Finding the Root Causes to Health Problems and Heal from Them!

– Nutritional analysis
is a non-invasive method that I use to identify what
is the underlying cause of a health condition. And from there, I can
use nutritional analysis to figure out what a person
needs in order to get better. So sometimes, the causes of the problem
is certain food sensitivity. Sometimes it’s a toxicity
that lies in the body. Sometimes it’s mineral
deficiencies or
vitamin deficiencies. So I use this method to
find out what exactly is the, you know, underlying issue and then from there I can
give advice on what to do. I got into this line of
work about 10 years ago, when I myself came
down with something, a digestive issue where I
was gagging in the morning. And I couldn’t find
a method that worked. I tried Chinese medicine, I went to a regular doctor, I tried a few things, but nothing was really helping. And then my friend told me about this kind of
practitioner who uses, so I use muscle testing, is what nutritional
analysis uses, who uses muscle
testing to find out what the underlying issue is. So I went to her, and within five minutes, she found out that it was
artificial sweetener in my diet. So at first I didn’t believe her because I didn’t think I
had artificial sweetener in my diet, but then when I went home, I looked up my protein powder, and sure enough, there
was Splenda in it which I didn’t
realize at the time, and so, you know, I
stopped doing the Splenda, or the protein powder, and she had given me some
liver cleansing herbs to do. So I did those,
and I got better. You know, even within a few
days, I was much, much better, and I had had that problem
going on for about a year. So basically, I started
transitioning my practice from just acupuncture to acupuncture and
nutritional analysis. With nutritional analysis, I work primarily on
undiagnosable conditions, stubborn issues, chronic issues. So things that people
have gone to the doctor and really haven’t seen
any results or any answers. Also, a lot of times, people go to alternative
medicine practitioners, such as naturopaths or
other acupuncturists, and haven’t seen, you
know, results going on because they haven’t
been able to find out what’s the underlying cause. So I work a lot with people
with autoimmune disease, chronic plain, just chronic kind
of conditions that could be degenerative
like multiple
sclerosis, for instance. I see a lot of asthma,
allergies, skin conditions, a lot of chronic
tendonitis problems. That’s common too. And these kind of things
that people, you know, have maybe had for
months or even years and not been able to get rid of. (chime music)

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