97 thoughts on “Fast Food Employees Rate Each Other’s Chicken Sandwiches

  1. 4:17 Wendy’s woman: you know the chicken is a bit thin, while at 7:03 her own burger, the chickens must on diets😂

  2. 1 wendys girl says like WAY too much

    2 she talks about the kfc sandwich being thing when Wendy's is pretty much the thinnest one

    3 she said the kfc sandwich is thin as she showed a thick piece of chicken

  3. Yo the Wendy girl is so negative and acts like a Gordon Ramsey, I love Gordon but that girl is so negative and says things mean, the Part when she got the McDonald’s she describes the sandwich like a BAD DAY!? What! And also I hate Wendy’s. But the rest of the people are so kind and have good attitude. I’m not trying to be a hater I’m just saying.

  4. Everyone is talking about the wendys girl but….. gotta say the popeyes is not better than chick-fil-a sorryyy 😬😬 people are really just dick riding it. Chick fil a isnt even my favorite fast food place. But its just superior when it comes to chicken

  5. The Wendy girl's expectations are WAY to high to work at Wendy’s no hate on Wendy they all cool but you know even McDonald’s shouldn’t have their expectations high neither should any fast food restaurant it’s made fast not sun that take ten-twenty minutes to make it. 😐

  6. Wendy's girl: just soggy and not thick. ReEeee EAT THE DAMN THING AND JUST EAT IT! OMG!!! like Wendy's sandwich and food makes me just regret eating it!! GIRL GET YOUR TASTEBUDS FIXED!! ong get on my nerves with her "like, like,like,like" LIKE WHAT? -like because Wendy's -56789787 NEGATIVE SIS!! not Latina approved!!!

  7. what does the wendy’s girl eat, air? does she complain about the flavoring and the quality of the air she breathes?

  8. The wendys girl needs to go back to first grade and get some more vocabulary in there besides like 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. Why is the Wendy’s girl so frickin rude it’s getting on my nerves like girl u never went to culinary school u just worked at Wendy’s like 😑

  10. Wendy’s girl acting like Gordon Ramsay. Their sandwich had such a thin bun and chicken, I dont know how she hates on others.

  11. IM HERE FROM THE FRIES VIDEO. AND I JUST HAVE TO SAY IT AGAIN. THIS WENDYS GIRL IS ANNOYING. like fr fr,she is just annoying everybody from what im seeing.

  12. Everyone talking about the Wendy's lady but not going to talk about how the McChicken supposed to have tomatoes and it comes looking like Wendy's but with just lettuce and lots of mayonnaise

  13. the Wendy's worker is talking good about her sandwich and the other one's she is like nope need way better im just like be happy you have food

  14. For one wendys chicken sandwich is not that good she acting like wendys is the best she know everything she ate is better than wendys stop capping

  15. I don’t know why everyone is hating on the Wendy’s girl. She’s the reason why I watched till the end. The music change each time she critiques something… the best😂🤣

  16. Imagine what she would say about Gordon Ramsay’s food

    Wendy’s worker: it’s not good

    Gordon Ramsay: shut up you donkey will you

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