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– Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Kids Cooking & Crafts. I’m Ava. – I’m Corbin. – I’m Axel. – And I’m Crew. – We love family game night. So today we’ll be showing you how to make a family
game night popcorn treat. For our family game night we’ll be playing Utter Nonsense. Family Edition. – Thank you, Utter
Nonsense, for sponsoring this video. You can find their website
in the description below. – Now let’s make our treat so we can play. – Woo! – Yeah! First we’ve gotta pop our popcorn. (ding) (gasps) That was cool. – The next step to our popcorn treat is getting white chocolate chips and putting them in the microwave at 50 percent for two minutes. Make sure you do it at 50 percent, ’cause if you do it any higher, it may burn the chocolate chips, make ’em gross. – Wait wait wait wait. I got this. (zap) – (all) Whoa! – He’s got heat vision. Look how syrupy it is. – Now we’re gonna pour this delicious mess onto our popcorn. (upbeat music) – (all) Ooh! – Aw, that smells so good! – I can’t wait till it’s done. – We got wax paper on our pan here, so we’re just gonna put our popcorn onto the pan and spread it around. – Mmm. I wanna eat some. – Your job is official taste tester. – I know. Before our chocolate chips dry, we need to add our toppings. Mmm. (bouncy music) – Now that we all have our toppings on, we need to put it in the fridge and let the chocolate harden. – Our popcorn is crunchy now, so let’s put it into our cup. – We are so ready for game night. – Let’s do it! – The way we start is we
pick a nonsense judge. You choose this based on
who has the stinkiest feet. So, who’s the judge? Who’s got the stinkiest feet? – I don’t know, Crew. You’re the tester. – No. I’m not smelling your feet, Corbin. – But you have to. – Oh. (slowed down) Oh. – I bet you mine are even stinkier. Wait, no, Crew. – Oh, mine reek. – Because Corbin has the stinkiest feet, he will be our nonsense
judge for the first round. – I’m number one. Number one. These are the phrase cards. I’m gonna deal out seven
of them to each player. They say a whole bunch of phrases that we’re going to use. (mellow music) This is the first accent card. All of them are gonna be using this accent and picking which phrase card matches this one and is the best and funniest to say. So, the first accent is cave man. – Which one of these would be the funniest if said by a cave man? – I got mine. – It’s up to me to decide
which player’s phrase sounds the funniest when they say it. The winner of this round
will receive this card, which is one point, and they will be the
judge of the next round. First person to get five
of these cards wins. – (all) Woo! – Here we go! Game night! Yay yay! – All right, Ava’s gonna go first. – My bad side is my good side. – There should be a Minecraft movie. It would be a blockbuster. (laughter) – Everyone knows that
squirrels are the teenagers of the rodent world. (grunts) – And the winner is… Crew! – I knew it! I knew it! – I’m a cave man. The next accent card is
(whispers) a whisper. They have to whisper their phrases. – Happiness is finding the TV remote. – Because I said so. – They call me the master of disaster ’cause I’ve got an attitude (laughs) of baditude. (laughter) – I don’t know who to pick. They’re all so good. I’m gonna give it to Ava. – Yes! (whispers) Because I said so. This next one is fast talker. – [Crew] Oh gosh. Never tickle a toad on the toe unless you want it to tinkle. (laughter) – Actions speak louder than words, but words are better listening, listeners. – You call it a dirty diaper. I call it a masterpiece. – And the winner is…Corbin! Here you go. – We’re going to do stuffy nose. – (Ava and Crew together) Oh no. – What happens at band
camp stays at band camp. – I pity the fool who (mumbles, giggles). – New parent fact: your kid
will doodoo in the bathtub. – The winner is…Axel! (cheering) – Next round is nerd. – I’m smarter (snorts) than you look. – Liar liar (snorts)
aluminum pants on fire. – Head over to the VFW
for some bingo. You in? (laughter) – The winner is…Crew! – The next one is news anchor. – What’s that? – It’s like the news guy
that’s always on the news going, Hello everybody, today we’re gonna have an earthquake. – Somewhere out there,
pumpkin spice lattes are getting into formation. – My mom is bomb dot com. – I like burgers and I cannot lie. – Okay, I’m gonna pick…Corbin. – The next accent is robot. – Willie Wonka stole my Tonka. – The 100th day of school
is 100 percent enjoying. – Annoying. – Annoying. – In Italy, is Italian ice just ice? That would be disappointing. – The winner is…Ava! – Woohoo! Yes! – I invoke the challenge rule. – What? – What that means is that
I get to challenge Ava for the actual winnings of the card. And so we pick a different phrase, but we use the same accent. And then the remaining
people vote on who wins. – Okay, bring it. The accent is still robot. But we have different phrases. – Miss Coachella dressed in yellow went on stage singing a capella. – Knock knock. Who’s there? Clickbait. – (Corbin and Axel together)
The winner is…Crew! – Robbed. So I’m glad I challenged her. The next up is Santa Claus. – An octopus would be like
the best wrestler ever. Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas! – It’s Pi Day so I’ll have
three point one four one five nine slices of Key lime pie. – Ho ho ho. A group of ears
should be called a heard. – Ha ha ha. – Okay, the winner of
this round is…Corbin. – What? – The accent is Australian. – A burp is just a fart
that took a detour, mate. – Well, hello, mate. I went viral. Not the good kind. The cold kind. – Multi-level marketing gives
me a multi-level headache. Mate. – The winner is…Crew. – Again? – Ugh. – (whispers) Guys, don’t tell
them but I have four cards. I only need one more. Next up is helium. – (high-pitched) Just wait
until your father hears about this on the Skype! – (high-pitched) Scottie’s
spinning circles looking for the chip on his shoulder. – (high-pitched) Spaghetti-Os for dinner. I love when Dad cooks Italian! – Okay, I’m sorry, guys,
but Corbin gets this one. (shouting) – The new accent is grandma. – Okay, I got a perfect one. And now we all know that tin foil is not microwave-safe. – I brush after every meal and floss after every Thanksgiving. – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so beat it, dinner. – The winner is…Axel. – Yes! Finally! Next accent is cry. – Car pool? More like car ground. – Ask about a pet pig again and my precious iPad is off
to the orphanage, my Mom said. – Fancy Nancy won’t eat
cheese unless it’s served with jam. – The winner of this whole
entire game is…Crew. (cheering) – I mean, oh yeah. (crying) Yay! – Thank you guys so much
for joining us today. A big shout-out for Utter Nonsense for sponsoring this video. Don’t forget to check out their website. It’s in the description below. This game is sold exclusively at Target. And don’t forget to like,
subscribe, and comment down below what phrase and
accent was your favorite. – See you guys next time. – (all) Bye! – Is there a synonym for cinnamon? I need a synonym for cinnamon. I said it wrong. (upbeat music)

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