Explore Vegan ATX Episode 4-Sassy’s Vegan Soul Food Truck

What’s up y’all this is Mehul with
ExploreVeganATX and I’m missing my cohost, Dana. Dana? (I’m coming!) There you are. Sorry I was checking out menu for food. Because you know how much I love to eat. So, brisket, chopped sausage- What do want? Oyster po’boy – We are ExploreVeganATX- we don’t
eat meat. That’s the whole point. Right. I want to get your non vegan take on some amazing food and today… Okay. Are you ready to get sassy? Oh yeah! Always. Today we’re gonna try and Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul food truck and I know
you like mac and cheese but can you handle chicken and waffles? Yes. I can. Can you handle black eyed peas? Yes Okay, then let’s do it. Wait. Hold on. Soul food. That’s vegan? Alright. This is ExploreVeganATX. Let’s do it. Let’s try it. Hi, my name is Angela Dawson and I own
Sassy’s Vegetarian food truck. So I decided to do vegetarian soul food
because that is, you know, my ethnic history. I had a sister who passed away
from high blood pressure and I thought it was time for me to, like, change my
eating habits. To me the soul food is an essence of a food that is very
satisfying- fried cabbage and black-eyed peas and cornbread and it’s really
satisfying type food and whenever you whenever you eat them you just feel
satiated and I think that’s where the soul comes into soul food. I like to say
my soul food is soul food without any souls being harmed. My favorite dishes
right now are the chicken and waffles one that everyone orders the most- I call it
Chicon & Waffles because on Chicon & 12th, so… There are three different flavors is either orange, jerk, or hot lemon pepper. And then I have an eggless
waffle that has a lot of coconut and a lot of different spices in it and I pair
those together. I have people that come up they absolutely say “thank
you for being here” because they’ve all- they missed the taste of like fried chicken
and they say that it’s satiates that desire. All right ExploreVeganATX we ready to try it out some of this amazing looking soul food, so… what do you want to start with first? Hello? The mac and cheese. Okay. I wouldn’t mind trying some of this out either. So, let’s try this out. I’m going to try out the cornbread actually. Nice and savory. Hey, hold on. I need
another bite to really get into it. She’s not gonna let me eat mac and cheese I can tell. I’m only laughing ‘cuz it’s true. I want your opinion as a vegan. Okay I wouldn’t say it’s like as cheesy as I
thought it would be but it has like a real nice flavor to it it’s got like a
little bit of uh – I don’t know, almost like a Mexican. What do you think? I will say I am surprised by the sauci-ness.
Yeah, there’s some seasoning in there. For me I’m not quite sure if it’s Mexican seasoning. But I will say this, there
is something reminiscent of Ramen – Oh! Have you every had Ramen at all? I have. Okay so the premade Ramen- the Ramen packets. Which I think a lot of kids just ate the dry Ramen- maybe it was just me?- But there’s something about it. There’s a good like –earthiness. Are we gonna try this Chicon? Yes. On Chicon street. Carribean Jerk. Carribean jerk Chicon. All of this sauce though… I’m like spitting all over. Looks like chicken… Hmmm. Interesting texture… I don’t know… is this what chicken tastes like? No. I’m asking you as a non meat-eater. That was coming- that was very instinctual from my gut. No. Also the texture is… spongy. Okay. It’s spongy. You know what? As I vegan, I do like it. There’s a really nice texture to it. And the
sauce is good. There’s coconut in here. Interesting. I like a little, there’s like, flakes of shredded coconut. So it adds texture. Right. Different texture. Nice surprise. I like it. So what do you think, so if you non vegan who is coming here would you
bring your vegan friend here to check it out? Yeah, I think I would. I think exactly
what Andrea said earlier, is that she was looking, when she created this, for
the satiation of that comfort food type realm. For me when I think of soul food, I do think of comforting food. I think of like cheesy mac and cheese and all these things. And they are little heavier. Right. But this, I’m definitely being satiated by all the, like, the um- yeah, by the heartiness of it. Well,
thanks again, Dana, that was really really good as you can tell she loved it.
And thank you to Sassy Vegetarian food truck here in Austin. You gotta check
this place out. Vegan soul food. How can you go wrong? That’s right and stay tuned
for more episodes right here from us. I’m Dana. I’m Mehul. And we are ExploreVeganATX. Bye. Smells good. Is this mine?

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