Fast Food Chain Could Outdo Nike On Outrage
With Nasty New Buttons Workers Wear Burgerville is a fast-food chain in the Pacific
Northwest with around 50 locations. Recently some controversy has been brewing
because employees started wearing politically-charged buttons at work, offending customers. The company changed its policy to ban such
accessories and now the worker’s union is demanding that the employees be allowed to
piss off and alienate as many customers as possible. This is from Fox News: “Burgerville employees are going to have
to express themselves with a little less flair now that the restaurant chain has revised
its button policy after several employees came to work wearing political pins, offending
some customers. Originally, the small Pacific Northwest burger
chain did not have a written policy in place, which led to workers wearing “controversial”
pins like “Abolish ICE” and “No one is illegal” while on shift. Now the fast food restaurant is creating a
policy to keep its facilities “inclusive.” “Some of our employees have been wearing
buttons expressing their political views at work. While Burgerville had a long-standing verbal
policy prohibiting the wearing of personal buttons, we did not have a written policy
about this. The company is adopting one that represents
our long-standing commitment to creating a universally welcoming and inclusive environment
for our customers and employees alike. We are instituting an updated uniform policy,
and buttons and other messaging – both political and personal – will not be allowed. It is a policy that is common in public-facing
businesses and is in alignment with our mission to Serve With Love,” said the company in
a statement. This all started when some super-white employees
at a Portland, OR (where else?) location were sent home for refusing to take off their offensive
buttons: A restaurant chain in Oregon is receiving
customer backlash after employees started wearing politically charged buttons that read
“Abolish ICE” and “No one is illegal” — much to the company’s dismay. Late last month, Burgerville sent home 10
workers from its Montavilla location in Portland after they refused to take off the pins which,
supervisors said, violated company policy that bans “controversial” pins. However, one day later, the company gave the
employees back pay and let them return to work with their protest buttons after the
union called the policy a form of “white supremacy.” This is no BS, the union really did call this
policy “white supremacy.” Check out this Facebook post: “Yesterday, a new policy came down from Burgerville
corporate: no “political” buttons. Corporate explicitly singled out Black Lives
Matter and No One Is Illegal buttons as “too controversial” to be worn at work, and only
buttons about wages and working conditions would be allowed. Burgerville’s new policy is, simply put,
white supremacist. When bosses tell workers they are not allowed
to support Black Lives Matter or to stand with undocumented immigrants, they are siding
with” The basic deal is the company never had a
written policy against employees wearing these stupid buttons and now they do. This has prompted this ultra-reasonable union
to demand that workers be allowed to offend costumers at work: As you can see, the union is also demanding
that Burgerville put an end to white supremacy and abolish all prisons. These are probably things that a small burger
franchise lacks the power to do, but whatever. Unions are dumb, but this particular one lacks
even a hint of human intelligence. If these employees are allowed to offend and
alienate customers, those customers will simply stop coming to Burgerville. If customers stop coming, employees will be
laid off. What this dumbass union is fighting for is
their members to be put out of work.

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