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– Oh look, I’m tiny again! – What about if you eat
a Cheeto, do you grow? – Let’s see! (Ernie crunches Cheeto) – [All] We’re back! (funky music) – Hi everyone! Welcome to my cooking show! I am the god of food! And this is Zach the chef. – Hi.
– Are you a chef? – Uh huh.
– Good. – Alright what are we making today Ernie? – We’re gonna make a sandwich!
– Yes! – (singing) How do you make a sandwich? – Usually, it starts with what you’re going to put the sandwich on. (gasps) – Croissants. – Croissant sandwich? Call
that a croissant-wich. (rim shot)
(laughs) We can do, like, half
donut, half tortilla. What do you wanna do? – Yep. Perfectly good. – Perfectly good bagel? What do you want the other
half of your sandwich to be? – This?
– You wanna do a donut? Donut half? – Can I try one? – Wait, yeah. So we have all of these things that we can put onto the sandwich. You wanna do a triple-decker
sandwich, we can do that. – We need a croissant. Like big things, we need all big things. – We’re only making one sandwich though. – Mm hmm.
– But we can put as many layers on the sandwich as you want. What do you wanna put on the donut layer? Chocolate sauce? – (singing) Put chocolate
sauce on the donut. (singing) Put chocolate sauce. Perfect. – See if you can get this
all the way over there. (singing) – You have so many songs. So what do you wanna put on the top? Yeah? Wanna easy cheese it? – Whoa dong doggy! That’s a lot of it.
– Yeah. That’s like a roasted Mary! – We actually get to put
two sauces on this bread because there’s two
sides we can put it on. We have mayonnaise and mustard, we have jelly and peanut butter. – (gasps) Jelly! – Wanna put jelly on there? – Can I drop that ones too? – You wanna do ketchup? – Yeah, ketchup. That works too.
– Yep, there you go. – Looks like blood. Gross vampires sucking your bloody bloods! – We got one more layer, then we can start putting all this stuff on there. – Let me think. – Jelly? – Jelly, that would work. (singing) Peanut butter and
jelly, peanut butter and jelly. – Can you clean this knife for me? (jar cap pops) Lick. – There you go, clean knife. (singing) So, I’m gonna jelly. We dip it inside.
(Zach chuckles) – Scoop. Scoop scoop scoop. – A little like jello. – There you go. – For the chef. Wanna use mushrooms? – We can, you wanna use mushrooms? – Yay, mushrooms!
– Hey, I got it right here! – First of all, let’s take out the stem. – There you go, good move. That’s how much.
(Ernie gasps) – But if I try one … – Cool. – Two krabs in one make
three krabs in two. Two krabs for me, two krabs for a one. – (chuckles, sniffles) Do you
wanna use any other meats too? – Pepperoni (breathes heavily). (Zach laughs) – Boom. Nice. You gotta save your appetite, buddy, we have a sandwich we’re making. – Making sure it tastes good. – My mistake, chef, my mistake. – Wanna get some salami? – Wanna put some salami
on there, this one? How many you want, two, three? – One for the guest and one for the chef, one for the guest and one for the chef. – But I want one.
– Oh, OK. – Can I have this one?
– Sure. Can I have one? – Mm hmm! Oh! (chomping and chewing) – Do you want any other vegetables? We have some lettuce here we could put on. – Lettuce! – You want some lettuce? – Can you, oh! (laughs) – Do you want this apple on there? – Yeah. – Is that enough, you want more? – I want one more. – One more. – Whoa! – Where do they go? – They’re to go right here. – On the cheesy one,
can you put it on there? Now is it ready? – Yeah. (screaming) It is ready! – (sniffles) I think we’re good. – Let’s assemble. – Ready? Put some bread, right? And then we’re gonna put
all our vegetable layers. – Crush! – Alright, so now,
we need to put something here. What do you wanna put? – Peanut butter. – Apples and peanut butter go really well together, don’t they? – Yeah, they do! Ooh! Whoa! (crashes to the floor) – We did it.
(Ernie coos) – Look at my sandwich, look
at my wizzler sandwich! Michael!
(Zach laughs) – Gotta hold it together.
– I’ll take a giant bite! (Ernie groans) – How’s it? – Delicious! (funky music)
(Michael moans) – Came good?
– Mm hmm. – Yes. (singing) Best sandwich ever! (singing) Bye everyone, bye everyone! – Bye! (funky music)

100 thoughts on “Ernie Cooks a Sandwich | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

  1. Already made two sandwiches… One in his stomach and one on the table because he kept eating everything! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. someone please tell me if ernies food somehow actually tastes good and if not someone please tell me HOW ZACH MANAGES TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HE ENJOYS IT

  3. I was literally thinking β€œErnie always has a song in mind” before Chef Zach said β€œyou have so many songs.” πŸ˜‚

  4. Ernie litterally eats everythingggg hes so cute omggg even the mushroom like the whole thing AAP inside and he has a happy tummy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  5. Ernie adding more bread
    "We're only making one sandwich though"
    "mhm" like he's aware, just needs that much bread in it lol

  6. Everything he touched must be eaten by him. It's kind of "taste first", put it then. lol. He's absolutely adorable.

  7. Me: reads the title β€œWhat could possibly go wrong?

    Also me after the video: β€œoh seems like a lot can go wrong”

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