makes perfect. “Great recipe, will try, thanks.” All right, we’re gonna try this again. Wurstershurser. Wurstershizer sauce. – [Man] Wurstersheer. – Aw, man, come on. We’re gonna use catsup from now on. – [Man] Ketchup! – Aw (beep) it, let’s roll. All right, moving right along here. This next one comes from
our good friend Donnybrook, “Well, I tried your cooking instructions, “and it completely ruined five filets. “The three minute/one minute searing time “didn’t make sense to me at first, “and I should’ve listened to myself. “The oven time was far
too long and far too hot. “The cook inside was
uneven, and dry, ruined.” Well, Donny, cooking is more
of like an art than a science. There’s a lot of different
factors that can impact how your steak turns out. Everything from the thickness of the steak to the temperature of the pan. But, if you ruined it once, why in the name of all that
is holy did you keep going four more times? That makes no sense to me. Thanks a lot, Donny, we’ll
pour a few out for your steak. (somber music) Here at Red Meat Lover, we really focus on
cooking meat, made easy, and that’s just what we tried to show you, and everyone else, in all our videos. As you can tell, we would love your feedback
in the comments below, or even better, give us a thumbs up/like,
or subscribe to our channel for future updates, so that
we can keep on our mission of cooking meat, made easy. I’ll see you guys next time. – [Man] (laughs) Ketchup! – (laughs) That’s great. – Well done.
– I could barely make what the fuck are they doing? – Yes. (laughs) – [Man] Good job.

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