EP52 – Paglimas ng “Padugmon” | Puyo at Tilapia Catch ‘n Cook | Occ. Mindoro

two weeks ago we already made this “padugmon” this is it we dug for almost a day to build this the problem is i did something wrong i reformat the memory card but i forgot to save to my laptop all footage in making this were deleted we dug and we put some twigs and bamboo branches this is the dike that we have made then we put twigs, bamboo branches, coconut leaves and grass just like this because of that, fishes will dwell on it when the water level become low, sure we will catch many fish guys, this is an update on how it looks like we build this i think first week of December to date is end of January so it is almost two months still there is water in this creek we deleted the file showing on how we made this during that time the water level is up to my chest and out side water level is on my thigh if the water level become low, all fish will go in this area that’s the time that we drain this area so guys after two months this is it… we will harvest this “padugmon” as you can see, the creek is almost dry except this area this is the openning before now guys, Dala Man will be joining us but still, he cannot go down here because he is still injured from EP48 we did just like this when he was cut by galvanized iron sheet he will just sit there and watch that is my talent, to catch tilapia now we will remove these also, our uncle will be joining us today our uncle Quiring he also got an amazing talent in catching tilapia use this just put mud on the top it should be sealed we are closing the entrance we will harvest our fish pond without any cost when it become dry this summer we will make it deeper so during rainy season, fishes will dwell on it remove that so it is easier for you guys to throw the water outside wait a sec that one, it’s huge that’s only tilapia let’s go. we will catch that later on tilapia another one get that bert i got it, gourami i thought a mudfish i think what’s in here is more of tilapia that’s native organic and didn’t ate any artificial chemicals now you got it it’s already inside the bucket and still you’re struggling to catch it i got it native tilapia now you’re getting better i got it another one, over there over there Bert that one they are still under the mud see? but there are no jumbo size it’s gone oh, he got it over there, it’s climbing that’s puyo there! gotcha puyo this puyo is huge this is small, we will release later in the river we caught many puyo and tilapia so guys, these are what we caught there are many puyo and tilapia there’s a cat somewhere we didn’t expect that we only caught this much because we expect more and bigger size we are not sure, maybe after the last flood maybe they swim in the upper part of the creek anyway, it’s not bad not bad, we are only few in the house as of now actually the best way to cook puyo for me and for us grilled puyo with a spicy vinegar as dipping sauce it’s also good as “nilagpang” just like mud fish grilled with tamarind but we have done that before so we will just put these in a grill we also caught gourami in the other bucket it’s good to deep fry just like what we did last time so we will not show them anymore we need to clean the giils these are native tilapia this fish is good to grill these are good we will pick chilli for dipping sauce

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  1. its so nice to see you again guys, sobrang miss ko to, laking bukid din ako at nkkatuwa na lhat ng kailangan nyo eh andyan lang sa bukid, fish, veggies etc. inggit ako sa inyo๐Ÿคฃ miss na miss ko na ang mindoro, my beloved hometown..salute guys, keep it up

  2. Nag pintas ti alat niyu lods yung kawayan., pa shout out naman sa next video mo mark kevin colcol from mindanao bukidnon. Tnx

  3. solid harabas ๐Ÿ‘Œ maligayang pagbabalik kuya dalaman pero audience muna ๐Ÿ˜ tumambling yung kaldero ๐Ÿ˜‚ saraap

  4. tawag samin yan bro panglimbas namis kuna yan bro pa shout out sa misis ko na si saly at sa bunso ko na si aveguel dante at dante family ng valenzuela city

  5. mababaw ung balon lodi request kulang kc meron kmi Nyan dito sa likod Ng bahay nmin lagyan nyo Ng pinaka pugad sa ilalim

  6. ung pugad sa ilalim ukayan nyo Ng pahaba lagpas kalahati dipa tapos lagyan nyo Ng matataba sanga Ng puno sure pagbabahayan Ng mlalaki dalag yan

  7. welcome back idol dala man, welcome din sa bagong recrute, hehehe,, daming tilapia idol, ang tagal din pala ng padugmon, parang nag alaga ka rin ng tilapia din ihaharvest pagkalipas ng ilang buwan..

  8. Natutuwa ako sa mga vlog mo kc naalala ko noong kabataan ko sa pinas. na experience ko lahat ang ginagawa mo sa probinsya namin. natutuwa din ako at nakikita ko ang buhay probinsya kc 20 years na ako hindi umuuwi ng pinas. d2 na ako nakatira sa california with family. thanks for sharing those videos. great job and keep it up. Pa shout out nlang for Manny Mallari of california. thanks

  9. In 2 days halos npanuod q n video mo sir…slamat naalala q ung childhood life q….new subs sir….keep it up…godbless

  10. Sir Harabas, pwede po ba gawa ka ng segment regarding sa..

    MGA GAMIT MO EQUIPTMENT sa pag BLOG, (CAMERA, INTERNET CONNECTION, COST ng mga GAMIT) at MAGKANO na po kinikita ng iyong CHANNEL) salamat PO and more POWER..

    PS. si SIR DALAMAN parang namumukhaan ko SIR,
    nagpatulong kasi ako dati na maituno yong gitara ko na nabili.. parang sya yon.. KUNG may watch repair shop sya dati sa PALENGKE ng SAN JOSE

  11. lumusong na ulit ang pambato..pa shout out boss velmar john Dolores shout out din sa Asawa ko mylene fajardo Happy birthday pla.godblss boss

  12. Sir kaya pa m recover yung naburang video na yun download mo ung recova na app kya nga mg recover ng kht anung binura bsta asa memory

  13. Dalama TAWA PA hahahaha…harabas number 1 nagutom aq pag pinapanood q kaung kumakain ..shot out na rin sa ABORDO FAMILY FROM NEGROS OCCIDENTAL..

  14. Ang lakas nyo kumain ubos taob ang kaldero? Nakakagana kayo panoorin kumakaain sarap ng inihaw na isda lalo na yung LIWALO!

  15. Sabi pa ng anak ko na si jzryl shenyl na panoorin ka nmin kc nag eenjoy po tlaga ang anak ko po.. he's only 5yrs old..at gus2ng gus2 nya manghuli ng isda.

  16. Matagal na aqng d nakakain nyan watching from abu Dhabi…calintaan occidental po๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Šanggaling nyo๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  17. Support This Channel Guys ๐Ÿ˜.
    Simple lng ang kalikasan dpt kelangan alagaan para pag tayoy mangangailangan Anjan padin sila ๐Ÿ˜ Shout out po ulit lodi . heheh Rey Angelo Omnes . Rizal Avenue Batangas City ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  18. Kanina ko pa iniisip ano Yung Puyo ? Buti na lng 14:15 me nagsabi luwalo… In every episode sili is life ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up!

  19. Idol jef ang masarap sa poyo paksiw m muna tas lagyan mo nang gata sarap๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹. Ganda tlga panuorin nang adventure nyo idol

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