99 thoughts on “Feedback loops: How nature gets its rhythms – Anje-Margriet Neutel

  1. I want to watch these videos… but this guy has got to clear his throat. I can't stand that half-asleep, gargling drawl he has. 

  2. The whole video is awesome, but the creative illustrations and the metaphors deserve special praise!
    Moreover humans have become the most influential and the most powerful creators of music. Only time will tell if that brings more positivity or negativity to the universe.

  3. Humus is pronounced "Hyoo-Muss" and not like the food.  Sabra makes really good hummus and they're typically buy-one-get-one at many supermarkets.  But I digress, yeah, you mispronounced it, guy…

  4. if there is not an intelligent designer behind all this, then i think me and my friends should just keep beating at some instruments until we make a hit album its bound to happen by chance right? hum but then even then i guess since we are intelligent that it still means that it came about by intelligent design. 

  5. I wish we would teach about feed back loops in K-12 education. It is a very important mathematical concept that really lies at the heart of just about everything, from Economics to Biology. 

  6. The nature is teemed with example of positive and negative feedback. The nature don't need a central planner, different variables control each other like a musical harmony. Our bodily functions also are controlled by feedback system. ex., hormone, neural communication, and many many… 

  7. how about this? the harmony of the food webs creates suffering, so as humans, able to alter the harmonies significantly, should we live like the american indians and roll with the music or end all life to stop this horrible yet beautiful music? let's see a video on that, Ted!

  8. what if life is a prison and death is the release, and pain is your body telling you you can't leave. OR what if life is our short release and then death is a prison for eternity or until the universe repeats itself and pain is the body fighting going back to 'prison'?   #420

  9. Let me give you a little feedback on this video: "hummus" is food item popular in the Middle East… "humus" ( 'hyoo muss) is moist (you know, as in "humid") soil full of organic material. Amazing that a so called educator would make this mistake in a professionally edited video.

  10. everything is a feedback loop …
    glad to see more people learning and spreading the news …
    i wonder how the Fibonacci Matrix Loops

  11. I keep finding mispronunciation in these vids.  Recently it was "a dice" not "a die".

    In this one, He says "Hummus", which is a chickpea derived food from the middle-east/mediterranean.  Humus, is pronounced "Hyoo-mus" or "Hoo-mus", depending on who you ask.

    Somebody get the narrators a coach or something.

  12. So… like the Light and Dark side of The Force, Equilibrium or like in real nature and physics Super Symmetry of Forces of Nature (matter and anti-matter)?

  13. All i wanted was to see those animals play their instruments, and you gave it to me! <32333 I can't express how happy i am for this, i loved those lill creatures playing their music. Thumps upp all the way!!

  14. If you spray a field with poison, and the birds have less food… the field is still sprayed with poison, birds have no effect on that.

  15. This is what I've been trying to tell people for 2 years on my channel. There's a feedback loop that governs a certain social dynamic in our country. Let's just say there's a "group A" that feels oppressed, and treated unfairly. Due to this feeling, they behave in certain ways. It completely shapes their culture (in negative ways). Due to how this culture is perceived by a certain other group, this other group, "group B" does treat group A in exactly the way group A expected: unfairly. This is a feedback that group A doesn't see. You think you're treated a certain way, and YOU ARE, but you don't realize it's your own behavior that creates this feedback loop.

    Think of it this way. If there were never reports of pitbull attacks, would anyone have certain stereotypical views of pitbulls in general? Where do you think those views came from? Out of thin air? I don't know what else I can say. I'm ready to pull my hair out. I've been trying to teach these concepts for about two years, and I have NO AUDIENCE. No one ever shares my videos, no one ever gives me a chance. You know what they call this? THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX.

  16. The video was informative but seriously the animals playing the instruments bit is just too well done like thanks for that viewing pleasure!

  17. I wrote a book that further explains these mechanisms , if you're interested let me know.

  18. 1:38 I think they are wrong. Less death and less growth cause negative effect. So -1 x -1 = 1, the results is positive feedback.

  19. Just a quick note – "positive" and "negative" are confusing to students (and practitioners) just because of the reason alluded to in the video – positive often implies beneficial, and negative the opposite, but it really describes the direction the response has to the disturbance. I've been using "reinforcing" and "balancing" (respectively) – seems to work better.

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