Fast Food Chains With The Best And Worst Hot Sauces

Almost every fast-food establishment seems
to have its own hot sauce meant to intimidate the weak and entice the brave… but not sauce
or salsa is good enough to slather your meal in it. We’re ranking fast food hot sauce, from worst
to best. Qdoba has a large menu of burritos, tacos,
salads, and nachos to choose from. But, what are any of those without a hot sauce
accompaniment? This is Mexican food, after all, and indulging
without hot sauce is borderline blasphemy. Qdoba’s Salsa Roja really isn’t much different
than your run-of-the-mill red salsa, which, for some, is perfectly fine, but for others
seeking a spicy punch, disappointment looms around the corner. The jalapenos are what give the salsa a slight
kick, so if you can look those peppers in the face with fearlessness, you’ll be just
fine taking down a bowl of this stuff. Not only can you get your fix of tacos and
burritos at Del Taco, but you can also grab a burger, fries, and shake if your heart desires. Just like with any place serving up Mexican
cuisine, the chain has a selection of hot sauces worth dabbling in, and the Del Inferno
sauce packs quite a punch. Ancho chili peppers are what gives the sauce
its potency. Del Taco also offers a sauce called Del Scorcho
which is slightly less spicy, but if you’re brave, best to let the inferno take over. According to Mimi Somerman, the chief marketing
officer at Del Taco, the Del Inferno, quote, “will set your scalp ablaze.” “AHHH.” Diablo is the hottest sauce Taco Bell has
to offer, and while it’s high on heat, it’s not huge on flavor. The sauce debuted on Cinco de Mayo in 2015,
and considering the word “diablo” means “devil” in Spanish, Taco Bell didn’t come to the playground
for an innocent game of patty cake. Taco Bell spokeswoman Ashley Sioson broke
down the ingredients that give the sauce its heat, warning: “Diablo is made from aji panca, chipotle and
chili peppers.” Each packet also has some words of wisdom,
like “You asked for it” and “Turn up the heat.” People might think Moe was the name of the
guy who started Moe’s Southwest Grill, but It’s actually an acronym for “musicians, outlaws,
and entertainers.” And like outlaws often do, Moe’s pulled a
bit of a trick with their hot sauce. Instead of creating a whole new sauce to tap
dance on the palates of patrons, they actually just made some adjustments to their Kaiser
Salsa, named after the movie character Keyser Soze from The Usual Suspects. Moe’s took its Kaiser Salsa and added the
kick of jalapenos and a dash of seasoning to create Light My Fire, which will warm you
from the inside out. Order up a side of this the next time you
play the part of a musician, outlaw, or entertainer at Moe’s. Of all the places you can get Mexican food
without having to actually visit our neighbors to the south, Chipotle is arguably the most
popular. People love to pay a little extra for the
guac, and it’s worth it. But the red and green salsas complete your
order to its fullest, and we owe them both to one word: “tomatillo.” The gracious people at Chipotle flame-roast
the tomatillos so the tart, fruity, and herbal flavors come through with a bit of smokiness. Both the green and red salsas are chock full
of it, with the red having the addition of chili to help balance out the tart sensation. “Picante” already means hot, as in spicy,
so the name of this sauce is literally “hot hot.” That’s a big promise, and it doesn’t fully
live up to it. Even though jalapenos are mixed in with pieces
of tomatoes, onions, and green bell peppers, the heat is rather mild and won’t send you
running to douse your mouth in cold water. But it is a great addition to the McDonald’s
breakfast meats you know and love. If you never felt the urge to try it, worrying
that it might be too “hot hot,” go ahead and take the plunge. “Hot! Hot! Hot!” Sriracha has found its way into plenty of
food recently. You can find potato chips, almonds, and even
baked tofu with a kick of the red stuff. So, when Wendy’s added Creamy Sriracha dipping
sauce to their squadron of nugget sauces, it wasn’t a huge shock. But does the creamy blend of mayonnaise, spices,
and Sriracha make a trip to Wendy’s necessary? Definitely. It’s creamy enough that it doesn’t run off
your nugget and onto your shirt with each bite you take, but it still has enough spice
to liven up your meal. You might think, “Fried chicken is delicious
on its own. Why should I put hot sauce on it?” Well, Church’s Creamy Jalapeno sauce might
convince you, with the rich texture of an aioli and the quick bite of jalapenos all
rolled into one. The sauce is awesome to douse pretty much
anything in. Not too hot that it’ll burn, but strong enough
to make sure you know it’s there. If you’re still not convinced that sauce can
help fried chicken shine, Popeye’s Sweet Heat sauce combines sweet honey with Louisiana
hot sauce for a stunningly flavorful duet. It proves that the rhyming combination of
sweet and heat flavors are made for each other. Vinegar and an unspecified “special blend
of peppers” are also in the mix to round out the tasty concoction. While Chick-fil-A’s chicken is often praised
for its deliciousness, the sauces are the real stars of the show. The selection is pretty killer, and although
the Polynesian sauce definitely stands out as the most unique, the Sweet and Spicy Sriracha
is absolutely awesome. There’s a whole laundry list of unpronounceable
ingredients if you actually read the container, but all you really need to know is red jalapeno
peppers, chili garlic sauce, soy sauce, cayenne, and ginger are among them, and it’s a first-place
winning combination. Oddly, not every Chick-fil-A carries the Sweet
and Spicy Sriracha sauce, so if your local Chick-fil-A does, consider yourself lucky. And if it doesn’t, make sure you demand
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